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LT's Wife -- My Husband Has Been 'Set Up'

5/6/2010 1:55 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lawrence Taylor's wife Stands by Her ManLawrence Taylor's wife is standing by her man while he faces allegations of rape -- telling TMZ she believes the entire incident is one big "setup."

TMZ just spoke with Lynette Taylor -- LT's 3rd wife -- who tells us the allegations are "all bullsh*t."

As for why she suspects a setup, Lynette claims that the timing of the arrest is suspicious because it came just days after LT was featured on an A&E documentary called "Fame and Recovery" which she believes "made him out to be a monster."

Lynette wouldn't expand on who she thought could be behind such a plot, but she was adamant that the timing of the show and the arrest were no coincidence.

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If a 16 year old girl shows up with a black eye when you called for a hooker. You help her!!!! That's not a hooker, that's a slave! Men pay for sex all the time and I'm not against prostitution! It should be legal what you do with your own body.

But she's 16 and has a black eye!!! You're ****ed now Lawrence!!!

1629 days ago


let the man go he is not guilty he paid for the service. the parents of the child is responsible for whatever happened, i think they should go jail for not being able to take care of their daugther.

1629 days ago


LT looks like a Rottweiler...but then again that is an insult to the dog.

1629 days ago


Da jus tryin ta make Lawrenced look badd. You no da cant stan ta sees sucksesful black guys. I got ona his Jiant jursees so aint no wayd he raped dat skaanke.

1629 days ago


Really, Big Ben is the one who rapes women. Big Ben is the one who has women chasing him for it. Women who wear "Down to F@@K." Women who are x3 legally drunk and getting fake IDs. He does not need to rape any women for sex; they flock him all day long. Please, physically rapes women my A@@!!!!!!!

1629 days ago


Unfortuately Mrs. Taylor, your stuff is just not enough for him. Don't feel bad, most men are dogs, regardless of race, creed, color, religion, or any other category.

1629 days ago

Hanging to da lef    

"Set up?!" Thats why you are wife #3 hunn!

1628 days ago


LT was charged with third-degree rape and i believe that is because she is only 16 and its 17 in NY state to be legal. He was also charged patronizing a prostitute so hes in some trouble for sure and for hes wife to be saying at this point that he was set up,come on lady really, ur head isn't in the sand is it.

1628 days ago

In Iraq    

Sounds to me like we should be looking for a corrupt prison warden who is looking to expand their prison league football team. This is clearly a set up..... Wait that is the plot for the longest yard nevermind.

1628 days ago


about time a woman stood up for her man, yall dont know the real story the media is prolly blowin this out of control , for what yall kno the media is jus lying to keep it juicy and earn them money by messin up people lives, u never hear the media talk abt a blk person doin something decent

1628 days ago


Huh a SET-UP? Yeah right. Damn another sista believing that her husband is innocent when in fact she should believe that her marriage was dead in the water a long time ago. She need to get a clue and fast because her so-called innocent hubby is guilty if for nothing else but being in a room with the prostitute in the first place. I don't believe his arse is innocent with this one. The man favors prostitutes and this young little girl was just another.

1628 days ago


It was a set up. New York ya'll need to be chasing terrorists. Get a life and leave all those T.V. entertainers alone. Believe me those guys aren't finish yet.

1628 days ago


Are pimps now giving cell phone to their ladies of the the night. If she was under the control of him, where did she get the phone to text her uncle. Seems like a setup to me too

1628 days ago

Hawaii 50    

All i can say is book em danno. heyLT you punk a** i hope you get 5-10 , next time keep it in your pants, Oh and by the way your wife is a real piece of work as well how many times have you done this with out being caught

1628 days ago


Why is it the male is automatically guilty but the so called victim is always innocent. It's true, no woman has ever accused a man of doing something he has never done oh wait I thought Iwas dreaming!!!! I think if you're going to accuse someone of something everything about your past should come out as well as theirs. his name will be dragged through the mud and called a child rapist even though he may have been told she was of age. granted he is a dirt bag who screws hookers but not all hookers are forced and alot are drug addicts.alot are beaten or raped when they were younger and forced in the lifestyle which is repulsive but there is a line between being arrested for drugs and alcohol problems and being a pedophile. if he knew cut his headoff if he was duped then sick but some slack should be given and what kind of girl is she? a runaway, maybe issues of her own a bit of a troubled girl no excuse for what happened to her but definitely cause and effect. where are the parents? truly sad all around

1628 days ago
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