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LT's Wife -- My Husband Has Been 'Set Up'

5/6/2010 1:55 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lawrence Taylor's wife Stands by Her ManLawrence Taylor's wife is standing by her man while he faces allegations of rape -- telling TMZ she believes the entire incident is one big "setup."

TMZ just spoke with Lynette Taylor -- LT's 3rd wife -- who tells us the allegations are "all bullsh*t."

As for why she suspects a setup, Lynette claims that the timing of the arrest is suspicious because it came just days after LT was featured on an A&E documentary called "Fame and Recovery" which she believes "made him out to be a monster."

Lynette wouldn't expand on who she thought could be behind such a plot, but she was adamant that the timing of the show and the arrest were no coincidence.

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Ahhh...The "b*tch set me up!" entrapment protest popularized by ex-D.C. mayor Marion Barry-this time coming from the accused's spouse. Sordid but tasty goulash for all of us to lap up!

1632 days ago


YES Lynette - stand by your man and continue to sound ignorant !!!

Tiger Woods - take note !!! See how black women stand by their man even when they are guilty as hell !!!!!

Yeah Lyn .... who is your husband screwing now ??????

1632 days ago


Innocent until proven guilty, that's the law & Im not a LT fan, but some people on this board are just damn hypocritical or being plain hypocritesjust like those who called for Jesus's crucifixtion before he was even tried & found guilty. Yeah high profiler's get treated differently than the common person, but that proves the late Johnny Crochran's statement true "how much justice can you afford ". Whether he was set up or not his wife can stand by his side if she wants to, she may not have the same appetite for blood & guts that some on this board have displayed calling her stupid for standing by his side.....I say stick with him til deaf, that's what she vowed to do @ the alter....DAMN HYPOCRITES!!!!!!!!!!!!

1632 days ago

Rick Abreu    

What a bottom feeding s*** sucking pile of poop LT is
I smeel BS coming from LT's wife...a set up? = give me a back you've got to be kidding me
LT is finally going to face his maker...especially if LT placed an order specifically for young meat which he was provided with
Let's see if the detectives and police in law enforcement do and/or did their jobs properly utilizing a rape kit, possible DNA on LT, and the bloody sheets evidence...OH BOY IS LT IN TROUBLE
LT's momma would not be proud of her son and be rightly ashamed
If so LT should do the time for committing the crime
LT's nightlife has caught up with him now for sure...check his past history 20+ plus years roaming the streets and clubs
LT will hide behind his lawyer and the skirts of his wife and family, friends, and acquaintances along with fans, paparazzi, and well wishers hoping he'll get off like OJ
but he knows he's finished UNLESS LT man's up to the family and especially this child-victim
LT is NOT the victim here

1632 days ago


Whether these people had sex with these women consentually ( i prob spelt that wrong) or not they are still married men. It doesn't matter whether they stripped down to nothing in front of them they could have walked away, threw these women out and told them to get a life. They chose to do it so they are guilty regardless of what it was. The committed adultery and that is just nasty. You can always walk away from filth.

1632 days ago

Proud American    

I hope for her sake that she go to the court and pay attention to the case. She is a minor bottom line. He should be thinking of his children, what a larger then life loser.

1631 days ago

Proud American    

the wife is in denial. she know for sure her husband has been doing a lot for long time. Worrying about the money. Well, she shouldn't pay his bail if she want any money. I know his bail is outrageous.

1631 days ago


If guilty, and i believe he even admits to this.... Lock him up right along with the pimp (or trash heap, i like to call him).
And since Ms Priss thinks her husband was set up....after he offered 300.00 for a girl's time......lock her up for blatant stupidity! Get a life woman, dont blindly stand behind a man that cheats and treats a little girl so horribly. What kind of woman are you??!! Women should stick together and not allow such sickening behavior. Show his a@# the door to the police car.

1630 days ago


Wa_Mu...........Soooo she should stick with him til 'deaf'...i am not sure what his hearing has to do with it, but if thats what 'trashy women' like to do, far be it for me to complain.

i think you meant 'death'. And if he were my husband that would be coming sooner than later.

1630 days ago

Proud American    

The woman is in denial. It reminds me of the movie, "Precious" instead of realizing this was a minor her husband hurt. But instead refuse to except it as it is, she was sold by this man for sexaul hire. Not to forget she was beating before being delivered. What does that say for the wife. Did she know he picked up hookers? There is a lot more to this story.

1630 days ago


LT hasn't been in trouble for years. Don't any of you people believe in legit rehabilitation? Yes he has a past. Doesn't mean that is who he is today. People can and do change, ya know...Not very often, but they can and I think LT is one of them.

1628 days ago



1563 days ago

Betty Tagert    

True he hired a professional prostitue and paid her $300.00. prostitutes are so made up it is hard to tell their age. I am sure she didn't go to his room to read him "Peter Rabit". Come on, how does that make him a sex offender. I think he was set up
and his sentence was outrageous. Be careful when you deal with a prostitute, better yet, don't fool with them.

1314 days ago
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