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Michael Lohan:

I'm Not Backing Off Anything

5/6/2010 2:20 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Michael Lohan's lawyer, Lisa Bloom tells TMZ in no uncertain terms ... Michael is not backing down or backing off his stand to get Lindsay into rehab.

Michael Lohan & Lindsay Lohan

TMZ reported that Michael was backing off his threat to force the issue.  We were told the lawyers were "trying to resolve things amicably."  But resolving it amicably does not mean Michael is backing down or backing off, Bloom says.

Bloom tells TMZ, "There has been no agreement as to anything.  All options remain open to save and protect Lindsay.  That is Michael's #1 priority."

Bloom adds, "Michael wants Lindsay to go to rehab.  If she doesn't, all options remain open.  He loves her.  Her decision not to meet with him or go into rehab puts him in a very difficult position."


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Elmer Flobbergob    

I wish that skank would just go ahead and OD and be done with it.

1596 days ago


This time, Michael Lohan has hired an excellent lawyer!

1596 days ago

LaToya Jackson    

Lindsey death watch 20 10

1596 days ago

Knockers De Clown    

Death watch 20 10

1596 days ago


I think he should back off, unless he just wants whats left of her money. He's not doing her any good, playing the hard ass, he's just trying to impress hollywood so they'll all think he's a good father. He's not!

1596 days ago


Hey #3? Hired a good lawyer? Ambulance chaser like her mother Gloria Alred. The apple didn't fall far....

1596 days ago


Leave Lindsay alone. Seriously, this is sickening. Let her live her life in peace.

1596 days ago


Wiahes Lindsay Lohan will just O.D. already so there's not anymore news on her... Why is this broad still relevant? Cuz she's young, white, has a failing acting career and she parties hard? She doesn't want help then don't give her help...

1596 days ago


hey lindsay, how about a kick in the teeth from your dad?

boy, with family like that, she certainly doesn't need any more enemies.

here she is trying to get it back, working at the milkshake house, hustling, filming kim kardashian level 'clean my closet' for E channel. if she gets sent to jail, bye bye ***********, and then what will she do?

michael, stop trying to make your bones off lindsay

1596 days ago


Michael needs to GET A LIFE.....all he's interested in is controlling any money of Lindsay's...any money that's left anyway! Lindsay is an adult...she can make her own decisions, and if she screws up or even OD's and dies..that is her choice/mistake.....
I can see him being concerned about his younger daughter living with Lindsey & the bad influence Lindsay would be on her, so go after the child that's underage......
he's such an idiot not to get-it that he's only going to push her farther away & make her hate him & be disgusted with what a stupid jerk he is even more..
She won't get HELP until SHE IS READY to get can't force anyone into rehab you big IDIOT ! back off AND LIVE YOUR OWN LIFE you pathetic media whore! Take the high road for once in your life Michael....not that you would understand what take the high road means Michael !

1596 days ago


Forget resolving things amicably, it's not going to happen. Just get a restraining order against this manipulative and mentally abusive bully who's been using the gossip tabloids to make public ultimatums to his daughter and be done with it!

His idea of trying to "resolve things amicably" is a joke. It's the same old thing from him... by "resolve things amicably" he means cave in to my demands otherwise "everything is still on the table". Give it up Michael! We all know your bluffing and you've got bupkis in court. *roll eyes*

1596 days ago


Gee, you don't think that Daddy Lohan is hoping to get the same gig that Daddy Spears got do you? Why does he care NOW?

1596 days ago


She needs JAIL, not rehab.
She's already been to rehab -what- three times?

1596 days ago


It 'is like an idiot not to get it, it will only push her away and make her hate him and be disgusted with the stupid jerk is more than that Michael is not backing down or backing off

1596 days ago


"Michael Lohan: I'm Not Ashamed of Anything" - There i fixed that headline for you TMZ.

1596 days ago
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