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Charlie Sheen Plea

Would Involve Jail Time

5/7/2010 5:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Charlie Sheen is worried about doing 30 days in jail for his Aspen criminal case ... and with good reason, because we've learned there are active plea bargain negotiations underway that would land Sheen in the pokey.

Charlie Sheen possible 30 days in jail for Aspen case
TMZ first reported ... the Aspen D.A. was originally willing to allow Sheen to plead guilty to a felony with no jail time.  Sources say under the D.A.'s old proposal, Charlie would be placed on probation for 2 years and at the end of the period his conviction would be expunged -- erased.

But sources say Sheen's people had a practical problem with the plea proposal -- As one source said, "There are a lot of ways to violate probation, and we don't want Charlie doing something that in the next two years could land him in prison for a probation violation."  Translation -- Charlie would probably do something to cross the legal line in the next 2 years. 

Sources also say, Charlie was also worried someone would try to extort him -- i.e., some woman would demand money, or else she'd go to the D.A. with a bogus story.  As one source says, "Charlie has a giant bull's eye on him."

So our sources say there's a new proposal on the table -- Charlie would plead either guilty or no contest to a misdemeanor and get jail time.  We're told right now Charlie is willing to accept 10 days in jail but the D.A. wants at least 30 days.

The reason Charlie's people want jail time -- once he serves his sentence he would either not be placed on probation or he'd get probation for a very short period of time -- so if he screws up later, the Aspen case won't come back to bite him.

We're told there are active negotiations underway between Charlie's lawyers and the D.A., but so far no deal has been reached. 


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It's likely that women (and possibly men) would come crawling out of the woodwork to extort Sheen, especially if he gets a huge new contract for the TV show. He may not have enough hours in the day to do the things he could end up being accused of. Just go to jail and get it over with, or it could end up dragging out for 33 years like Polanski.

1633 days ago


He deserves to go to jail for what he did. He's got major issues and shouldn't be given special treatment because he's a star. I used to like him and his show but not anymore.

1633 days ago


Charlie & Hollywood Celebs - In Colorado, D.V. offenses, your GUILTY 'til proven innocest - the very best plea bargin (& that's if your truly innocent accused by an angry 'wanna get back at you & make you pay for hurting my feelings' alledged victim that you've previously had intimate relations with) is a 3rd degree misdemeanor harassment w/mandatory D.V. rider - MINIMUM.

When it comes to domestic violence - COLORADO is NOT the state to get charged in - I know.

Good luck - but, You & Tito are toast

1633 days ago


Putting Sheen in jail is pointless. What possible good can come from that. The important thing is to make sure that Mr. & Mrs. seperate permanently.

1633 days ago


The ONLY thing to say to this, is his poor father Martin Sheen has had to live through ALL this guys chit!

1633 days ago


The Aspen D.A. was originally willing to allow Sheen to plead guilty to a felony with no jail time. The reason Charlie’s people want jail time

1633 days ago

Fred Farkel    


Charlie has good lawyers. But he has yet another worthless woman.

He'll learn.

We all do.

Now that I am over 50... THE INSTANT a woman comes looking for trouble and/or says something stupid to me??? I just laugh and walk away.


He'll learn.


1633 days ago


Fred Farkel - dido - been there & done it too.

1633 days ago


You guys should at least be consulting with a Colorado attorney. The plea wouldn't be "expunged". What you're talking about is a deferred judgment. Charlie wouldn't have it automatically sealed, he would have to file a separate proceeding in order to do that. What he was offered was a deferred judgment.

1633 days ago

jackie drozdzal    

this is idiotic!!all couples get in arguments and kiss and make up.if he wasnt a celeberty this case would would be over.everybody has demons that come out sometimes,there was no permanent damage so get over it and let him live his life pay you millions of doolars in child support and go on with your is to short to waste all this time fighting.GET OVER IT!!

1633 days ago


And that's why he signed over custody!

1633 days ago


How about he goes to rehab for 3-4 months? I think charges have been trumped up but the guy does seem to have a problem. Too bad...why doesn't his wife have any legal repercussions from the incident?

1633 days ago


Charlie's bad behavior has caught to him. If someone tries to extort maybe they have good reason. Charlie is a pig. A Rich pig. HE has reated women like **** all of his life. I am glad that this case did not happen in California because he would of been let go. 30 days isn't long enough. HE HELD A KNIFE TO HIS WIFES THROAT! HE SHOT KELLY PRESTON. WHAT ELSE HAS HE DONE? HE SHOULD BE IN JAIL FOR ANOTHER 2 YEARS FOR JUST BEING A JERK

1633 days ago


He doesn't want probation because he knows he can't stay legit for 2 years without violating probation....what a loser!!!! I cannot believe this man has 5 kids!!! What an example of a first class screw up. I feel bad for his family...his parents and kids must be embarresed!!!

1633 days ago


To Lind'AA' (Whatever THAT stands for...tskk) Get a Life, witch..Sheen is and Has been Very entertaining in flicks,TV, and unfortunately...his Personal Life!! And...Due to the fact he's the son of a Prominent movie star aka Martin Sheen (whom I'M sure that Chas is MORE afraid of pissin off than dealin with Jail time) puts him in the oublic eye 24/7 w/o the comfort of those like us, who walk around Annoymously....He Has made mistakes, haven't YOU?? He has an addictive personality..(by being a star)-So no sketon's in YOUR closet LIND-"AA" HA, I! Bet! Say a Prayer for Charles, and his family...for it's the disease doing Wrong...Not Charlie!!! Give the guy a break...addiction is NO picnic to anyone involved...GOOD LUCK CHARLIE & FAMILY>>>I'm prayin for you!!! Spyder

1633 days ago
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