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Charlie Sheen Plea

Would Involve Jail Time

5/7/2010 5:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Charlie Sheen is worried about doing 30 days in jail for his Aspen criminal case ... and with good reason, because we've learned there are active plea bargain negotiations underway that would land Sheen in the pokey.

Charlie Sheen possible 30 days in jail for Aspen case
TMZ first reported ... the Aspen D.A. was originally willing to allow Sheen to plead guilty to a felony with no jail time.  Sources say under the D.A.'s old proposal, Charlie would be placed on probation for 2 years and at the end of the period his conviction would be expunged -- erased.

But sources say Sheen's people had a practical problem with the plea proposal -- As one source said, "There are a lot of ways to violate probation, and we don't want Charlie doing something that in the next two years could land him in prison for a probation violation."  Translation -- Charlie would probably do something to cross the legal line in the next 2 years. 

Sources also say, Charlie was also worried someone would try to extort him -- i.e., some woman would demand money, or else she'd go to the D.A. with a bogus story.  As one source says, "Charlie has a giant bull's eye on him."

So our sources say there's a new proposal on the table -- Charlie would plead either guilty or no contest to a misdemeanor and get jail time.  We're told right now Charlie is willing to accept 10 days in jail but the D.A. wants at least 30 days.

The reason Charlie's people want jail time -- once he serves his sentence he would either not be placed on probation or he'd get probation for a very short period of time -- so if he screws up later, the Aspen case won't come back to bite him.

We're told there are active negotiations underway between Charlie's lawyers and the D.A., but so far no deal has been reached. 


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LaToya Jackson    

I'll visit him in jail *I'm just say'en ..

1595 days ago


Can someone PLEASE explain to me this fascination with Charlie Sheen? In my opinion he is NOT someone who is relevant at all and I don't see the big deal about all of his troubles. Honestly, and this is saying A LOT, I would rather read about Kate Gosselin.

1595 days ago

Rafaelle Zuccaro    

This DECADENT movie star ASS---- belongs in JAILHow people like him get ahead is only indicative of what the entertainment world is about FILTH, SLIME, INDECENCY and nothing good for our kids!!!! He is an egotistical PORN PIG!!!

1595 days ago


KATE (WHO CARES) WHO???? PA-Lease...Let's ALL opt to become FAMOUS for BIRTHING 5-10 ('UN'-Necessary) chilren to be put under all kinds of Pubic EXposure, and perhaps SCAR Them for life!!! Really, Kate WHO??? and worse-, OCTO'WHAT', SERIOUSLY>>> I MEAN REALLY "SERIOUSLY"???????

1595 days ago


The real victims are the kids. I hope both parents do what they need to do. They are both addicts.

I guess I'm in her court. She appears to be making progress while he is having an affair and shaving his head.

I'm not anybody important, but I know what addiction can do to a family.

1595 days ago


Charlie is willing to accept 10 days. Huh! He will have to accept whatever the judge tells him that he will accept.If not all the criminals should move to Aspen.Hey bad guys,pick your sentence!Be a big boy and do your little bit of time wimpy.Funny how your Hollywood types won't go to rehab until they get in trouble.Welcome to the real world! I will do the time for you for half of what you are paying that lawyer!It is what happens when your underworked and overpaid.Ever heard the one about the devils workshop?

1595 days ago


It really goes to show ya, what's really important...People in Afganastan,Iraq,All over the World-Fighting for our FREEdom, and instead of taking the time to Thank Them,& their families, you losers have to pick on someone going thru a rough time... I know Everyone has their OWN opinions, however how the hell, can THEY posssibly know(to Comment) that Sheen is a Bad Father?? Get Real...(I'm a Female by the way) Until you walk in another's shoes, who are You to say such malicious things about someone?? Really?? You gotta CLEAN SLATE there fella, or sis??? Are You in the pubic EYE?? Be Glad ya aren't!!!and to continue...who amonst you were inside to watch what suppossedly,alledgedly, went down?? It kinda reminds me of that'Lynch Mob Mentality' Giulty!!! Hang him now... Peace to all you Dumb*ss Mob mentaliy-types..& Right On LaToya! Rafaelle, you SUCK!

1595 days ago


don't drop the saap miss sheen!!

1595 days ago


THIS CHARLIE SHEEN business has become overwhelmingly BORING!!! Please, let's get on to something more interesting! Thanks!!!

1595 days ago


My only problem with Sheen he's one of those loons that think the gov. brought down the Twin Towers, along with Rosie O'Donnell, Willie Nelson just to name a few. Which should they should be in the idiot hall of fame.

1595 days ago


Yep, he needs some jail time. It's true that if it were just any other guy, the poor clod would never see the light of day. Same should apply to the rich and famous.

1595 days ago


Sheen needs ot go to jail.. It's too bad he didn't get in any trouble when he SHOT Kelly Preston (accident, ya right). He'a ticking time bomb and he gets away with everything because he's rich.

None of this has hurt his career, which is stunning.

1595 days ago


He has a bull's-eye painted on him? Well, he put it there himself. He's a nasty piece of work.

1595 days ago


Is everyone forgetting that SHE is the one who was legally drunk at 8 am on Christmas morning and that SHE has a substance abuse problem???

1595 days ago


Look what it did for Robert Downey Jr. He's on top of the world after being in jail...same could happen for Charlie.

1595 days ago
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