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Charlie Sheen Plea Would Involve Jail Time

5/7/2010 11:07 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Charlie Sheen is worried about doing 30 days in jail for his Aspen criminal case ... and with good reason, because we've learned there are active plea bargain negotiations underway that would land Sheen in the pokey.

Charlie Sheen plea would involve jail time
TMZ first reported ... the Aspen D.A. was originally willing to allow Sheen to plead guilty to a felony with no jail time.  Sources say under the D.A.'s old proposal, Charlie would be placed on probation for 2 years and at the end of the period his conviction would be expunged -- erased.

But sources say Sheen's people had a practical problem with the plea proposal -- As one source said, "There are a lot of ways to violate probation, and we don't want Charlie doing something that in the next two years could land him in prison for a probation violation."  Translation -- Charlie would probably do something to cross the legal line in the next 2 years. 

Sources also say, Charlie was also worried someone would try to extort him -- i.e., some woman would demand money, or else she'd go to the D.A. with a bogus story.  As one source says, "Charlie has a giant bull's eye on him."

So our sources say there's a new proposal on the table -- Charlie would plead either guilty or no contest to a misdemeanor and get jail time.  We're told right now Charlie is willing to accept 10 days in jail but the D.A. wants at least 30 days.

The reason Charlie's people want jail time -- once he serves his sentence he would either not be placed on probation or he'd get probation for a very short period of time -- so if he screws up later, the Aspen case won't come back to bite him.

We're told there are active negotiations underway between Charlie's lawyers and the D.A., but so far no deal has been reached. 

Sheen was arrested Christmas morning in Aspen, Colorado for felony second degree assault, felony menacing and criminal mischief -- a misdemeanor. Brooke told 911 dispatchers Charlie had a "knife" and "threatened me" and that she feared for her life.

As we first reported, Brooke was legally drunk with a .13 blood alcohol level when she made the 911 call ... at 8:34 in the morning.
Charlie Sheen: Click to watch

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No Avatar


Charlie should go to jail - He thinks he's above the law, I hope he does.

1443 days ago


He and his Lawyers really know his bent towards violence to cop a plea instead of 2 years probation. In the mean time CBS can pay the skank 1 million per episode for that crap show he has. He will eventually do something that will land him in jail for sure even in California where all show people walk free. It's only a matter of time with his past.

1443 days ago


Charlie doesn't need jail he needs some sort of rehab for overworked crazy people. Married couples spat. Some yell, some hit, some throw things, some do the silent treatment, and some actually talk things over. (how stupid is that?) There's always 2 sides to everything. Marrying Charlie in the first place was silly. He's the ultimate guys guy and guys guys don't marry successfully. As we already know from Charlies' previous experiment. I'm not Dr. Phil so any advice I would make would be childish and predictable. But because I've been down that road before I would offer some logic. Here goes..Eliminate all outside influences, friends, family, shrinks, lawyers, ect. ect. Their influences are self gratifying. Let your heart find the answers. There was and may still be love there. Give and accept graciously. Communicate face to face in a quiet calming environment. Don't be cynical. After all there was a time when that person would have given their life for you. Always remember that. Hold hands. Yes, hold hands. That's how it all started and if it is to end let it be that way too. These are just a few things that actually work. Just remember the other person is in just as much pain and frustration as you are. Believe or not?

1443 days ago


So let me get this straight. Sheen is willing to serve 10 days of jail time but not 30. If it were any other "normal" person we'd get a year in the slammer but be out in 6 months with good behavior. These "so called" movie stars think they're better than the average person. Throw the book at him, offer him no deal, look for a jury, and try him in court like anyone else would have to do.

BTW....hate his show.

1443 days ago


Big deal, 30 days...He makes $1.3 million per show...he will hire someone to do his time...Hey Charlie, your a talented guy with a great show but try to remember your not 15 any more...GROW UP...start being a father and a husband...ITS REALLY ******* with an ego is not very attractive...What u should consider immediately is a vasectomy...Your not mature enough to continue to breed...

1443 days ago


He has a great show but when u get $1.3 million per show, there is something wrong...Money comes too easily to people like this and they start to think they are above any code of conduct or ethics...Maybe 30 days in a jail cell with a guy named BUBBA who will make Charlie his bitch, will bring down his ego a few notches..and maybe even make him more suitable to live in society...with the rest of us commoners...there is more to live CHARLIE than beig a SPERM DONNER...Try being a man and a father..its really great...just grow up...

1443 days ago


Maybe Charlie shoud lay off the alcohol and smoke some good weed. Mellow out...........

1443 days ago



1443 days ago


I still remember when he shot Kelly Preston.

1443 days ago


I wouldn't plead with a D.A. for anything. Certainly anyone would be fool to take probation in this day and age. D.A.s are always coming up with ways to violate someone. Whole system including injustice system is business for profit.

1443 days ago


If he doesn't want a giant target on his back maybe he should stop being such a giant a**hole.

1443 days ago

Gary Williams    

I have nothing against Mr. Sheen, but feel everyone should answer equally under our laws regardless of their status in society.

1443 days ago

Ching Bow    

I used to watch the show when it first came on. Now the whole show is gutter stuff. I hear the word "Penis" at least 10 times in every show. Well, that is, I used to. I dont watch it any more. Enough is enough.

1443 days ago


He's why they want to get the joint smokers out from clogging the jails and make room for knife wielding maniacs.

1443 days ago


If I were the judge and I saw this behavior I would give him 25 years and spare anybody else from being tortured by this Hispanic wacko.
25 years because he'll just get out in 5 with parole.

1443 days ago
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