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Charlie Sheen Plea Would Involve Jail Time

5/7/2010 11:07 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Charlie Sheen is worried about doing 30 days in jail for his Aspen criminal case ... and with good reason, because we've learned there are active plea bargain negotiations underway that would land Sheen in the pokey.

Charlie Sheen plea would involve jail time
TMZ first reported ... the Aspen D.A. was originally willing to allow Sheen to plead guilty to a felony with no jail time.  Sources say under the D.A.'s old proposal, Charlie would be placed on probation for 2 years and at the end of the period his conviction would be expunged -- erased.

But sources say Sheen's people had a practical problem with the plea proposal -- As one source said, "There are a lot of ways to violate probation, and we don't want Charlie doing something that in the next two years could land him in prison for a probation violation."  Translation -- Charlie would probably do something to cross the legal line in the next 2 years. 

Sources also say, Charlie was also worried someone would try to extort him -- i.e., some woman would demand money, or else she'd go to the D.A. with a bogus story.  As one source says, "Charlie has a giant bull's eye on him."

So our sources say there's a new proposal on the table -- Charlie would plead either guilty or no contest to a misdemeanor and get jail time.  We're told right now Charlie is willing to accept 10 days in jail but the D.A. wants at least 30 days.

The reason Charlie's people want jail time -- once he serves his sentence he would either not be placed on probation or he'd get probation for a very short period of time -- so if he screws up later, the Aspen case won't come back to bite him.

We're told there are active negotiations underway between Charlie's lawyers and the D.A., but so far no deal has been reached. 

Sheen was arrested Christmas morning in Aspen, Colorado for felony second degree assault, felony menacing and criminal mischief -- a misdemeanor. Brooke told 911 dispatchers Charlie had a "knife" and "threatened me" and that she feared for her life.

As we first reported, Brooke was legally drunk with a .13 blood alcohol level when she made the 911 call ... at 8:34 in the morning.
Charlie Sheen: Click to watch

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No Avatar


So let me get this straight. Charlie's lawyers are afraid he will screw up again in the next 2 years so they want the light jail sentence now so this case will disappear?
If he will likely screw up again, he really has not learned anything now has he? I AM SO SICK AND TIRED of spoiled RICH HOLLYWOOD BRATS getting special treatment.
If they do it for him they should do it for everyone!
Some role model. So teach our children that this is what they can expect when it comes to domestic violence when they get older.

1632 days ago


If the ass-rot SOB was a poor black man, he'd be sent to prison for 5 years with 10 years probation. Where's Al Sharpton on the Justice rant?

1632 days ago


If the D.A. Has his way, everyone will be a CRIMINAL.
So what will JAIL TIME do to fix the PROBLEM? ( NOTHING )
Jail is where they employee people that have no skills, and People that Drive Squad Cars trying to put everyone in JAIL with Lies and Distortion.
All of these People they put in JAIL are now unemployable, Even those that have a Trade.
We have a bunch of nuts sitting in the Court Room, The Prosecutors and the Ignorant Judges.

1632 days ago

Gustav LaFong    

Folks, I practice law in the Los Angeles area. If Charlie gets 30 days of local time (county jail), he might actually serve about 18. He may get another day knocked off for the day he was booked. In addition, he'll be let out during the morning of the last day. There are other programs where Charlie may only serve 10 of those days, minus the booking date, for a grand total of 9 days. He'd be put at an honor farm facility. Sorry for those who want him to do month after month of custody but it ain't gonna happen.

1632 days ago


for u r sayn that is Bushs fault he beat the **** out of his wife

1632 days ago


There will be favoritism by the D.A. since Charley is a Hollywood no it all liberal, like his idiot father. The get famous and suddenly no how to solve the worlds problems but not their own...

1632 days ago

Irving Nelson Canfield    

Another George W. Bush-hater goes to the slammer. See theswe tears? I'm crying (not).

1632 days ago


A drunken, alcoholic, drug-addicted, sleaze-ball, gold-digger makes an accusation, and the mega-rich celebrity husband gets arrested on a felony? Charlie, do like Depp did. Take all your money, go overseas and get a better life going for yourself. Both your last wives were the same - scheming, vindictive, gold-digging actress, wannabees! And, now the "DA" wants this and wants that --for his own self-agrandizing political reasons. Give in to nothing Charlie. Your wife needs to be quickly made into an exwife, and leave her to her whiskey and drugs.

1632 days ago

Analyze This    

You bet Charlie will do something stupid within the two year probation period. He's just the type that could be easily be led into a trap by a woman out for his dough.

1632 days ago


look...lets face it...our forfathers had it right...women (all women) need a good beating from time to time to put them in their place...otherwise they get uppity

1632 days ago


On a serious note concerning Mr. Sheen I noticed at first of this story that they had been playing 'Wii Bowling'. There have been serious issues in concerns about epilepsy and uncontrolled violence caused by these games. The cops admitted playing the same game for hours upon a drug raid. He could have acted out of unrestrained tension to get something other than 'Bowling'. All if worse he could have just been practicing for a new movie role. It's a fact that games can cause violent unprovoked tendencies. He really wanted 'Wii Knife'. He could have mistaken reality for a video game and you can do anything in a video game, except for about 3 states.

1632 days ago


They both need (1)jail time, ten days is enough,IF they then get needed (2)mutual restraning orders on each other to stay away until both have finished all the following treatments. They both need to go to a real treatment center-not an expensive hollywood spa treatment centers or betty ford but the average place most americans have to go, or better yet a (3)state hospital treatment center-no special treatment. My daughter had to go to one when we would no longer pay for a fancy spa treatment and it was jail or state hospital treatment, she cleaned up her act has not yet relasped! It was an eye opener for her to not have any extras, no ipods, no fancy coffee drinks, no special treatment. Treatment was focased on her, her behavior, learning/hearing the stuff she had BEEN TOLD before but all the fancy distractions and good times at the expensive treatment places were a distraction. Then they should both have to do (4)real community time, going to jails and talking about dependancy & domestic violence, soup kitchens-doing dishes, going to shelters and talking to children and babysitting the childern of addits.
Jail for celberty-big deal, spa treatment big deal. Lets get creative. By the way because of the condition of both of them it should be a misademer not a felony, there were NO sober impartal wittnessess. Felonies should be reserved for the really dangerous and congress, both Rep's and Dem's.

1631 days ago


Anne, How do you figure they both should get jail time? Brooke did not commit a crime, Charlie did. Domestic violence has been changed to a Felony and not a misdamenor (however u spell it). So how do you figure that a felony should not be charged? Also, on the 911 phone call, you do hear Brooke talking to someone on her end. They had been with other people drinking and arguing which continued through the early morning. However, Charlie evidentally, did not leave it at that. Let's get this straight again people, hopefully for one last time. Charlie (not Brooke) pulled a knife on her. Authorities found the open knife in his bag. He put marks on Brooke's neck. She did not place marks anywhere on him. He threatened to kill her or have her killed. She did not threaten him and has never said she has. So what is the problem? She was legally drunk and that was it. He had been drinking also but was not considered legally drunk. Both should not have been drinking in the first place. However, it was Charlie and only Charlie that took it to another level. Again, Domestic Violence is a crime and is considered (thank God) a felony. So, stop with the poor Charlie stories people or the why did the women not get the time stories (guys). How pathetic. Get the facts straight!

1631 days ago


Charlie,you were a high flyer now your going down like a flat tire that ran over a wire.You were a buyer now your in the mire.

1631 days ago


Charlie,your dad would boast that you were the most.But those on the coast know your roast is toast.You won't need Emily Post,your too gross.

1631 days ago
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