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Conrad Murray Supporters Plan Demonstration

5/9/2010 4:25 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Dr. Conrad Murray's supporters are pissed off that only Michael Jackson fans are represented when the doc shows up in court ... and we've learned they're planning a big, big demonstration at next month's preliminary hearing.

Sources close to Murray tell us a group of his friends, patients and fellow church members -- numbering in the "hundreds" -- will be outside the courthouse at Murray's next court hearing to show solidarity.

We're told the group will rent buses in Houston and Las Vegas -- where Dr. Murray has his medical practices -- and drive them to L.A. for the June 14 court date.

We're told the catalyst for the sojourn was that pesky banner that flew over the courthouse at the last court hearing, demanding justice for MJ.

We have some signage ideas for next month's rally:

-- "Conrad Murray doesn't kill people. Propfol does."
-- "Michael killed himself. Get over it."
-- "Black or white, free Conny tonight!"
-- "Conrad is no smooth criminal."
-- "Everyone makes mistakes -- allegedly."


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hey Mr. Murray i feel bad for bad he didnt croak by putting the many xanax's and pain pills in his mouth by his own hand because he was a dope head.yet had he died by his own hand motion putting pills in his mouth they would still blame you for writting the RX for him.these MJ fans are just as idiotic as he was.he was a dope head he died due to his addiction get over it.

1637 days ago


How to be a Pedophile without Doing a Thing by Sneddon, Diane Dimond & Oprah

Executing a Doctor is Easy, The 1 Step Method by Dr. Kevorkian

Who Cares? Move on After Your Brother's Death by the Jacksons

1637 days ago


MJ is a ***

1637 days ago


Self delusional banners won't help; the only thing that will be in the court room is the rule of law.
Some people think that if you state a premise and shout loud enough it will become law and then you can get a free pass; that is not the way it works.

1637 days ago


This is a joke, right?

1636 days ago


"Black or White, Free Conny..." Well that one gave me a little chuckle. lol!

There's ALWAYS a group of church people(not to mention his delusional loyal patients) it seems who are willing to believe there's a soul worth saving in there somewhere. You see 'em camped outside during executions all the time. This man already sold out his soul for money due to greed. The fact that he is unwilling to admit that his reckless actions caused the death of another BECAUSE of this overpowering greed tells me he's simply not worthy of it yet. Perhaps one day he will be but this guy just ain't there yet. He needs some time to sit in a cell with nothing to do but 'reflect'.

Hope these Murray 'fans' don't run into the Michael fans that want to do bodily harm to 'Fat Boy'! Yikes!

1636 days ago


ha ha! I wish i lived in Vegas or LA and could be a part of this!

Come on everyone let's here your Micheal Jackson jokes!!!

How could you tell whenever Michael Jackson was having an orgy at Neverland? From all the Big Wheels parked outside!

Michael Jackson did manage to whisper a brief message to paramedics on his way to the hospital... "put me on the children's ward".

To all the Michael Jackson fans, when you’re laying in bed tonight, as a tribute to Michael, JUST BEAT IT.

Michael Jackson died of a heart attack? What did he do, walk into a room full of pre-schoolers?

Michael Jackson hasn’t been this stiff since that time MaCaulay Culkin slept over…

But seriously folks, this whole situation is really not funny…
Because he’s up there molesting baby Jesus right now.

lol, que death threats... :)

1636 days ago


This news is like duh! Of course you expect Michael's fans to be there supporting in huge numbers and Dr Murray's supporters to be less. What did they expect? Dr Murray's fame is murder. Tell you what Dr Murray is way too confident, he truly believes he did nout, his lawyer equally too confident, confident about the money he is going to make out of all of this. Dr Murray heading for the tin can.
All I want to say is that they don't really care about us and yes it's all about the money.

All I want to say is Justice for Michael.
My analysis is there are more people involved towards the life and death of Michael Jackson.
They know who they are, they know they are responsible. We have so much technology yet no recorded phone calls linking these doctors to Michael yet they have all of these medicines. You know, they do and can tap calls. Michael could not go out unguarded so how can this be done?
There are more people involved. Celebrities are people and need to be protected from no-good leeches. This is why the Jackson family and lawyer are so sure that mischief has occurred. This is why people are talking about conspiracy.
It is not that Michael was a prescription junkie; it is that these doctors are the addicters and others benefit from the person's addiction. This is a method of control. It appears legit but it is not.
Michael Jackson did not fail or lose. He was victorious in music, song and dance. Creative, imaginative and inventive, sharing his vision with the world. No drug can put that flaming light out; no wind either, and certainly not the media.
I changed the subject and I don't care.

1636 days ago



1636 days ago


in that case you are going to hell for supporting a pedophile dope head.pot meet kettle.

Posted at 2:31 AM on May 8, 2010 by tgrfan42069

17. hey Mr. Murray i feel bad for bad he didnt croak by putting the many xanax's and pain pills in his mouth by his own hand because he was a dope head.yet had he died by his own hand motion putting pills in his mouth they would still blame you for writting the RX for him.these MJ fans are just as idiotic as he was.he was a dope head he died due to his addiction get over it.

Posted at 2:34 AM on May 8, 2010 by tgrfan42069

Read more:

Oh my. SHhhh, hush now tgrfan. You really shouldn't be using that word 'idiotic'. Talk about 'pot meet kettle'.

1636 days ago


Do not believe !!!!!!
Murray does prove , he fears
Proof that in bad faith
Organizing supporters as he can?
Who does think he is?
Just pray that a large number of fans Michael attend this day
therefore covering any kind of manifestation in favor of Murray
The banner has nothing naughty, it's just a demand for justice
very visible for it to be done
And they will use the name of the music of Michael to ask for the freedom of criminal
Michael also was black, and suffered greatly for it and get where they arrived
Every day I am more sure, Murray was paid by someone
If Murray is arrested, we will know the truth
For whoever is behind it will have to give the guys
And that someone is very influential and organizes it all
But the truth will come out next

1636 days ago


It's just so pathetic that all you MJ fan's can't seem to separate MJ the musical genuis with MJ the pedophile/junkie.

Yes Michael Jackson made some great music, was a awesome dancer, very creative, and changed the way music video's are shot. But if you can separate that public personality, the music personality, and the dancer that he was you would be peeling the onion of the true Michael Jackson.

He was a child molester and turned into a drug addict and lost his magical touch. He thought he was above the law, he got away with molesting the first child to bring charges by paying $25 million dollars to make it go away. Does an innocent man do that ? Never !

He continued molesting an unknown amount of children who never reported it because of the shame and guilt that it put upon that child, and oh lets not forget its Michael Jackson and who would believe them right ?

Then the next child to come along and accuse him brought criminal charges against him. Michael Jackson with all his wealth could afford the best attorney in the country to defend him. He was found not guilty, but it doesn't mean he was innocent. His excellent attorney brought about reasonable doubt and Michael Jackson got off scott free.

Michael Jackson couldn't live with the guilt so his drug addiction really took off and he self-medicated himself to rid himself of the guilt. He ran around getting all the drugs one could ever want and more because he had the money to do that.

Along comes this tour, the big comeback, and MJ wanted Dr. Murray to be his physican, MJ knew this man was in financial troubles and MJ hit paydirt. Dr. Murray would do anything for MJ just to keep the job. It wasn't Dr. Murray who turned MJ on to the profolol, it was MJ who begged for it. It's been do***ented by the people he asked to prescribe it to him and then all said no. Dr. Murray unfortunately didn't say no.

Dr. Murray will walk because his attornies will create the reasonable doubt necessary to get that not guilty verdict. MJ could very well have been popping more pills when Murray wasn't looking, he could have very well have opened the drip on his IV and the profolol came flooding into his veins. Reasonable doubt !

If I could I would be right there along with the other Dr. Murray supporters, but I live too far away. Dr. Murray is innocent until proven guilty ! Period !

1636 days ago


I think we all can agree that MJ's drug problem didn't occur overnight & was no doubt an ongoing event for MANY years on & off(or he wouldn't have lived THIS long). What is truly sad is the number of people who were complicit in it, to keep it a secret. Not just the doctors but all the handlers, bodyguards, & others over the years who knew about it yet did nothing because of course their jobs depended on it. Then they speak of their 'loyalty' to Michael Jackson. That's not loyalty, that is watching a sick man die slowly.

Then again, Michael Jackson knew what he was doing when he paid them well for their silence, their 'confidentiality'. That's just typical manipulative addict behavior. Sure he was an adult who should have recognized the risks of what he was doing but in Michael's world 'you got what you paid for'. In this case, he felt that if you threw enough money at some physician, they would take 'extra, special' care of you. I believe MJ attributed a special reverance for physicians as 'healers' who 'cared for him' when they committed these illegal acts. Again, the twisted irrational thinking of an addict.

Of course MJ is responsible to a certain degree for his untimely death. He became complacent & rolled the dice far too many times. He'd always been 'lucky' & thought if he paid the highest price for these physicians services, he'd always be okay. Self-delusional thinking but when you come from Michael's world with Michael's money??

We can lay a certain amount of responsibility at MJ's feet, He'd been thru rehab, he KNEW what he should have been doing. He was risking his life.

However, as medical professionals we certainly shouldn't be loading the chamber & firing the bullet that kills them.

1636 days ago


He was a child molester and turned into a drug addict and lost his magical touch. He thought he was above the law, he got away with molesting the first child to bring charges by paying $25 million dollars to make it go away. Does an innocent man do that ? Never !

Read more:

Okay, I'm going to address this small part of your post because I've not the time to deal with it in it's entirety. You seem to be targeting us 'fans' as a collective group of idiots & I wonder if you have done any investigating of your own in any depth or if this is simply your opinion of 'why' he paid the 25 million??

First of all, THERE WERE NEVER GOING TO BE CHARGES FILED IN THIS CASE. Sneddon took it to 3 grand jury's who refused to indict because the evidence just wasn't there. So why did he settle? Okay, imagine your a multi-million dollar recording artist & entertainer embroiled in this scandal? You also have a substance abuse problem which is taking a toll on your health. To the extent that the people closest to you believe you might really die from it if you don't seek help immediately. As to the financial impact of this scandal: You are unable to move forward AT ALL with your career. You cannot record one album, nor perform, You stand to lose multi-million dollar revenues if you don't 'settle' & put it behind you. $25 million is 'nothing' in terms of what you have in the bank now & with every passing day that the tabloids are cranking out their stories, you are losing millions & millions more. You have people surrounding you pressuring you to 'settle' because they are simply interested in the financial aspect of your career. You are in no state of mind to make any rational, objective decision & all you want is for these opportunistic con artists to go away.(keeping in mind that the 'accuser' was NOT the boy, never was, It was his father who once approached Michael Jackson to foot the bill for a 25 million dollar screenplay).

He settled. Did it come back to haunt him later? Of course, because it sent a message that he was a future target for this to occur again BECAUSE HE PAID.

1636 days ago


Let me remind you why Michael Jackson was a diamond in the ruff.
Okay so I am dreaming.......
This is why they loved Michael - tribute
The real thing - truthfully

1636 days ago
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