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Heidi Klum -- Bikini Fiesta in Mexico

5/7/2010 7:39 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Super mom Heidi Klum showed off her runway-ready body in Mexico on Thursday -- seven months after giving birth to her fourth child.

Everybody wants to know the 36-year-old's Victoria's secret.



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Women are so stupid to have kids. Want to go from a hot young thang to dowdy frump in a mere nine months? Just have a baby.

1576 days ago


So Antwone, was your mom stupid to have had you? Some women let themselves go, that is a fact. I actually feel hotter than I did before my first child. Having kids helped my body, it sure didn't ruin it. My boobs are nicer, my butt is nicer, my skin is better etc...

1576 days ago


What is up with women over 30 wearing bikinis? That hideous woman Kelly from Housewives of NY and now Heidi. Bikinis really are for the under 30 crowd. Heidi, your modeling days are over. Just accept it and grow old gracefully. That she-male from the housewives oughtta be wearing as much clothing as possible at all times.

1576 days ago


At some point the little bikini is no longer attractive.
I think Heidi's reached that point.
And also, if she could not speak it would be great.
That voice of hers is incredibly annoying.

Now just stay home and have a cool time with your've earned it.

1576 days ago


Give me a break! My 58 year old body looks better than hers! Nothing special about hers!

1576 days ago


People who actually thinks she looks good and deserves some slack are fat and ugly women themselves... As a guy i can tell you i wouldnt even hit that **** if she put a roofie in my drink. GROSS!

1576 days ago


her stomach screams liposuction. and she needs to go up a bikini size.

1576 days ago

No comment    

Her body looks like she had babies... but to me it looks like she has a poop load in her bikini bottoms...

1576 days ago


TheTatIsHers, you're wrong. I work in a plastic surgery office as a photographer. I know a well done tuck when I see one. Only a butcher leaves a scar - do you think women would have surgery of that kind if there was a giant scar coming down their stomachs afterwards?

1576 days ago


59. her stomach screams liposuction. and she needs to go up a bikini size.

Posted at 12:40 PM on May 7, 2010 by tayriley

THANK YOU. If she were working out to get that stomach, she'd have abs. It SCREAMS lipo. WHICH BY THE WAY IS FINE.

I just HATE IT when celebrities act like they defy human physiology and can have four children and have a flat stomach. It is physically impossible, and it makes all other women without the means to do so feel like crap when these people act like they’ve not had surgery.

1576 days ago

really now    

So this just goes to show that her pictures in the magazines (Cosmo) are all air brushed !! What a fake she is ! It'S so sad because all the young girls out there think that is what she really looks like . Shame on you Heidi !

1576 days ago

John Stone    

Dang I guess clothes do make the woman.

1576 days ago



she does have a tat :see it here,,20227916,00.html

1576 days ago


Sorry Erin the She-mail, but I'm 38 and I have a rockin' body. Tall and hot. Suck it, you freak show.

1576 days ago


She's beautiful, she's natural. I guess that is what is bothering everyone ??!!
can't appreciate a natural woman ?! who isn't some oily oilslick of make-up and false ass like Kim Kardashian ?!
Heidi, do watch out having too many will ruin your body,you're lucky so far you still look great. Do doctors ever tell women that it can REALLY screw you up ? No. I had to have my damned bladder surgically lifted back to where it was supposed to be. TWICE.
Babies f-up your insides, not just the outside. Get this though, I had to have repair surgery inside...but outside I have zero stretch marks. So, you can look great on the outside but your INSIDES can practically fall OUT thanks to the damage birth can do....................and only later did i find out that doctors KNOW all about that. And they consider it all NORMAL for GODS SAKE, that women end up with hysterectomies, repair surgeries and plenty of other major problems because of childbirth. AS IF its no big deal.....

1576 days ago
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