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LT Alleged Victim: 'Told to Say She's 19'

5/7/2010 1:03 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lawrence Taylor Alleged Victim: 'Told to Say She's 19'The 16-year-old girl who allegedly had sex with Lawrence Taylor for $300 told cops that her pimp instructed her to tell the NFL great she was 19 years old, this according to federal documents obtained by TMZ.

The FBI is now investigating alleged pimp Rasheed Davis -- on suspicion of human sex trafficking ... a federal violation.

According to the federal criminal complaint, an FBI agent assigned to the case claims Davis had "caused" the 16-year-old to "engage in multiple commercial sex acts with various individuals" ... and even "set the prices."

The FBI agent also claims that Davis had taken several "almost nude" photographs of the girl on his cell phone in order to obtain customers.

In the docs, the FBI agent claims Davis had sent the girl text messages instructing her to have sex with a client (Lawrence Taylor) on May 5th -- but the girl refused.

So, according to the agent, Davis physically assaulted her "in an effort to coerce [the victim] into participating in a commercial sex act."

According to the agent, Davis then instructed the victim to tell Lawrence Taylor that she was 19 and charge him $300 for sex.

After the alleged encounter, the agent says the victim contacted a relative via text message to ask for help.

When police caught up with Rasheed Davis on May 6, they claim they found $300 in his car.

According to the docs, Davis admitted to police that he had received money from pimpin' out the alleged victim to Lawrence Taylor ... among other people.

LT -- through his lawyer -- has denied any wrongdoing in the case. He's been charged with statutory rape and patronizing a prostitute.

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A run away? She's been gone for a month... and re: the cocaine - I'd like to know where you shop exactly... now go away you illiterate boob.

1632 days ago


all these athletes are s***...and all you that defend them are s***...he is 50 and paying for sex with a 19yr. old while being MARRIED, what is wrong with our country.

1632 days ago


I see that TMZ finally learned to spell 'beaucoup'. Spelling it 'buco' was kind of a head scratcher. Lol.

1632 days ago


He still had sex with an underage girl. He had pimp daddy bring the girl under protest. He needs to do some jail time. Playing the "dumb card" isn't going to work, with his prior arrest records.

1632 days ago


Counting down the minutes until he announces he's going into sex rehab. Someone needs to start a rehab for morals and character for all these losers.

1632 days ago


Where is the humanity here? This girl is 16, a runaway, she's not thinking straight at 16 (anyone over 35 can attest to this) She got herself into a horrible situation, but she did call out for help to her family. Think of how scary it was for her, she refuses to have sex with a john and her pimp most likely beat and raped her into submission. An immature teenage girl trying to act grown, who found herself in a really bad situation, could have been your daughter or sister or niece.

1632 days ago


To #1, you say this makes him innocent? He solicited a prostitute, that is a crime, he had sex with an underage girl, so what if she said she was 19? if you are caught with a underage prostitute, that charge is also made. If guys would stick to their wives and girlfriends and stop cheating on them with hooker's they wouldn't get in trouble. Lawrence Taylor is as guilty as they day is long.

1632 days ago


As a lawyer, it doesn't matter that she said she was 19. She was still 16 and not knowing is no excuse. I know it seems strange, but that's the law.

1632 days ago


Modern day step n fetch it...what a joke of a human being he is. At least the real step n fetch it had feelings and was a moral person as well as a multi millionaire. This chump? Danced for the white mans money wearing a uniform and when the music stopped, he didnt know how to act, and still doesnt. Guess the Bill Parcells of the world arent quite the "shapers of men" they're sold to be...LT wont even make it as a Greeter at some out of the way Indian Reservation Casino---not with the stigma of liking his sex with youngsters.
No sponsor of any type or kind will touch this animal. Now go step and fetch it LT, you danced good for the White Man and his money. You're more enslaved then real slaves ever were. Stay away from the Nations children. Now go link up with Michael Irvin and Warren Sapp and Big Ben. Even if you're found innocent of actual rape, you're still poison to the public. You've been doing this for decades, put the Viagra down and accept your old age. You're done.

1632 days ago


I don't know why so many guys feel the need to cheat, but 70 percent of them do. We don't have the time or money to start policing cheats. Charge him for soliciting prostitution, but if she confirms she lied about her age, then they need to drop the rape charges.

And someone go rescue FliP Wilson from his granny's basement. Pencil neck geek needs to get out more.

1632 days ago


I heard that in the State of NY it doesn't matter if she lied about her age or not. Maybe not fair, but who ever said the law was fair. I'm sure she did lie but was it LT paying for it?

1632 days ago


He denied any wrongdoing...a young girl, freshly assaulted physically by a pimp is forced to have sex with a fifty year old...that fifty year old apparently doesn't care about her age... her wounds...or her plight...he only cares about F*cking her, cheating on his wife, shaming his children, and ruining what's left of his career... yah... I can see why he denied any wrong doing... that's why we have DA's.... duh.

1632 days ago

Rafaelle Zuccaro    

Hey Lawrence, try to get on the VIEW, those gals will get you off, - they know how to make you into a hero, like they do with all the loosers that appear there!!!

1632 days ago


Lawrence Taylor previously spoke of a fondness for callgirls


1632 days ago


Wow I cant beleive all these people who think her lying and telling him it she was 19 lets him off the hook. This is a man having sex with a prostitute who has beaten in order for her to be willing. Not exactly an above board situation where its reasonable to believe that everyone involved was telling the truth.

1632 days ago
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