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LT Alleged Victim: 'Told to Say She's 19'

5/7/2010 1:03 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lawrence Taylor Alleged Victim: 'Told to Say She's 19'The 16-year-old girl who allegedly had sex with Lawrence Taylor for $300 told cops that her pimp instructed her to tell the NFL great she was 19 years old, this according to federal documents obtained by TMZ.

The FBI is now investigating alleged pimp Rasheed Davis -- on suspicion of human sex trafficking ... a federal violation.

According to the federal criminal complaint, an FBI agent assigned to the case claims Davis had "caused" the 16-year-old to "engage in multiple commercial sex acts with various individuals" ... and even "set the prices."

The FBI agent also claims that Davis had taken several "almost nude" photographs of the girl on his cell phone in order to obtain customers.

In the docs, the FBI agent claims Davis had sent the girl text messages instructing her to have sex with a client (Lawrence Taylor) on May 5th -- but the girl refused.

So, according to the agent, Davis physically assaulted her "in an effort to coerce [the victim] into participating in a commercial sex act."

According to the agent, Davis then instructed the victim to tell Lawrence Taylor that she was 19 and charge him $300 for sex.

After the alleged encounter, the agent says the victim contacted a relative via text message to ask for help.

When police caught up with Rasheed Davis on May 6, they claim they found $300 in his car.

According to the docs, Davis admitted to police that he had received money from pimpin' out the alleged victim to Lawrence Taylor ... among other people.

LT -- through his lawyer -- has denied any wrongdoing in the case. He's been charged with statutory rape and patronizing a prostitute.

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Well he needs to be held responsible for not reporting to police that she had injuries. Of course if you are paying a hooker you don't want to call police.

And those calling him stupid, he was smart enough to use a condemn, which is more than I can say for most of the general population.

1632 days ago

me not you    

Unbelievable what human beings do to each other all in the name of money. Hey thanks, Capitalism!

1632 days ago


I can believe that but what the hell is a man his age doing having sex with 19 year olds. It is only going to get you in touble dumb@ss. Next time ask for id.

1632 days ago


With the "thickness" of kids now days I can see where a 15 or 16 year old could look like she was of age. However, prostitution is illegal so he will still be charged with something even if she did lie.

1632 days ago


LT's most serious charge is being guilty of severe stupidity! I don't see how they can legally charge him with anything other than soliciting a prostitute. Stupid is as stupid does!

1632 days ago


Missy, you are an uneducated buffoon. CONDEMN is what you do to someone when you sentence them to something.

A CONDOM is something your father should have invested in.


1632 days ago


I'm so happy the truth is finally coming out & all those people calling LT a rapist are looking dumb right now. I had a feeling all along that this was a set up and now the pieces are falling into place. Yes the man has had problems in his life but him being a rapist I could never see that. Now the prostitution charges are gonna be a different story for him.

1632 days ago


Underaged or not....Come on LT, you have a wife that loves you and kids that need you...if he paid her for sex, charge them both for prostitution and take her pimp downtown and tie him up on the steps of City Hall and let the taxpayers throw bricks at him for a few hours...

1632 days ago


All this moron had to do was say no, but he didn't this goes to show how stupid LT is. All three should go to jail. There's no excuse for what LT did. At a drop of a hat he'll take a booty call how old the girl is. Hey LT their buying curtains for you cell at Club Slammer.

1632 days ago


Missy - I don't care how much you type that you aren't condoning what he did (buying a hooker, regardless of age) you basically ARE by saying "it happens all the time" and for us to basically get over it. What's wrong is wrong. I swear you are an unfaithful man's dream wife.

1632 days ago


The age difference should have nothing, if she had been 19, to do with it. Heck, most of the old goats in Hollywood are married to women 20 to 30 years younger then they are.

1632 days ago


Question to you guys out there; Why do you go to Hooker's or why do you cheat? If you do it for just the sex, then don't you know your wife or girlfriend will give you sex. I am serious. We women talk, and we know we will say yes to you, but still you go looking for sex. Why don't you go buy a blow up doll and use that for meaningless sex. Less trouble, no transmission of std's. I am being serious here.

1632 days ago


doesnt matter what she told him..if she is underage he gets charged for that crime,,he might be able to plead it down some,like maybe carnel knowledge but he is still charged with rape of a minor...

1632 days ago


I am so confused at this point as to many of the comments! Bottom line, a man paid to have sex with hooker old enough to be his daughter/grandaughetr, who was underage, who had just been beaten into submission by her pimp in order to have sex with him, which he did and sent her on her merry way after he was done!

I don't care if he was white, black, asian, indian or green, as a human being he is the complete s*** of the earth, satans spawn and lower than the pimp, instead of helping her he used her!!

So every person who is using the race card give your head a shake because if it was your daughter or granddaughter that this happened to you would be out for blood and scream nothing was being done!

1632 days ago


LT is a selfish man, that likes to hang out with alley cats, pimps and drug dealers. I have no sympathy for him or his dumb wife, only his children.

1632 days ago
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