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LT Alleged Victim: 'Told to Say She's 19'

5/7/2010 1:03 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lawrence Taylor Alleged Victim: 'Told to Say She's 19'The 16-year-old girl who allegedly had sex with Lawrence Taylor for $300 told cops that her pimp instructed her to tell the NFL great she was 19 years old, this according to federal documents obtained by TMZ.

The FBI is now investigating alleged pimp Rasheed Davis -- on suspicion of human sex trafficking ... a federal violation.

According to the federal criminal complaint, an FBI agent assigned to the case claims Davis had "caused" the 16-year-old to "engage in multiple commercial sex acts with various individuals" ... and even "set the prices."

The FBI agent also claims that Davis had taken several "almost nude" photographs of the girl on his cell phone in order to obtain customers.

In the docs, the FBI agent claims Davis had sent the girl text messages instructing her to have sex with a client (Lawrence Taylor) on May 5th -- but the girl refused.

So, according to the agent, Davis physically assaulted her "in an effort to coerce [the victim] into participating in a commercial sex act."

According to the agent, Davis then instructed the victim to tell Lawrence Taylor that she was 19 and charge him $300 for sex.

After the alleged encounter, the agent says the victim contacted a relative via text message to ask for help.

When police caught up with Rasheed Davis on May 6, they claim they found $300 in his car.

According to the docs, Davis admitted to police that he had received money from pimpin' out the alleged victim to Lawrence Taylor ... among other people.

LT -- through his lawyer -- has denied any wrongdoing in the case. He's been charged with statutory rape and patronizing a prostitute.

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All this moron had to do was say no, but he didn't this goes to show how stupid LT is. All three should go to jail. There's no excuse for what LT did. At a drop of a hat he'll take a booty call how old the girl is. Hey LT their buying curtains for you cell at Club Slammer.

1600 days ago


He still hired a prostitute, which in itself is pretty dumb. He's LT, I'm sure there are plenty of women he wouldn't have to pay for.

Is his wife still sticking to her stroy of a set up? How do you set up a guy who hands over $300 to a ho?

1600 days ago


The only good thing that can be said about this man is that he was a great athlete. As a human being he sucks. The Giants used to have practice around where I live and I saw him go into local restaurants and be obnoxious. He would not give out autographs to kids who came to see him at practices. I think he is only really guilty of soliciting the services of an underage prostitute in this case but the list of his disgusting criminal behavior is a mile long. Why did Nutrisystem hire him in the first place.

1600 days ago


Just because she lied to him about age does not let this ANIMAL off the hook. That "CHILD" Yes i say child! Was forced into that terrible situation by a parasite puke of a man! Too often men are out there abusing little girls, forcing them into drugs and prostitution. She was scared of her pimp and lied to avoid being beat! LT had no business ordering a prostitue. All you men take a huge risk when you pay for sex. Personally i will never understand why any of you pay to stick your weiners into some strange hole....very disturbed and desperate fools! No matter what in this case...that girl is the victim. Screw all you guys who are on LTS side and blame this little kid! Todays society friggin sucks!!!

1600 days ago


It was interesting to learn that LT was arrested for an alleged offense with a minor with a pimp and she admitted she lied about her age and BIG BEN was not taken into custody when he alleged victim made her complaint. Although one alleged victim was a minor it does not change the fact that both alleged victims are FEMALES. BIG BEN should have been arrested as well.

I'm just saying BIG BEN is white and LT is black. This entire story sounds like a big setup by all parties. The young girl was smarter she cut out the pimp and decided to make her own payday.

As for paying for sex, each time you pay for dinner, movie, rent, car payment, etc. you are indirectly paying for sex.

1600 days ago


How can this be a rape case, when he thought he paid a legal age hooker money for sex? Doesn't make sense to me.

1600 days ago


Why did he talk to the police and admit to having sex with her??Because he watched the detective pick up his used rubber and take it for evidence so he had to admit it because he new they had his DNA in the condom.What a story and a hero he could have been if after noticing her injuries he let her call the police and her family ,He would be a hero right now instead of a zero

1600 days ago


I don't understand why some men like to pay to have sex.Prostitution is a dirty business where often the woman is a victim of human trafficking.Men who like to pay prostitutes for their services are as guilty as the pimps out there.So Lawrence Taylor is as guilty as the underage girl's pimp.

1600 days ago


The guy's life shouldn't be ruined seeing a prostitute who told him she was 19. Prosecute the pimp and drop the charges against Taylor.

This story is a great example of why prostitution should be legalized (regulated) for the safety of everyone involved.

1600 days ago



1600 days ago


Report: Lawrence Taylor’s Alleged Victim Said She was 19 | ATMZ .US, According to the federal criminal complaint, an FBI agent assigned to the case claims Davis had “caused” the 16-year-old to “engage in multiple FBI Agent

1600 days ago


I don't believe anything they say. That pimp probably told LT she was a virgin too. LT didn't care she was all beat up when he had his way with her. I hope the young victim takes a hard hit to LT's bank account.

1600 days ago


It doesn't matter if she lied or not. In the eyes of the law it is strict liability for statutory rape.

1600 days ago


He tried to rape her. She said so, and her word should be considered absolute due to her magic vagina.
Put him in jail forever and get all his money.
That's the way it works, right?

1600 days ago


First of all, his lawyer was on the Today show this morning and DENIED that he had sex with her. When asked if he was in the room with her he said he could not comment on that. Looks to me like they are saying the meeting was had but maybe LT didn't let the crayon out of the box...

I'm gonna wait and see before I presume this happened. I tend to think if he had sex with her, and there will definitely be some DNA if he did, his lawyer would not have come out and denied it. He would have said he could not comment on the case but LT will be vindicated. Something to that effect.

1600 days ago
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