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Lawrence Taylor -- It Doesn't Matter If She Lied

5/7/2010 2:35 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lawrence Taylor -- It Doesn't Matter If She LiedIt doesn't matter what Lawrence Taylor thought.

If the NFL legend had sex with an underage girl, according to the law, it's statutory rape.

According to the criminal complaint, the 16-year-old girl told an FBI agent her pimp instructed her to tell LT that she was 19.

But under New York law, it doesn't matter if the girl lied to Taylor about her age.  If the girl is underage, it's statutory rape.

Uber New York criminal defense lawyer Ben Brafman tells TMZ, "The age of the person is what controls, not what [the defendant] thought."  Under the law, it's called "strict liability" -- meaning it doesn't matter if LT had a reasonable belief that the girl was over the age of consent. 

Brafman says sometimes juries will go beyond the law if they believe the defendant acted reasonably -- but the law, Brafman says, is rigid.

Brafman also notes that sometimes "the issue gets resolved at the [police] precinct level," if the cops think the suspect made an honest error. 

Harder to do when the suspect is a celeb.

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No Avatar


Leave Taylor alone. He is innocent and people like nancy grace less are out to crucify him. Lawrence has changed his ways and has made a hell of a comeback this girl lied and just wants to be famous. The fascist boot thugged cops are out to bust an innocent man again what else is new in this country.

1631 days ago


Well that law is stupid, he should not be charged.

1631 days ago


He's a twisted pervert that didn't care about her age or busted up face. He did not care about the law or his family. NY is gonna hang him.

1631 days ago


L.T.'s defense attorney, Arthur Aidala was on WFAN's Mike Francesa today. You can find the interview at tedwilliamshead.com. . .

1631 days ago


#3, Trish you are so right!!!!He did not care about basic human decency. He might be big, but in prison there is a bigger younger Bubba!

1631 days ago


And of course his color has absolutely nothing to do with this. She lied about her age, prostitute of 17, 16, or 15, she LIED. LT you were stupid for cheating on your wife and with a prostitute! You deserve to beat down by your wife for being "stupid" but the fact remains, the girl lied. Are we now supposed to check ID's before we have sex with anyone? Give me a f'ing break.

1631 days ago


Would someone please put this wasted drug infested piece of Human Crap in jail for a very long time. I bet his Mama says he is a good boy.... Yea, right. And I have more money that Bill Gates...

1631 days ago


"strict liability" is AWESOME....paying for sex from trafficed children and adults is wrong.....her black eye should have told him this is someone who needed compassion and mercy.

Sexual slavery IS slavery. Without men like him there would be no market....and human trafficing would end. what he did wrong was purchase a human being...who was forced to submit to him. even if she was 19 it would still mean he is a selfish *******. his poor wife. how humilating to have a husband who purchased a child for sex.

its not a stupid law...its your responsibility to MAKE SURE they are of age. WTF is wrong with you guys? we are discussing HUMAN TRAFFICING...and forced sexual slavery and you think the laws silly????? pimps are nothing more then modern day slavers and johns are just as guilty as the pimp...hell they are the ones who preform the rapes,...and if you have to be beat into doing it it IS rape. he partcipated in the sexual slavery of a child...had she been 19 it would still be inexcusable. he is as guilty as the pimp. sex with a child isnt something you say OOPS over. its serious.

1631 days ago


Yeah, every prostitute who goes to a guy with a black eye or busted lip is now going to be taken directly to the police station, lmao. THat will put a stop to it.

1631 days ago


Ok...there are so many things wrong with this situation.
"her pimp told her" why are they not going after this pimp and the other girls he is pimping...and all the other men that she has slept with..becuase those would all be statutory rape. As far as i know prostitution is still illegal...so she should go to jail as well.

I just think everyone involved is retarded.

1631 days ago


#1 Tyler, I guess he is innocent just like OJ, yea right! Nasty ugly man wh=ith horse teeth. BLUH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1631 days ago


You cant even f*ck a h##ker anymore. What is the world coming too!!! I balme it on global warming...or the bin laden...not sure which yet!

1631 days ago


16, 19, 91...Who cares? She was a PROSTITUTE and he's a married man. If he had been home doing his wife, he wouldn't be in this mess.

1631 days ago


That's BS. The prostitution thing - yeah, charge him for that. He is guilty of that. But the staturotry rape?! I'm 26 and half the teen girls out there look older than I do! They're developing at a faster rate these days! She lied and should be charged. It's cases like this that make our justice system look like a joke.

1631 days ago


Thanks N.Y lawyer but TMZ's lawyer Jason said that yesterday on TMZlive.To all the people saying this is no big deal would you think the same thing if she was your daughter or niece.Maybe she used L.T's phone when he fell asleep???

1631 days ago
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