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Lawrence Taylor's Wife: If He Did the Crime ...

5/7/2010 6:25 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0506_lawrence_taylor_EX_Getty_06Lawrence Taylor's wife has some tough words for the Hall of Fame football star in the wake of his arrest for statutory rape.

Lynette Taylor tells TMZ, "If the facts presented are accurate, he should be held accountable."

It should be noted Lynette also said -- at this point -- she does "not believe in a million years he would do something like that."

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dan the man    

im hoping LT didnt have sex with the girl as well.. it would be a damn shame and just nasty

1596 days ago


I don't understand why anyone would take his side, mostly the pimp is at fault but still. The guy ordered an escort, while he is married from a shady pimp. If he thought she was over the age, why was there even a talk about age? Why didn't he ask for her ID? Obviously because he didn't care and wanted sex.
Also, the girl showed up with a black eye, why the hell didn't he ask her if she was ok and what was going on? I am sorry but I don't see a girl's fault in this. She was held basically a hostage by this pimp and in order not to get beaten up (aka the black eye) or killed she had to go and sleep with some dude and give him money. Where in the world was a free will in any of this?!? This is disgusting. They should be both punished, especially the pimp. I am glad they are not releasing this girl's name because she can still have a long and fulfilling life ahead of her.

Oh and by the way if someone kidnap me and told me that it's either taking a deadly beating or sleeping with someone, I think I would choose sex. And the reason she had a cell phone was not because the pimp was 'nice' enough to give it to her, but so she would contact him when she was done and got his money.

1596 days ago


Which is it "mrs" Taylor?...you stand by your HO chasing man or you dont? Like you didnt know he's been doing this for decades now? He ordered up a "young skinny spanish girl"....and thats what he told the police that he told the record producer who called the pimp. Now he's going to get charged with the sex slave ring charge...good...about time this monster has the book thrown at him. You'd be best to harness all his assets---you did sell his stock two days ago right? Oh sorry.

1596 days ago


I'm sure that LT is not the only offender for a crime of this degree. I wonder how many current professional athlete's commit crimes like this everyday, in every major city. I think the women of this country need a better support system in the United States. I hope that the child can recover from this and get help with her life.

1596 days ago


ARENT there enough PORN STARS 'round for him not to mess with 16 yr. old teen girls? Word to ALL porn stars get all the money you can from rich stupid married men..Married women listen up..Porn Stars are out to get your RICH stupid husbands for their MONEY!!!The man looks like an ANIMAL...

1596 days ago

Kim Carter    

This is a terrible tragedy.

His wife has so much trust and believe in him as a man that she is willing to state for the world to hear that she stands behind her man. I feel so sorry for this woman because if it's true then she has been betrayed in the worst way and her image of this man his been ****tered and hopefully it will open up the eyes of other males to the fact that their actions have the most damaging results on the ones that look up to them and love.

It's not like Elin or the other wifes who aren't saying anything. She's saying and yelling to the world that he's innocent and if he isn't then it's going to make her look like a total fool.

I hope the truth comes out and it's all a terrible mistake because to take this woman's idea of her man and ****ter it is more than just celebrity news and gossip, it's a travesty and I really feel for her and her family because that trust that she has for him now will be forever tainted and that's what marriage is suppose to be about. Your spouse having your back. Right now she has her man's back and I'm happy to see that and he should too. He should jump through hoops and do whatever he can to make this right because to lose this woman's love is worst than anything he could possibly do.

She probably doesn't even care that he slept with her but if he's telling her that he's not and she's believing it, then the lie will be the straw that broke the camel's back. I'm sure this woman can live with infidelity but she doesn't believe he raped this girl. She hasn't said that she doesn't believe he slept with her, that may be not bad to her but to rape a minor means her man is a pedo which may be uncomprehensible to her.

I hope for their family's sake, this all can be worked out but it seems the media is going to milk this one like a fat cow.

The pimp should definitely pay the brunt of this and the girl is claiming to be a total victim. I know she is a minor but the pimp didn't kidnap her and make her turn tricks. She ended up in his possession and she needs to be in some kind of juvenile detention place where she can be watched because obviously she is a run-away and has problems that the state needs to be aware of. Not saying that she should be punished because she has been punished enough having to have her body ravished by strange men but she doesn't need to be in the hands of her parents right now. She needs more than that because that's what got her in this predicament in the first place.

All parties of this situation needs attention but LT's reputation is going to be ****tered if the real truth doesn't come out and people keep yelling rape rape. I don't think he raped that girl, he probably had sex with her and I'm sure if she told him no and she was being forced, he would have been the first to take her to the police. So don't put the entire blame on him. I don't condone any of this but don't believe everything you read.


1596 days ago


"The 16-year-old girl who allegedly had sex with Lawrence Taylor for $300 told cops that her pimp instructed her to tell the NFL great she was 19 years old, this according to federal do***ents obtained by TMZ."

So if a hooker tells him she's 19 and maybe she looks like she's 19 (which is quite possible as young hookers do everything they can to look older) then is it fair to charge a man with rape? Does a guy need to ask for ID? I'm sure she has none, or maybe she shows him a false ID. How can a guy verify the age of the hooker when she tells him she's 19? I'm not talking about whether he should be doing hookers, I'm talking about the hooker clearly misleading her client.

1596 days ago


If you are 51 years old and married you should be home watching the 10 oclock news and then this typ of b.s. doesnt happen. Lawerence has help some of you all out, 3;50 at a holiday in bad news, 3;50 in bed with your wife maybe no sex, but only you her and her skanky friends know be good

1596 days ago


His penis is to blame! He should get lethal injection! How dare he have a penis!

1596 days ago


Just my opinion - I probably haven't heard enough of the facts though. Sounds like he was set-up. Lawrence pays for services for a prostitute (ok, illegal but happens every day). Young gal has a pimp and was probably living on the streets for a while and probably getting roughed up daily). And then calls it rape. Was he supposed to ask for ID. She walked into the room right? Just sayin'...this whole thing stinks.... . Bottom line, I do hope the young girl goes home, stays off the streets, and gets help.

1596 days ago


Her opinion is changing. Perhaps her first reaction, might have been shock.

When the police arrived at the hotel room, LT was still asleep. If he did do this, evidence will be everywhere. Sheets, condoms, and I am sure they took dna samples from his body. While his lawyer is yelling there was no sex at all, LT told the police, that yes he did have sex with her.
He is 51 years old, he has 5 children, all older than this 16 year old. He is old enough to know that if you sleep with a prostitute then you chance certain things, including a child underage. That is one reason, it is illegal. If he did have sex with her, then with his record, he is going to jail. I bet this will even have an effect on his hit and run from November.

1596 days ago


Bretta once said " If you can't to time don't do the crime". Looks like LT is going to be spending time in Club Slammer with Bubba.

1596 days ago


I live in Atlanta. There are many 15 & 16 year old girls that can pass for 25. Everyones trying to make this dude out to be a monster. If you take away the fact that she was a prostitute this could have happened to anyone. Young girls with fake IDs frequent the clubs all the time. If you so happen to take one home and get caught you could be in the same situation. Does it make you a monster because you had sex with someone you thought was an adult? And don't give me the B.S. about checking ID. Noone does that in the heat of the moment with someone that looks like an adult. So if you look at this situation for what it is the only thing he really should be guilty of is soliciting a prostitute, which is a $500 fine misdemeanor in most states. So do you really think a guy should be locked up for any amount of time for paying someone for sex? I know the law is the law. According to the law he could go to jail but that doesn't make him a monster, that just means its a dumb law that doesn't take reality into account. Just My Two Cents

1596 days ago


Saw LT'S wife on tv last night and I thought she was so in deniel. Media junkie or what? She needs to wake up. She appeared as if all this would just go away. You play you pay.

1596 days ago

funny GAL    

what an idiot...he had it coming anyway....not to bright

1596 days ago
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