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Michael Jackson's Dad to be Deposed

5/7/2010 4:20 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Michael Jackson's dad will be deposed by Jackson's estate lawyers some time next month in his bid to receive an allowance from the estate.

Michael Jackson's Dad Joe Jackson to be Deposed

As we first reported, Joe Jackson filed a claim against the estate last year in an effort to get a monthly check from the estate.

According to documents filed earlier this week, Joe will sit down with Michael's attorney at a date to be determined "between June 1, 2010 and July 1, 2010."

Both sides will then go back to court some time after August 1.


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""7. The Jackson 5 and Michael would have never existed without Joseph. He is old and likely to die soon. Why not give him a little? There is more money than the kids could ever need. Everyone else is making money off the estate of MJ. Come on have a heart people!
Posted at 12:48 PM on May 7, 2010 by marson""

Have a heart? Why shouldn't he get a little? ARE YOU F*** KIDDING ME? One reason why Micheal was as messed up as he was is because of hid dad, his dad abused him and his brothers and forced them into showbiz and would not allow them to have a childhood. His father would practice them with a belt, if they missed a dance step or there voice was not perfect they would get beaten, who the hell does that to there kids especially when there kids are the ones brining in the money to support you?

Whenever Micheal was asked about his dad and childhood he would tear up, his dad did not even allow them to call him dad they had to call him joe.

That rotten bastard, child abuser, sorry excuse for a father deserves nothing , the only thing he deserves is an ass kicking for abusing his kids, they all ended up f*** up and he is to blame for it

1575 days ago


there wont be any money left when the children are all grown,


That's ridiculous. That well will NEVER run dry. Michael made sure of that many years ago. Joe's piddly allowance (whatever he may get, if anything) will never affect the children's inheritance. To suggest otherwise is crazy. Michael's estate is the gift that will keep on giving for decades to come. No question.

1575 days ago


I think Joe Jackson is sick and greedy man.Now he cares what happend to
Michael. What about when Mike was a kid, he treated him like crap, beat
him all the time and I think his adulthood was a reasolt of what was
going on in his life.But I will always love and suport Michael no matter
what and I want the KILLERS in jail!!!

1575 days ago


I was never a Michael Jackson fan except when they were the Jackson 5. I don't think his father should get one cent from the estate. If MJ had wanted his father to have a monthly allowance he would have left it to him in his will. The old man is just about money. He exploited his children when they were growing up, never allowing them to lead a normal childhood. I hope the estate attorneys don't cave him and give him a monthly allowance and I bet if they do he will complain about it's not enough.

1575 days ago

Mary we compensate abusers with the estate money of the victim of the abuse?????? Get friggin' real Joe, you are a child beater and you deserve NOTHING but a jail sentence.....

1575 days ago


Oh give the guy a little something....MJ wouldn't mind at this point. The estate is ranking in more than enough money to keep MJ3 going forever. It's not gonna hurt to give Granpa an allowance. Just don't make it a gate way for all of MJ's siblings and their offspring to make a money grab.

SO.....what is up with the Murray, Klein, etc....investigation anyway?


1575 days ago


91. Mike was not providing Joe with a monthly allowance while he was alive so why the hell should he now that he isn't


How on earth do you know that's true?

Posted at 4:12 PM on May 7, 2010 by Cathy

Well, how do you know otherwise? I don't find it very hard to believe Mike didn't give Joe an allowance since he intentionally left him out of the Will. How do you come to even question that knowing he left Joe out? That would suggest Mike was rather cruel to have been willingly giving Joseph money then just snatch it away, wouldn't it? Joe got what Kate gave him out of what Mike gave her. This is the information that has been out there for many years.

1575 days ago


Now Joe and the rest of the Jacksons need to get jobs


I agree that people like Jermaine and Randy are fully capable of taking care of themselves. But Joe should get a job? The man is 80 years old! In case you're not aware, he HAD a job -- for decades! The man worked his ass off in a steel mill for 10 plus years, and after that he broke his neck driving his kids all over the country in a VW minivan trying to cultivate a show business career for them. He succeeded via HARD WORK. And long after his kids were making millions, Joe worked on, managing them and other acts. He also made the choice to get them away from Motown and on to CBS records. One of the best decisions he ever made. Without it, The Jacksons AND Michael may have faded into musica nostalgia the way the Temptations and the OJs did. Joe did his share, even if in his later years, he didn't always make the smartest decisions. The man never stopped hustling. I'm not defending his morality or his abilities as a father or husband. But get a JOB? Please. The man was a lot of things, but he was never lazy.

1575 days ago


This is absolutely rediculous. He was not "accidentally" left out of the will, nor was he "accidentally" left out of the trust. Joe and all of the other kids were intentionally left out.
Joe is not owed one cent. That would be saying that if you died your dad could come and take what you left your children.
This is a legal issue, it does not matter how much money is there.
Legally, he is not entitled to one red cent. Two different wills over several years and no other changes except to add Blanket!
Seems to me that the will and trust are exactly the way Michael wanted them to be!

1575 days ago


I didn't realise the trust was public knowledge!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1575 days ago


Joe would not be fighting for money if he was included in the trust.

1575 days ago



1575 days ago


Why should this old fart draw a penny from M.J's Estate? He is nothing but an old leach.

1575 days ago


Well, how do you know otherwise? I don't find it very hard to believe Mike didn't give Joe an allowance since he intentionally left him out of the Will.


How do you know Michael intentionally left Joe out of the will? When a person with children makes a will, they naturally leave all of their money to their children - NOT their parents whom they assume will pre-decease them and not to their adult siblings who presumably have families of their own and means to take care of themselves. Michael left his mother money, but you could assume that was because he also named her guardian of his children and knew she would need money to support them. Joan Crawford is someone who intentionally left family members (her children) out of her will. She specified this through the language in the do***ent - - that her son and daughter would be left "nothing for reasons which are well known to them." To the public's knowledge (so far anyway) Michael made no such statement in his will. Just because Joe was not mentioned does not mean Michael did not want him to have anything. Michael may have reasonably assumed (as most adult children would assume) that his elderly father would die before he did.

1575 days ago

Are you sure?    

He has been married to a woman for 60 years that just got a huge inheritance from Michael Jackson! Katherine should be the one to give him an allowance. He was not in the will! If he is given an allowance, it is in violation of the will!

1575 days ago
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