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Orlando Bloom to Testify Against Burglar Bunch

5/7/2010 12:55 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Orlando Bloom to testify against Alexis Neiers and the 'Burglar Bunch'TMZ has confirmed Orlando Bloom will be called as a witness in the Burglar Bunch trial ... and he'll testify about the heist at his house.

Alexis Neiers is charged with one count of felony burglary ... for allegedly stealing two beaucoup expensive watches from Bloom's house -- which, along with some other items, were worth an estimated $500,000.

Interesting ... sources tell us Neiers turned down two plea deals from the L.A. County D.A. -- one for 1 year in county jail, and another for 6 months in jail.  She's now rolling the dice and the stakes are 6 years in state prison.

Neiers' trial starts Monday.
Alexis Neiers, Rachel Lee and Nick Prugo - The Burglar Bunch


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To the editor who keeps using "beaucoup" in his/her posts, please stop. It sounds ridiculous, we're not in France & I think you've been watching too much of the Lil Wayne do***entary.....

1628 days ago


Good. Nail this little b*tche's butt to the wall. People need to know that, when you break the law, there's consequences. We don't reward thieves by giving them reality TV shows...

1628 days ago


6 years in prison? There goes that lingerie modeling career. Boo hoo.

Alexis Neiers blames everyone else. She spoke to a class of young children and told them she got mixed up with a bad crowd, and that bad crowd led her astray. One member of the bad crowd specialized in handling drugs for the Burglar Bunch. It is fun watching a Gen-Y kid use all the new cliches: "I want success now, without working for it." or "I want expensive stuff now, without earning it." or "Nothing is my fault. I am a victim."

The Gen-Y (or Millenial) generation is really messed up.

1628 days ago


Memba the time Orlando was trippin' balls and he tried to walk away from the car accident he caused while the paparazzi filmed his every move. Memba how he didn't get in any trouble at all. That was great! Good times!

1628 days ago


I am very confused by the entire situatiion. How come Alexis is getting in trouble but her sister Tess is the one in every picture along with their little sister. The show "Pretty Wild" basically center around Alexis getting in trouble but not once is either of her sisters ever mentioned throughout this whole ordeal and yet they are the ones in every picture. I just went through every single picture and there is not one photo of Alexis. WTF

1628 days ago

go home!    

I CANNOT wait for this trial. These theives better get convicted and locked up for a long time! Justice needs to start happening in this world and this is a fun place to start. Scream and cry over that Alexis! Boohoo!

1628 days ago

Missy Moon    

Wouldn't it be hilarious if the bitch got sent to jail for 6 years, after turning down the plea deal. I can't wait for the outcome!!

1628 days ago


I see that TMZ finally learned to spell 'beaucoup'. Spelling it 'buco' was kind of a head scratcher. Lol.

1628 days ago


She charged him $100.00 a inch, and wanted her change back

1628 days ago


you should post more orlando bloom stories, he's so gorgeous! i love him *sigh*

1628 days ago


Alexis Neiers is a thief. The E! Network has chosen to give her a show of her own as a reward. I hope she's jailed for a long while and this network is screwed. They give reality shows to the WORST of people. This is proof.

1628 days ago


Neiers deserves to go to jail for a long time for being an idiot and not accepting the plea deal.

1628 days ago


send her ass to jail... all of em... i hate thieves!

1628 days ago


What is happening to Alexis Neiers is Hilarious and she deserves every ounce of what she's getting! Everything about their show on E shows how disfunctional her life is and has been been you kinda have to know that Alexis wouldn't amount to anything other then being a spoiled drug addicted thief! I feel very bad for the victims she violated and how they must feel. They worked hard for their wealth and nice things that they have they earned and deserved. Having some spoiled little brat just think she can go and take them is absolutely mind boggling! She deserves jail time!!!!!

1628 days ago


Does anyone know when the trial is supposed to be? Will they all be tried together? On last weeks Pretty Wild show, Alexis' lawyer indicated that he's pretty sure he can make the charges for her "go away". Hope that's not the case. All these people need more than a slap on the wrist.

1628 days ago
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