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Duggar Baby #19 Hospitalized for Tummy Trouble

5/8/2010 4:04 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar's 19th baby -- 5-month-old Josie Brooklyn -- had to be rushed back to the hospital less than a week after she was released ... this according to the baby factory herself.

TMZ has obtained a clip from "19 Kids & Counting" -- in which Michelle Duggar explains how baby Josie had a condition with her tiny little belly that they believed required medical attention ... so they took the child back to the hospital in Little Rock, AR.

Josie's arrival home airs this Sunday (Mother's Day) on TLC ... and the tiny child's return to the hospital airs Tuesday May 11.


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1. Population growth is already out of control.

It was acceptable to have 20 kids - in the 1800's - in Ireland! It was normal to have 3 or 4 in the 1980's. It's not okay anymore for people to just pop out children like they're taking a sh*t and never think of anyone or anything but their immediate cir***stances.

2. They need to watch Bill Maher's film Religious.

That's a wake up call to religious extremists like these people.

3. Just because they aren't taxing the social welfare system now doesn't mean they never will.

Who do you think will pay for their college tuition when the TV money runs out and she's on her 25th child? You think all of their children will be well-adjusted with no mental or substance abuse disorders and gainfully employed? Guess again. And their rat children will continue the breeding practices they learned. Jesus!

1607 days ago


I guess they didn't like the first 18.

Seriously, wish I had an hour to read all this, and it is beginning to look like old news. Hope the baby will be ok and I hope they stop have 'em....

1607 days ago


She doesn't even take care of them herself. She puts that off on the older kids. I feel really bad for her children, I don't think they even know what its like to be a kid with having to help raise their siblings. And anyone who thinks these people are caring financially for this brood on their own are idiots. I seen a do***entary on them years ago and at least as of that time they were getting public assistance. Maybe TLC is paying them enough that they aren't burden on the tax payers right now. And may I say, I believe Michelle Duggar has some kind of mental disorder with this wanting to be pregnant all the time. Or else she just loves the attention, which could be part of the disorder.

1607 days ago



Glad you are so educated as to micro-preemies.....I was born 40 years ago and my mother carried me as long as little Miss Josie, as a matter of fact we share the same birthday. I too was taken prematurely due to pre-eclampsia. My mother only had 4 children but I can assure you that I have NO developmental defects. I have 3 children of my own and support them on my own as well. Please do not assume this child will be special in any way.

I don't think they should have any more children but to say that because this child was so premature that she will have many developmental and physical issues is RIDICULOUS!

1607 days ago


Hope Josie will continue to heal. It is nice to see the contrast on parenting and family relationships between the Duggars and Jon & Kate Plus Eight. While the Duggars actually care for each other they need to reconsider the impact this buddy system is having on older siblings who need to prepare for becoming independent adults.
You do not see any of the older girls going to get midwife training, go to nursing school or contemplate entering college. The job of parenting is not done when they reach finish high school nor should any of these young adults be considered free babysitters until the youngest leaves the house.

1607 days ago


Has anyone introduced condoms or birth control pills to the parents? 19 Kids? I don't know them personally, maybe their good parents, maybe not.

It just sounds ridiciulous to have that many children. People saying that they can spread love around to that many chilren? Impossible. Just impossible. They may make all the effort, but you just can't. There isn't enough time in the day.

And they may not be a drain to the public now, but believe me, when they're teenagers, and definitely when they go to college, they will need public assistance. Unless the dad is a multimillionare several times over, there's no way you can afford to send that many children to school.

1607 days ago


Sorry, #53, but statistically micro-preemies have a much greater chance of developing severe physiological and neurological defects than children who are carried full term. Human infants have a certain gestational period for a reason, and that is in order to develop sufficiently to survive outside the uterus. Even so, homo sapiens have one of the most helpless, and under-developed of the mammalian neo-nates. When a fetus is taken at 25 weeks, it lacks the normal biological support structures of the uterus, placenta, and mother's immune system that would support its regular development. This frequently results in damage and abnormalities. You were fortunate. There are thousands who are not. I've known several women who lost premature infants due to pre-eclampsia, and, as a woman who had her children later in life, I carefully investigated ALL conditions that tend to occur in older mothers.

I did not say that Josie WILL have problems, I said that the likelihood is very high (which it is, do a little research). Obviously, this is already happening. As to Michelle Duggar, and her comment that the poor little child had "a little tummy trouble", I have a hard time trusting anything that comes out of the mouth of a woman who pimps her children out on an exploitive network like TLC (I only know about people like the Duggars and Gosselins from the "news", TLC revolts me). I truly pity those poor kids, I really do.

1606 days ago


Granny and Grandpa Duggar are sick and selfish. They are robbing the children they have of a childhood. There is no way a child should have to raise another one. It is physically impossible for them to raise what they have. They should start enjoying their grandchild and get some mental help. The babies are being born sick because granny is too old. But then again, they are on TLC and getting paid plenty to exploit their children. Way to go TLC , another stupid reality show that no normal person can relate to.

Is GRANNY preggers yet ? SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO Sick.

1606 days ago


They are destroying their childs lives. If it wasn't for TLC, they would need social assistance. The Older ones are raising the little ones, without a life of their own. They are so christian, why have a loud mouth cousin around? They he is BOSSY and conceited. She follows him. And they just look like Pot burned minds.

1606 days ago


Maybe they should consider - stop having MORE kids and focus on the ones they have. I mean, really!!

1606 days ago


As the mother of a preemie and someone who has had 2 pregnancies with preeclampsia and HELLP Syndrome (first born did not survive) I truly hope the Duggars get clued in from God that this is it. If they continue to have more children they are extrememly selfish and not taking the child's health into consideration. There is a time and place to stop having kids especially if Michelle's body is telling her so. It's a hard road at times with a preemie and Josie will probably have some delays - at least with developmental, size, and perhaps medical. Enough is enough.

1606 days ago


Wow... I thought ignorance was bliss???

Guess that cliche isn't true... 'cuz obviously all of you that are making ignorant comments about this family & their beliefs seem like very, very sad & unhappy people. :-(

Don't worry... there are MANY more families like the Duggars than you are completely unaware of... and we're all praying for you! ;-)

1606 days ago


This woman is no different than octomom. She is addicted to being pregnant and her husband is just as sick as she is. TLC should be ashamed of themselves for encouraging these sickos to procreate. TLC, quit encouraging these sick people!!

1523 days ago


Nineteen kids?
What the hell?
...And people wonder why there are six billion people on the planet.
I'm waiting for someone to tell her that she'll die if she has any more kids.

1473 days ago

A Duggar Fan    

The Duggar family are good christian people and seem to do a wonderful job raising their children. People should respect that and if more families would teach their children christian values the world would be a much better place! God bless.

1227 days ago
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