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Joel Osteen Invites Conrad Murray for a Pray Date

5/9/2010 12:25 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Pastor numero uno Joel Osteen will have a special guest at his weekly sermon today -- none other than Dr. Conrad Murray.

Sources tell TMZ the doc accused of killing Michael Jackson has been invited into Osteen's inner sanctum at Lakewood Church in Houston, TX.   We don't know why Osteen personally invited Dr. Murray.  In fact, we're told Dr. Murray isn't sure why he was invited either ... although he's an active member of his Houston church.

We're told Murray will arrive at the church in the morning and go in through a "bunker-like" entrance -- and he won't be given the entry code until just before he arrives.

With all that security, it's almost as if Murray has a meeting with ... nevermind.


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Tstorm ~~~~ no need to apologize to me! my m.
You're right....Osteen is also a fantastic motivational speaker and deftly intertwines that concept throughout his sermons/messages.
I feel he is a total concept Evangelist.
And equally great enhancement to his services is of course...
the music. Fantastic choir, musicians, and soloists.
A totally uplifting recognition and glorification of "God/Jesus'" teachings.
They are all dedicated & unified in their purpose.
And yes, it does take money to get the message out. In Osteens case as Billy Graham - worldwide.
Sure beats straight dry Bible verse quotations and a terse sermon delivered by an unmotivated and ineffective "preacher".
Take care T.

1631 days ago

Woody McBrreairty    

Osteen is as big a publicity freak as the next showman. Osteen is nothing but a snake oil salesman - they don't care what they have to do to make a sale, they just do it. Money, money, money

1631 days ago


**** u tmz you are being so disrespectful, with all this security he isnt meeting no one but that wacko pastor, whatever pastors nowadays its not like they are to be trusted, and you are feeding the dilusional rumours that mj may still be alive, anything for money and views right TMZ son of bitches6

**** those who killed Michael jackson the King of entertainments, the genius and the king of the haters`minds (cause they just cant stop thinking about him, they are more obsessed with him then his own fans).


1631 days ago


Thx for understanding Tellit .... also Happy Mothers day to you .. hope your daughter is doing ok .

Happy Mothers Day to all the Mommies who read here today .

1631 days ago


Tstorm got it right! Osteen is a motivational speaker. I know he doesn't show the cross anywhere in his center. Does he even mention the bible or the teachings of Christ. It is all motivational and mentions the name of God just enough not to call it motivational.

1631 days ago


149. Tstorm got it right! Osteen is a motivational speaker. I know he doesn't show the cross anywhere in his center. Does he even mention the bible or the teachings of Christ. It is all motivational and mentions the name of God just enough not to call it motivational.
Posted at 3:09 PM on May 9, 2010 by Googie

Oh really? We must not be listening to the same Osteen! He Always cites scripture/scriptures. And mentions the Bible. He just doesn't dwell verbatim on each and every word like more conventional preachers....because he is able to "SPEAK" and bring that scripture to life....unlike so many "preachers" with their terse delivery....
He breaths life into the Word.
Albeit, imo, not like the one and only greatest Evangelist Billy Graham. But imo...he is the close second Rev. Graham. His methods are just more modern.

1631 days ago


From what I have read. No propofol was found in the IV bag or the upper line from the bag. So MJ could not have flip the switch to make the drug flow freely as you say. The propofol was found in the port that was near the ankle.

I also do not believe that MJ could have injected the propofol into that port himself since he was already heavily medicated with the other drugs that Murry gave him.

I do believe that those drugs that were given during the course of the night were a deadly combination when propofol was added.

Murry admitted to giving all those drugs to MJ an now that he faces charges his lawyers keep changing the wording and amounts to create reasonable doubt. Which is how they are going to play for his defense.

Murry is guilty of sever neglect and he knows it. That's why he's being put in the public eye so as to show that he is a human being and not some kind of a monster.

Sadly I have a gut feeling that this case will be another OJ case. But believe me when I say, someday this man will have to "pay the ferry man" to cross over. After all, we all have to at some point.

Posted at 8:26 AM on May 9, 2010 by Barbie

1631 days ago


LOL Tellit it's about time we found something you feel strongly about.

So lets see for us looking up to MJ we are wacko sicko's but you can adore Joel Osteen and expect all of us to agree with your opinion?

Every single post I have seen from you is dripping with hate and sarcasim towards both MJ and the fans. Perhaps instead of just watching your hero Joel maybe you should open your mind a little to his sermons and learn live and let live? I am sure you did not learn all the hate you harbour from him nor did you learn it from MJ's fans.

You see Tellit it's easy to push someones buttons but most of us adults learn at a young age if you can't take it don't dish it out.

I am not a bible thumper and don't follow it much so just like you being unfamilar with MJ let me formulate an opinion based on my limited knowledge just like you do.

Is it not true that a lot of preachers have touched little boys??? Maybe I should google Joel find something and blow it out of proportion?

I really hope you aren't the type to call people stupid in real life for having opinions that don't agree with yours. If you are please for everyones sake do not reproduce.

Thanks and Happy Mothers Day.

1631 days ago


God is one, there is so much manmade propaganda that we divide ourselves and kill each other like infidels.

1631 days ago


i hope god ****s him!!!

1631 days ago


Legally Blonde,
I am very sorry if you took what I said that way. Please understand that I did not mean it the way I said it. That is right, I am amitting that I said it incorrectly. I am not perfect and I agree that the door swings both ways.

When I said that I was tring to get people to relize that putting people down because of a small TMZ blog is not the right way to go. That is it. I did not mean that you or anyone else is a bad person or should be doing more with their lives.

Again, I am very sorry. I can advise that I will not be posting anything again on this or any other site. People are right down mean to people just because there is not a face behind the post. I am not good with that. Some of the comments on here are very mean spirited and there is no reason for that.

Conrad screwed up big time, he needs to pay for what he did, but his right to pray and to be prayed for should not be taken away. My father was murdered and I prayed for the man who did it everyday.

Also, what if TMZ got a fact wrong? It happens all the time. What is Conrad asked Joel for Prayer? Don't you think that it would be wrong of Joel to deny him? Either way, GO JOEL FOR DOING WHAT IS RIGHT! Regardless of the fact Conrad did what was wrong.

1631 days ago


Why are all these Jackson's fans so sensitive when they found out that he might be sleeping with a man? Look at the way MJ acts and talks.?

1631 days ago


Joel Osteen is only looking for publicity. He'll probably write a book with Murray and then he will go on every talk show in America to promote the book (about Murray's experiences with MJ and how Murray found God after killing MJ). He'll then become known as "Murray's spiritual advisor."

Maybe the attendance at his church is down and he needs publicity. He's now on TMZ and other websites....

The trial is coming up soon.....

1631 days ago


I'm sure that Osteen is inviting Murray to his church in order to bring some attention to his church for whatever reason. Who knows?? Maybe attendance is down at his church. Now he is on TMZ and other news sites getting attention. Maybe he will collaborate with Murray on a book about his experiences (like Schmuley did with MJ, I seem to remember that Schmuley wrote a book based on tape recordings made from 'therapy sessions' with MJ). Murray is an infamous doctor made famous for his involvement in MJ's death. Now people will look to cash in somehow from their 'spiritual' relationship, legal relationship, whatever. After the book comes out then Osteen has an excuse to go on every talk show in America to talk about his book....

This is the state of America today. People look for a reason to write a book, secure a book deal, then they go on every talk show in America for publicity. It's been going on for years now.

1631 days ago


( Hi Kim/Houston ----- Tstorm/NASA

all in all this seems stinky to me .

Posted at 1:50 PM on May 9, 2010 by Tstorm

Read more:

Hi Tstorm, are you from Houston?

And yes, to your question about the clinic in Houston being a pill mill. I have co-workers families that used to go to this clinic and that is exactly what they told me. Also have another co-worker whos mother saw him a couple of months ago still and was talking to me about it but refuses to now because i criticise Murray. Her mother thinks he did no wrong. Just like I said in a earlier post Joel Osteen maybe getting some publicity with this that he didn't bargain for in meaning some unwanted bad publicity. Believe it or not their is still some very strong bad feelings towards Murray in this city. Do not believe what you see in the media.

RIP MJ. you are truely missed and will never be forgotten

1631 days ago
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