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Lawrence Taylor -- Pimp Supplied the Girl for Sex

5/8/2010 12:15 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0506_lawrence_taylor_EX_AP_07Lawrence Taylor is privately contradicting what his lawyer said publicly about having sex with a 16-year-old prostitute.

A source who has had direct contact with Taylor since the incident tells TMZ Taylor has acknowledged the pimp supplied the girl ... but he "honestly believed she was 19 or 21." 

Taylor's lawyer said flatly yesterday, Taylor did not have sex with the woman.

According to the source, Taylor is "devastated," insisting he's "not into the world of 16-year-olds."

Taylor is acknowledging he was with the girl but says it never dawned on him she was underage.

The source added, "He wants a lot of girls.  They don't have to be the most beautiful, but he's into quantity."

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Ignorance running rampant in here. What do you think happens when a hooker comes in to your room? A long deep "getting to know each other" conversation about her life? She knows her client doesn't want to hear some sob story about her hooker life, he's not there to counsel, and she's on the clock. She has about an hour to spend with him and she's off to the next customer. He's probably her 6th appointment that day and she still has 2 more. If she told him she's 19, he has no reason to believe otherwise. She even said she has NOTHING against him because he didn't know how old she really was and she feels he did NOTHING wrong under the cir***stances. GET IT. . .the "rape" victim says he "HE DID NOTHING WRONG". He's guilty of having consentual sex with a hooker. . .period. . .and SHE knows that SHE is the one who misrepresented herself, as she does ALL DAY, EVERY DAY. This is a personal issue he needs to take up with his wife, not the courts. It's unfortunate so many young girls are in this situation, but it's unfair to ruin his life because of her personal misfortune.

1539 days ago


OJ, LT, MJ, Tiger or Kobe. Corporate America sticks a monkey with a sh-t eating grin in front of white people and they melt. Wake up.

Shut the F** UP , those days of selective memory propaganda are gone--we have T.V now , where we all can see what every race is doing..

Charlie Sheen, Ben Rapelisberger,Jude Law,David Letterman, David Boreanez, Jesse James, Elliot Spitzer ..e.t.c , e.t.c but who cares right ? LOL

its always when a black man gets into trouble--people get all excited esp. white folks (ooh.. its all over the world news and blogs, but as soon as a white person does the same thing--You see nothing but 3 comments left on blogs , all of a sudden , you don't see white people anymore until, of course, a black person gets into trouble again..lol

Question----where do you all Go ?

BTW--i think lawrence deserves what ever comes to him--he put himself in that situation----there..

1539 days ago


He's an ******* and should be removed from the Hall of Fame and put in the same cell as O.J. and let them two become butt-****ing buddies.

1539 days ago


OJ, OJ ,OJ--OMG--shut the F** UP!! the guy is in prison , and you are still letting him win--this has nothing to do with OJ..

He's name is lawrence ... can you focus on him for 2 minutes , yeah , yeah , they are both black--but human beings tend to be different--

Jeffery D kidnapped and eat black people ,, How many times do you keep seeing black folks refer to him---every thing--oj , oj , oj , oj ,, oj ,,--is that enough for YOU..lol---Gezzzs..

1539 days ago


Doesn't matter if she said she was 56, she's 16. You are 51. You have a rap sheet that would have put any of us away for 20 years. Now you are going to pay. I just hope he's in the same cell as that low life pimp.

1539 days ago


Aficans are all like this. They would do their mothers to drop they'er rocks. They have no morals. Look at Majic(thats a stretch) Johnson.

1539 days ago

Blue Lake    

Coz he knows they got the condom he wasn't able to flush away! Now he's a rapist!

1539 days ago


Sooo..he thought she was 19 and that makes it less gross. Dirty old man,I hope he rots!

1539 days ago


"He wants a lot of girls. They don't have to be the most beautiful, but he's into quantity....5 mins with this guy is all I need..... ****ing dog! Why women would even touch him in the first place is beyond me... the only things he has going is the fact he's black and his BIG...BIG...BIG

Bank account!!

Give me a baseball bat and 5mins and I could rearange his face!!

1539 days ago


I guess LT joined the ranks of Kobe,Shaq,Tiger,Jesse, Charlie etc etc etc. Are there any men out there that are still faithful??

1539 days ago


It doesnt matter what color his skin is he's nothing but a filthy pig who deserves everything he's got coming. I'm sure he knew exactly what who & what he was doing!

1539 days ago

Rafaelle Zuccaro    

He is not into the world of 16 year olds????? Brilliant excuse, ??? BUT you are into the WORLD of ADULTERY , World of WHORES, World of Degeneracy- What else Larry??? Like most Celebs, you jerk-OFFS think you can do anything and get away with it--NO MATTER HOW DECADENT!!!!You and Sheen, Jesse ,Tiger ???

1539 days ago


yes in some ways this girl is a victim of her cir***stances. but here is what confuses me. She had a phone and the ability to text a family member after why did she not do it before. She had an uncle she felt she could turn to post rape why not turn to him when she runs away so she does not have to be a prostitute. There are alot of details missing but I think all three (pimp, lt, and minor girl) all share the blame.

1539 days ago


May be this is a trap set by pimp to make more money?. LT is thinking with his ****. get him rubber doll or a sheep.

1538 days ago


This is really SICK
I just hope that other young girl that are thinking about running read hear this story and then think twice the grass is not always greener on the other said

1538 days ago
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