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La Toya Jackson -- My Bro Was Straight

5/9/2010 2:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Apparently the spicy tuna roll fired up La Toya Jackson outside of Katsuya last night. In hushed tones, La Toya railed against Dr. Arnold Klein and alleged MJ lover Jason Pfeiffer, claiming they are lying about the reported affair.


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Linda Greatorex    

dear oh dear I am amused to all the hubbub that people that have something to say. What message does this make to the gay & lesbian community mmmmm. I love MJ but his sexuality was his business.
May be its a straight girl thing that their fantasies have been wasted in some way? Well La Toya & other members of the Jackson family has saved the day for all the straight girls fantasies. We are only human. Love MJ fan.
P.S Man what about the gold pants girls(what ever ya flavor) I had to go on MJ site yesterday & give myself a was mothers day I had to have a treat. luv yas all

1591 days ago

Linda Greatorex    

oops I have made a hash of my posts.

1591 days ago


He wasn't gay with adults.

1591 days ago



1591 days ago


Author: Linda Greatorex
Comment: dear oh dear I am amused to all the hubbub that people that have something to say. What message does this make to the gay & lesbian community mmmmm. I love MJ but his sexuality was his business.

TO linda greatorex
My King was a straight man. His sexuality has NOTHING to do with the gay and lesbian community. No messages about Michael’s sexual orientation are being sent or insinuated to or against them. Michael went on the record stating that he was straight. The Jacksons only spoke the truth regarding their loved one. Straight women know straight men. My King was a straight man. If anyone has a problem with Michael Jackson being a straight man, that’s all it is “YOUR DAMN PROBLEM!!”

1591 days ago


78. LaToya just needs to shut the fvck up. If he really wasn't gay (yeah right), then why would they even care about the stupid rumors? Posted at 1:17 PM on May 9, 2010 by Diana

TO Diana

Latoya needs to shut up with her opinion of defending her brother, but you should be allowed to have your opinion regarding what she said? Diana, this lie hurts Michael's children that's why she cares. I can't begin to imagine how their mother feels about this lying mess. its just hurtful.

1591 days ago

hay you haters you are fighting a losing battle there are more lovers than there are you losers so go and grab your high heels and your transgendered sh** and get lost I want to know where the proof is that he's a gay paedo I want some real proof what's that there is none I thought not post some real links because you haters are never going to stop us for fighting for Michael

1591 days ago


91. Posted at 3:21 PM on May 9, 2010 by mymjj5.

mymjj5...mind if I ask you something?
Can you get it through your thick skull that you need to be addressing Tell it? Those are his remarks/attitudes.
Or are you just doing this intentionally to get under my skin?
If it's the latter....stop harrassing and stalking me.

1591 days ago


Ha ha...I laugh at somebody who still believe that Michael is gay. You are really so stupid or jealous. Michael is so perfect and talented that the evils would tried their best to find anything they can to downgrade him. But ha ha...,MICHAEL, YOU ARE ALWAYS LOVED BY YOUR MILLIONS DEVOTED FANS (me included). All your hatters did and still try to do agains you MAKE US LOVE YOU MORE!!!

1591 days ago


Posted at 5:50 PM on May 9, 2010 by Tellit
Your hilarious! Poor mymjj5 looks like he is swatting flies.

1591 days ago


I think LaToya, just like any other is entitled to her own opinion. As much as some on here might not agree with her conspiracy theory, i'm sorry but that's what she beleives and can tell that, that's what she's going to stick to. Don't forget that she knew some things in his brother's life better than most of us here did. So for some to discredit her, because she once betrayed her brother, does not help much. She has her own reasons, just like any other for sticking to that conspiracy theory, and unfortunately she's not the only one. I'm sure she knows more, that we haven't heard of. Of course, i have to say, what she did back then did not help with her credibility much, whether it was true/false, worsemore the retraction move did not help either.

One other thing, LaToya has been staying out of the media circus lately, and for you to tell her to shut her mouth, after you have seen it with your own eyes that, TMZ were the ones following her. If you look at the video, you can tell that she ONLY answered what she was asked. She did not just blub, and it seems like she was not even in the mood of talking to TMZ.

Tell TMZ to stop following her and asking her questions, if you don't want to hear about her on this site.

1591 days ago


Then Why Did MJ Turn Himself Into

Perfect? Yeah A Perfect Freak
Posted at 6:03 PM on May 9, 2010 by OhWell

1591 days ago


My King
wouldn't suck my lollipop

1591 days ago


Cloner at work.

1591 days ago


MJ couldn't find a girl, so he made himself female.
He made Macaulay Culkin worship the new MJ.
"Streetwalker" heehee

1591 days ago
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