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LT Alleged Victim -- I Had No Choice

5/9/2010 12:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The 16-year-old girl who was allegedly raped by Lawrence Taylor texted her uncle for help after the alleged sexual liaison with Taylor went down.

The girl told the New York Post in frightening detail about the events that led up to her alleged encounter with Taylor. According to the Post, when she initially refused to go with her pimp, Rasheed Davis, the girl says, "He hit me in the face, so I covered my face." She then crouched down to protect herself, but "[Davis] started kicking and stomping on me."

According to the paper, the girl was told to tell Taylor her name was Carmen and she was 19 -- and this is consistent with what Taylor has been telling friends, according to TMZ.

The girl says she feared for her life if she didn't do what she was told, telling the Post, "If I didn't go through with it, [Taylor] would've called Rasheed and there would have been consequences ... God knows what would've happened if I didn't go through with it."

After the alleged incident, the girl says she texted her uncle, "Help me ... I don't want to live like this" on her way back to the Bronx.

The girl is now in foster care, the uncle told the paper, and her biological father is seeking custody.

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To Lawrence Taylor:

What is wrong with YOU not having sex with your WIFE?????????

1573 days ago


This is all bull I don't promote prostitution, but it is clear to me that this person was one. And why would you wait until you encounter with a celebrity type figure to reach out for help. This is a set-up.

1573 days ago


I agree with chynadoll42726.

The most LT should be charged with is solicitation. She told him she was 19. I'm guessing she didn't carry an ID for him to check. As a married man he was wrong to be sleeping around and I'm sure his wife will make sure he pays for that.

I also agree with James. We all have choices to make every day of our lives. Some make better choices than others. You have to take responsibility for your own choices.

1573 days ago


Why is she in foster care? Does her uncle not want to help her out? Why can't he take care of her til this is resolved?

1573 days ago


This is all bull. I don't promote prostitution, but it is clear to me that this person was one. And why would you wait until your encounter with a celebrity type figure to reach out for help. This is a set-up.

1573 days ago


tell it..
good for you for being so happy as a person.
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Who cares if you are HAPPY tell it poster?
NO ONE cares if you are happy tell it poster.
So maybe go tell your mommy on mothers day how happy you are that MJ is dead. Maybe your mommy will care how happy you are for her pushing you through her vag canal.

1573 days ago


To those who are calling this a set-up - LT wasn't forced to have sex with that little girl. He chose to do it. According to reports, she was a skinny, badly beaten little girl. Even is he was stupid enough to think she was 19 (which I'm not necessarily buying), why would he want to have sex with someone who was obviously victimized?

1573 days ago


I feel bad for LT because even though he didn't know she was a minor (she admits to telling him she was 19 because the pimp told her to, so that means LT did not order a minor prostitute or the pimp would not have made her lie to LT).

Unfortunately for LT under the law it doesn't matter whether the girl lied or not, he's guilty of statutory rape. LT had no intention of sleeping with a minor but he did and that’s a shame because he'll go to jail for it.

Athletes should do like the politicians and go to fancy escort services who hire willing adults for this kind of thing. Those escort services are hugely expensive but it beats going to jail for statutory rape.

1573 days ago


If you really read the posting, the Pimp should be charged with a crime. He assaulted, battered, and coerced/extorted a minor. LT certainly did wrong in wanting to be with a prostitute, however, the greater crime against the girl was committed by the pimp. If LT was merely a regular Joe, working in a factory or office, the world would have never heard about this case. The girl corroborates LT's story. Can TMZ make a report on whether the pimp was charged?

1573 days ago


Lawrence must be devastated knowing now that this was a kid. He really has been sentenced already. As for the teen where's her mom, since the father is now seeking custody? Her parents should also be held accountable. There are no winners in any of this and a lot of sad and devastated people involved.

1573 days ago


To those of you that have it in your little minds that she just exposed this because he was a celebrity.... Well that doesn't hold water because the damn pimp beat her ass because she didn't want to go before she even went to the stupid room ..Now think up something else to defend this s*** bag ...This poor Little girl would have called her uncle no matter who LT was ...

1573 days ago

South Beach    

Glad this led this girl into a new life, rather than an eventual early death. Age of consent varies state by state, a few are 17 and 18, most are 16. Being told a lie, being shown a fake ID doesn't matter, it's still stat rape and can land you on a state molester website FOREVER. That's a longggg time.

1573 days ago


Of course the pimp will be charged but so should LT ...

1573 days ago


Isn't it a little bit interesting that the pimp specifically told the girl to lie to LT and claim she was 19? Almost like he knew LT wouldn't sleep with an underage prostitute? As for the girl, she's old enough to walk into an emergency shelter and get help - if we can charge 11 year-olds with murder, we can hold 16 year-olds responsible for poor decisions as well.

1573 days ago


The girl's biological father is NOW seeking custody? Where has he been in this girl's life in the first place. Obviously, she didn't run away to his house.

1573 days ago
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