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LT Alleged Victim -- I Had No Choice

5/9/2010 12:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The 16-year-old girl who was allegedly raped by Lawrence Taylor texted her uncle for help after the alleged sexual liaison with Taylor went down.

The girl told the New York Post in frightening detail about the events that led up to her alleged encounter with Taylor. According to the Post, when she initially refused to go with her pimp, Rasheed Davis, the girl says, "He hit me in the face, so I covered my face." She then crouched down to protect herself, but "[Davis] started kicking and stomping on me."

According to the paper, the girl was told to tell Taylor her name was Carmen and she was 19 -- and this is consistent with what Taylor has been telling friends, according to TMZ.

The girl says she feared for her life if she didn't do what she was told, telling the Post, "If I didn't go through with it, [Taylor] would've called Rasheed and there would have been consequences ... God knows what would've happened if I didn't go through with it."

After the alleged incident, the girl says she texted her uncle, "Help me ... I don't want to live like this" on her way back to the Bronx.

The girl is now in foster care, the uncle told the paper, and her biological father is seeking custody.

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Arnie, All of your comments prove you are a misogynist (In case you don't know that big word, it means a "woman hater.") You sound like a s***bag loser and hater! You are the typical man who looks at woman as "vessels" for their sperm. Get a grip, loser!

1523 days ago


85. If women didn't have vagina's, men wouldn't give them the time of day. And that's a fact.

Posted at 1:26 PM on May 9, 2010 by Arnie

Arnie, dude, you just HATE women, don't you? Don't forget, you came from a vagina! I'm sure your Mother is proud of your nasty comments about women. But wait, you probably hate your Mommy too, don't you? In your twisted world, women are so evil. You are such a simpleton!

1523 days ago


Arnie, put the bottle down, dude! It exacerbates your anger toward women. You sound like such a hater. Ewwww.

1523 days ago


LT is guilty without a doubt. If he was not so damn coked up on the night of the alleged rape he would have clearly saw that this was a little girl in desperate need of mental help because she was forced and most importantly beaten into servicing him. Umm - why was he in a room with a little girl regardless as to whether or not she lied about her age in the first place. This coked up dude is a MARRIED man with 3 children and he been caught with a little runaway girl who just turned 16 years old. LT is nothing more but a disgrace to himself and his family. Throw this horn dog of a loser behind bars until he get his shaat together because he been slippin for a few years now. Ugggh

1523 days ago


I would be very careful about giving custody of this girl to anyone. The courts should look at the motivation of the father, since there is the possibility of a huge financial settlement. Why did she call her uncle, not her father when she needed help?

1523 days ago


Just another fine example for all the homies(LOL) to look up to. His children must be so proud.

1523 days ago


I'm confused. Rothlisberger takes advantage of drunken girls who are of age and gets off the hook even though he probably really did commit a crime. LT pays for it from a willing participant who happens to lie about her age and has said nothing that would indicate that he forced her to do anything. It was the pimp who forced her to do it. NOt LT. I've heard no reports that the alleged victim said "no". She lied and said she was of age which means LT asked how old she was. Which means he was at least making sure he wasn't about to have sex with a child. Hiring a prostitute may be immoral but that's for God to decide. The pimp is the real criminal here. Hang him, not LT.

1523 days ago


She was a prostitute. She got caught and is now crying rape.
Would she be crying rape if her uncle had not found out she was a whore? Probably not.

How many John's had she been with prior to LT? 1000? 800? It will all come out in the trial she and her lawyer hope never happens.

American's are so hung up on sex. It is not that big a deal to get all upset about. But she was a pro and therefore doesn't really have anything to say.

Its like having a race car and then complaining the engine is worn out. Well no **** it's a race car, what did you expect?

1523 days ago


I'm not comfortable with the law of statutory rape if the man clearly doesn't realize the girl is underage. But a risk you take with such prostitutes is that you don't know what kind of coercion may be involved, or if you're being told the truth. The guy does have some 'splainin' to do, though, considering the way she looked. Did he really believe she was 19? Hard to prove, but he needs to face his own conscience on that matter.

But vilifying the girl is unfair and naive - kids don't run away just to avoid chores. Runaways are more often "throwaways", often when mom gets a new boyfriend who doesn't like having the kid around or who decides to molest or rape her himself. Despite all the "don't talk to strangers" advice, kids are mostly abused in the home by people they know well. But our society is not set up for most underage kids to easily make enough legal money to live independently, so they are at great risk of getting hooked by predators like her pimp once they arrive in a city.

In any case, we have no idea what made her feel life on the streets was safer than home. We should know how easy it is to intimidate a youngster. And we do know that pimps get their hooks into kids by offering food and shelter and acting nice for a while before requiring a return on their investment. They typically start by raping the child themselves. Then threats and punishment work to mold them into compliant "workers". It's hard enough for adults to get out of abusive situations - not hard to see it's even more difficult for kids to extract themselves. Once the kid has been raped, she tends to think of herself as "damaged" anyway and other options become less imaginable (such as reaching out to family). She also figures "Who would believe me?". Considering the toxic comments I've seen here, that's an understandable fear. Just hope it never happens to somebody you care about.

1523 days ago


Poor LT, just another cheap prostitute lying about her age to make a few bucks to the detriment of a celebrity. So what's the big deal? LT didn't beat up on that bitch. Instead he gave her the pleasure of his big thingy plus 300 bucks. All should be well that ends well. But, nooooo, someone has to make a big deal out of all this and LT is the final victim of cir***stances. That litle bitch should be put away in a max security prison and service all the horny dudes there. You would think the police would spend their time chasing down psycho muslims who really want to do us harm instead of chasing stinky prostitutes and harrassing a sports celebrity who has given us great football entertainment. What is this world coming to? Holy Moly!!!

1523 days ago


Anyone know the race of that prostitute? If she is black, then no one gives a crap since that's what was expected. If she is white, then that could be a whole new ballgame and poor LT could be hung out to dry by the white prosecutors. Really hope she was a run of the mill black ho.

1523 days ago


Wow to many morons here to even bother addressing their ignorant drivel individually. LT will get what he's got coming and the pimp is going down on NY and federal charges too. Someone said if this wasn't a celebrity we wouldn't be hearing about it... well duh! They still get prosecuted just the same, it happens all the time.

1523 days ago


I'm still waiting to hear why LT flew 300 miles to have sex with this girl. I am beginning to think he may be a pedifile.

1523 days ago

The Love Sponge    

It's called linebacker love.

1523 days ago


a young girl who was trafficked is a victim i cannot believe how ignorant some people are, after reading the comments on here no wonder our world is f***** up. such small minded no hopers seem to be the majority of regulars who comment on here

1523 days ago
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