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Miss USA

Is There Such a Thing

as Too Sexy?

5/9/2010 4:40 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The Miss USA Pageant is being called into question by some of their most loyal fans for posting photos some think are too risqué -- but the pageant feels they are "tasteful and very sexy."


A rep for the pageant tells TMZ they have been fielding tons of calls, calling them out for the provocative pics. The pageant tells us, "You can have brains and be smart and still be sexy."

The Miss USA 2010 pageant airs Sunday May 16 at 7:00 PM on NBC.

Don't miss all the brains.


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If you don't mind pageant contenders being depicted as sl*ts and whores...these pics are fine.
Dump Trump.

1536 days ago


I do not have any doubt that these girls are smart and intelligent as well as beautiful, but these photos make people think that they are just a piece of meat or employed by an escort service. These photos cheapen these women and for that Trump is to blame and he takes Prejean's title away for photos not nearly as disgusting as these are. Talk about double standards.

1536 days ago


Hello...the Miss USA pageant has ALWAYS been the one with T&A, there's no brains needed in this's all about the prizes, NONE of which are scholarships, etc. like Miss America. People, you really need to lighten up...these are not future SC justices or anything like that...

1536 days ago

Jerry Jouches    

Donald Trump I would be ashamed of myself and all of you young lades competing --Should just have said NO when ask to pose for these pictures. What would they have done to you if as a collective body you all had refused --Canceled the Miss USA Pageant --I don't think so. I am from West Virginia and Miss West Virginia you look like street trash. I am ashamed for my entire state.Please take yourself off of facebook!!!!--You are not the innocent little thing you make yourself out to be. The fact is you are acting like a complete slut!!!!-Unkind word huh? --Do you deserve any better --Try competeing in the Miss America System--You couldn't get to first base with your fat little chubby legs,I think I will send your photo to the King of Porn --Mr. Sean Michaels --He should have a job for you after you lose this low class event they call a beauty pageant!!!

1536 days ago


Miss Indiana looked great, she was more covered up then the rest of the contestants, it was a really beautiful shot!

1536 days ago


I usually don't say this kind of stuff-but even as a women-I think they are absolutely beautiful. I think they are tastefully done and think that they are just fine. I wish I looked half that good! I'm not gonna hate on this one folks. I don't think any of them look one bit slutty at all. I think most of the hate is coming from women who wish they looked this good. Come on now-be honest!!!!

I have seen way worse of younger girls who are supposed to be role models for our kids.

1536 days ago


The funny thing is... that every contestent is already wearing less than what's in these pics during the swimsuit portion anyway. Don't get the uprising over these pics. What a bunch of hypocritical conservatives! Let the women be sexy. Its a beauty contest after all!

1536 days ago


>You can have brains and be smart and still be sexy<
Yeah, duh, but the 'pagent' isn't a Victoria's Secret commercial. There's a time and a place for everything, and this is the worst thing they could do to the pagent right now considering what young women are up against today. (I have 2 teen girls) I wonder if they allowed the use of photoshop? Gee, any guesses there?? What a crock.

1536 days ago


Most of these girls are realy plain and boring and only go picked because their "daddy or mommy"knew someone. No one respect this junk any more.
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Tiffany's place

1536 days ago


Miss USA pageant is the pimp for these girls. If they have photos on their own of this tpye its "wrong" but if the pageant publishes these and exploits to gain press and money then its "right". Corporate hypocrisy raises its head again!
These girls are very sexy with or without half nude photos. If they want to publish these type photos on their own for personal benefit they should be allowed. They shouldn't have to reveal themselves for the pageant though.

1536 days ago


Give me, and them, a break. Nudity...whose eyes saw that?! A Victoria's Secret show OR commercial on TV is equal, or skimpier, than these photos!!! What a lot of malarky over NOTHING! Nice, sexy pictures equal to Maxim, etc. After all, these girls/women ARE MODELS...they are expected to pose in sexy attire.

1536 days ago

Todd Thralls    

These girls are classless --- What are your parents thinking did they spend thousands of dallors to get you to this level in this pageant and have them be slapped in the face by slutty looking picture --I have not seen any post from parents of these girls--They must be shocked if they are being honest.Someone left a comment that you all should have decided together you were not going to cheap'n yourselves and told pageant people you would not pose for these type of pictures.That was a very good point. --You could have said the hell with contracts --Yes they still would have had a Miss Usa minus this soft porn photo contest!!!!

1536 days ago


They are beautiful pictures, but I am sure the majority of the women were coerced into posing in order to remain competitive, so it smacks of exploitation. I can only imagine the faces of some the state directors at Miss USA, they must have been falling over themselves to call Trump personally over these "sexy" images, particularly in the South, where are pageants are almost a religion and a family-oriented affair. The black and white pictures are reminiscent of the 50's Bettie Page pin-ups, and those ventured deep into over the top territory, whereas this is merely tacky and exploitative to sell the pageant, much like in the 80s and 90s when Mr. Trump owned the Miss Hawaiian Tropic pageant, and the majority of those "ladies" ended up at Playboy. The picture of Samantha Casey, which accompanies this article, is really the best of the lot. She looks to have made the best of an impossible situation, yet remaining playful and fun.

1536 days ago


who are you people to judge you know these girls? I am from NE and I am proud to say that Miss Nebraska comes from the rural country where I grew up. and for the person making the parent comment just a little fyi Miss Nebraska's father was killed in a farming accident on friday. Our communties all support Belinda on her journey as she is dedicating her performance to her father. GO BELINDA!!!!!

1536 days ago


The primetime flesh parade is around the corner again,I see. Must be the beginning of TV Sweeps Week....So be it. Let's see all that abundant 'talent' that one might not otherwise experience outside of a strip club-but this time,for FREE!

1536 days ago
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