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Tiger Woods Pulls Out of TPC

5/9/2010 12:28 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Tiger Woods withdrew from The Players Championship in the middle of his round today, citing a neck injury.

Woods was on the seventh hole when he hit a tee shot well to the right. He called over an official and proceeded to hit his next shot -- but grimaced in pain.

He shook hands with his playing partner, Jason Bohn, before leaving on a golf cart (above).

Woods said he fears he might have a bulging disk in his upper back.

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Why are people so mean! Did anybody walk in Tiger Woods or for that matter Michael Jacksons shoe. Unless you were right there seen it with your own eyes what or who gives anyone the right to be so nasty to people my god are people just hung-up on being mean to others. Dont you think we have enough bad things in this country? Bombings, every single day a little child is kidnapped raped, murder and thrown out like trash! Turn all the nasty stuff into good. Michael Jackson was one of the greatest singer, song writers, and even dancer of his time. He gave to all of different Organations over the years. He died at the hands of another.
Tiger Woods start golfing at 3 look what that man has done for golf! More young children starting playing golf than ever before, taking golf up in my eyes is better than the drugs, gangs, and god know whatever else is out there. Tiger Woods started Founations to help children, to give them something they might not ever been able to have. Yes he made mistakes. You tell me one that hasnt made mistakes. We dont live in his world, house or even walk in the same area as he has. Now please forgive me if there is someone here that walks in those areas with him. But if you fight with your spouse do you really want the news to get it? If your spouse had affair do you want your neighbors to know much less oh lets as your place of work to know. Would you leave that person? Who know unless it happen to you. Please for the problems we have in this country can't anyone find it in their hearts to look at this as a couple with whatever. Do we even know whats going on really? I dont think so, Is it our right to bad mouth another human being about something we know nothing about? I am not preaching here Iam just trying to understand why would people, strangers want to be mean to another human being that has done nothing to others only to himself, wife and yes they have children but really everyone dont you think that the parent made sure those children were not told this stuff that flys in the paper, TV. Kids that age have one thing on their minds play & eat.
It breaks my heart to know that with alot of work from many we might be able to help a child from harm if some of this type of venting was put to good use. One help change the law on child abuse. In some states death of a child in a home with abused parents they dont get death. Just example there are so many other things to vent about or take it some good. This is helping anyone well I guess the person that writing it. I didnt live with either person here but I have enjoyed MJ music and watched him growup. I dont know what he did or didnt do. Tiger we really dont know what his relationship to his wife is. Hell maybe the two of them had agreement of sorts just dont get caught, I dont know again not living with someone how would one know for a fact! Think about as just a human being just for a minute. Dont look at anything else what do you know for a fact you that wrote I glad MJ is dead your facts? The person that wants pain on Tiger your facts? Maybe you lived with them or knew them? Then you would know things that you seen. I am just wanting people to look at the whole thats all the mean stuff is how people end up hurting others that all. The girl that was killed back east last week they say her boyfreind did it sounded like a mean person. Thank you for letting me post I do come here and read I have never posted before. This time I just didnt like how mean human being were sounding thats all. That that venting to John Walsh site read about the mean people there that kill people then there where the mean venting can come in as soon as you read about what is done to a 5year old little girl.

1631 days ago


That's called `````````` KARMA!! What goes around ```````````` comes back around!! HOLLA!!

1631 days ago


Let's face it...the sponsors that decided to keep him are not gonna like him following up what he did to his wife and kids by not playing good anymore...so he's gonna blame an injury for the time being so he can milk the sponsors a little longer while he comes up with what hopefully is a good plan B...this is the karma he brought upon himself by what he has done...good thing Elin bought that house for herself and the kids...she deserves way better and hopefully she'll get it along with half her soon to be ex husbands fortune...she should've divorced him before he spent all those millions he did to shut up the tramps...she would've gotten alot more!!!

1631 days ago


Karma baby. Yes! What is the name for what I'm experiencing at this moment? Oh I know, shadenfreude!

I'm laughing my a.s.s. off. It couldn't happen to a more arrogant prick, than Tiger Woods. This ugly, bulbous, serial philanderer deserves every bit of this comeuppance.

1631 days ago


What a loser this skank is? Injury my arse!

1631 days ago


oh poor baby...

check in again to rehab *******.


1631 days ago

South Beach    

10 under the leader and couldn't take it anymore is more like it. What's wrong big T, karma getting you down? Hell man, it's just getting started! Strap in for a wild ride MF. You've got a lot to work off!

1631 days ago


Hey Tiger, don't cry, whine, and pout. If you really believed in Buddhism, you would know that everything is temporary ..... including fame, so you'd be able to handle it with grace. You'd also know that having a huge ego is a big No-No with Buddhists, and that hurting your wife by committing adultery and breaking up your marriage over porn stars, prostitutes, etc. will bring bad karma to you.

1631 days ago


What an utter and complete joke ! ... We're supposed to believe this pathological liar ? Yeah right ! ... Like when he played on that "double-fractured" tibia at the US Open ... This entire Tiger business is now becoming comical.

1631 days ago


Sounds like Tiger better start letting his ho's get on top.

1631 days ago


Tiger pulls out of TPC? Who's TPC? Topless Party Chick?

1631 days ago


#62 Blomfeldt, so Tiger wants us to think he's some kind of super hero who played golf with a double tibia fracture?? I had a double tibia fracture, and there's no way a person is going to engage in any kind of sport because of the pain involved in the leg.

I think he's just spoiled and unhappy because of his bad performances lately, so he decided to make up an excuse since he knows he's going to lose. Some "athlete". haha

1631 days ago


Keep dreaming, *******s. Love that TW is hurt? How pathetic is that!!!

White people: no wonder the world hates your asses!!!

1631 days ago


looks like someone is gonna have an excuse to call the dr for more pain meds..........

1631 days ago


Look at his sorry face. This guy needs to grow up. He acts like a 3 year old. Stupid *******.
He should disappear forever. We don't want to see his UGLY nasty dirty face anymore. He's a disgrace to the game of golf, a disgrace to the decent people who have values and morals.
He thought by coming back to golf everybody will forgive and forget. Not everybody is as stupid as your stupid cheerleaders Mr Cheetah.

1631 days ago
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