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Tiger Woods Pulls Out of TPC

5/9/2010 12:28 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Tiger Woods withdrew from The Players Championship in the middle of his round today, citing a neck injury.

Woods was on the seventh hole when he hit a tee shot well to the right. He called over an official and proceeded to hit his next shot -- but grimaced in pain.

He shook hands with his playing partner, Jason Bohn, before leaving on a golf cart (above).

Woods said he fears he might have a bulging disk in his upper back.

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No Avatar


Poor Tiger!!
He is just sad because he lost his mojo 4 sleeping with all those ho-jos.

1566 days ago


You people are great, and all my belly laughs make me feel great!!
so true every word! . Remember he's a product of his environment,
His role models! He is living what he learned.Hid dad was immoral, parents have to take some blame, like b spears porno dancer, like Madonna, disgusting pigs. parents who destroyed her into a rich porno sex slut, mentally damaged , Sad very Sad What a wasted life by mommy and drunken loser daddy Oh Well that's show biz. Thank God were not all fools and demand respect for a roi as you can see, we got, ty lee

formour $ and intelligences and principlas

Oh well THaty show Vb

1566 days ago


I think 2010 is going to be dismal for this man professionally. He's bogged down in crap personally for the next 2 or so years and it's going to show in his game. There is more than just simply sorry, come and watch me win at golf thingy.

1566 days ago


If I can't win, I'm taking my marbles and going home to my Billion Dollars.

What a quitter - He could never make it in the real world.

A disgrace to his family, his sponsors, his fans and to himself!

What a punk.

1566 days ago


Woods said his neck has been bothering him for awhile now, since before the Masters. Notice he has an excuse for his poor performances all the time now? And why didn't he wear a neck brace if it's been bothering him?? It became a pain in the neck to the spoiled sore loser when he knew he couldn't win. Of course he will get his sponsors and the doctors to release a statement concerning the bulging disc, herniated disc, pinched nerve, whatever. Eighty and ninety-year-old men get out and play golf with arthritis, but Tiger can't play? Give me a break. This man has been spoiled all his life. If things don't go his way, he quits.

1566 days ago


Nov. 2009 crash accident in SUV with ambien, etc...has come back to haunt Tiger. Time to see a chiropractor and a psychiatrist.

1566 days ago


May this lying, gutless turd's career be over.

1566 days ago


I have a bulging DISK in my neck and I can't even afford the $700 doctor fee to have the damn MRI read! Plenty of other people can't even afford the X-rays much less MRI. Feel sorry for us, not some overpaid jock who can't keep his **** in his pants.

1566 days ago

PolarBear Is Retarded    

PolarBear, nobody cares if your stupid ass wears Nike! You are not the target they're going after you stupid fat idiotic fool! Kids that wear Nike will continue to buy Nike. Tiger Woods isn't the only athlete to endorse Nike you dunce! Should all of the other athletes stop endorsing Nike because Tiger does? You can rant all you want, you just don't matter to the corporate world. You're just another loser that needs something to be mad about. Sometimes a person needs to be big enough to see just how small they are!!!!!

1566 days ago


Yeah I mispell shut your punkass know what I mean.

1566 days ago


ONE WORD-----****

1566 days ago


he he -- dude starts losing and walks off the course. What a poor sport. Couldn't take the heckling either I guess. Poor tiger...

1566 days ago

your not all that    

Convienient Tiger. He must have pulled a muscle trying to catch a gliompse of the ass on that 17 year old waitress at dinner the night before. KARMA is a BIT(H Tiger and shes got your number.....along with every porn star and waitress in north America...

1566 days ago

No Comment    

Sounds to me like he is using this as an excuse for his poor playing. Even if it is true, no sympathy here.

1566 days ago


I hope he's gone for the year, so I can again enjoy golf without the the Tiger circus. He's a poor excuse of a role model,he's just a circus act on the course. With him gone the T.V anouncers can spend some time showing us good golf and get away from the baby, lieing circus act known as Tiger Woods.He was a clown when he won and spoiled little cry baby when he lost. Golf has been a game of class and etiquet, not the circus Tiger brought to the game. Respect the game like former champions ie: Arnold Palmer, Jack Nicklous, Sam Sneed, Ben Hogen not like the direspectfull,cry baby spioled rotten brat know as Tiger Woods!!!

1566 days ago
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