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Tom Cruise

Betrayed by Scientology?

5/9/2010 12:15 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Tom Cruise was secretly videotaped as he spilled his guts in Scientology confessional sessions, and those tapes became fodder for Scientology cocktail party humor ... this according to a high-profile and former high-level member of Scientology.

Mark Rathbun says in his blog, he recorded Cruise during the confessional sessions and Scientology guru David Miscavige read the transcripts at parties, "joking and laughing" at them.

Rathbun says the video was "well-concealed" in the VIP auditing room, per orders of Miscavige. Rathbun says Miscavige ordered him to prepare transcripts of the sessions. Then, according to Rathbun, Miscavige would hold late night whiskey parties, reading the transcripts and laughing out loud.

The nature of Tom's alleged confessions were not disclosed.


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LMAO..Scientology, Christianity, Islam all just ideology for WEEK peole who cant deal with the tragedies of this life!! Jesus coming back on a cloud?? LMAO

1606 days ago


GREAT JOB!! SLUTTY WHORES ROCK!! Keep up the comments on big jerk Tom Cruise. Gee, hard to believe he was idolized at one time.

1606 days ago


I'm so sorry that you had to find out in such a public manner that "Man Made" church of any sort can not be trusted with your life. By nature Man is flawed and any and all private thoughts are fair game for ridicule. I feel it is despicable behavior for any group that claims to help people in any way, especially after all you have done for their sorry ass cause. I know there are many other actors involved with them that contribute and I hope there is someway to keep them from doing the same to others in their care. I wonder if these people would be able to hold their heads up under the same ridicule and invasion of their most private thoughts. I neither trust nor confide in any "Mad Made Religion" of any kind because at the end of the day they are just men. Good Luck Tom. . . I'm still a Fan of you and your life, Live it with Passion!

1606 days ago


Tom Cruise is a FREAK! It seems as if everyone BUT him knows he's gay! Poor Katie and that Chinese baby Suri - living a life of lies to help TC cover up his gay life style!

Tom should just face the facts that Scientology is just a sham and he's just a dumbass for believing in it! Maybe Katie got knocked up by one of those "aliens" the Scientologists seem to believe in!

1606 days ago


lmao, these are adults that believe in a master alien - enough said...TC probably admitted to liking balls and pink shoes

1606 days ago


When is this powder keg finaaly gonna blow?

1606 days ago


Cold. Just cold.
I'm not particularly a Tom Cruise fan, and I'm certainly not a Scientology fan....but every human being has the right to some privacy, especially at this level.
I hope Tom sues and wins.

1606 days ago


Rathbun is really asking for it. He should be institutionalized.

1606 days ago


@124 Slutty Whores Rock: Scientology is not banned in Germany, but it's under surveillance by the internal security services. In other words, Scientology is considered a threat akin to neo-Nazism and Islamist radicalism - and rightly so. It is a master race ideology, but instead of the typical races it operates with Scientologists as the superior race to rule or exterminate the rest of us.

@130 Louanne: Asking for what? He's not revealing any of Tom's secrets, now is he? That's David Miscavige's job, it seems.

1606 days ago

Brendan Loonam    

That story just tore the last shred of credibility that Scientology was hanging on to. They had better do some major reparation work if they are going to be able to sell it again. The last straw, of course, was the drunken Frat Boys, laughing at parties, denigrating their most celebrated member. Disgraceful!

1606 days ago

Mary McC    

But will Tom Cruise wake up and do something about it? Unfortunately, probably not. The fact is that in Scientology, one's confessions are never kept secret as promised. Every bit of information, private or otherwise, is used to control and manipulate the member, particularly celebrity members, into giving more money, time or attention to scientology. I know because I used to be a member and worked with Celebrity Center International to help in the 'recovery and repair' those who were falling off the scientology bandwagon. I was given whatever information I needed to do my job, including confessional and financial information.

1606 days ago


Aside from any questions of Cruise's sexuality or poor acting, I think he's an inarticulate dimwit who believes he is actually erudite, and he proves it every time he opens his mouth.

1606 days ago

Jeannie Usborne    

You think that is bad? Look at who the Church selected to be his auditor:

If that was what they chose for Tom Cruise what can the rest of us expect?

Do you actually know who is auditing you? How creepy! Then they have secret recordings? How creepy!

1605 days ago


Have fun:

1604 days ago


@Jeannie Usborne
Apparently Miscaivge thought Marty Rathbun was one of the best auditors and handlers he had available - enough so to turn him lose on his best "friend" Tom Cruise, so it's quite silly to see how Scientology now turns around to attack Rathbun.
By the way, happy Staturday "Jeannine". Will the diet this weekend consist of rice and beans, or will it be decent food? Quick, got to post some more comments on four day old news stories to get OSA Int's stats up. It's not 2 PM yet.

1603 days ago
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