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Alexis Neiers

Cops Deal,

Gets Jail Time

5/10/2010 1:59 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Alexis Neiers just got 180 days in jail for her role in the Burglar Bunch crimes.

Neiers pled no contest and was also placed on three years felony probation and ordered to stay away from Orlando Bloom's home.

Neiers was accused of stealing nearly $600,000 worth of stuff from Bloom -- a hearing was set for a later date to determine how much restitution she must pay.

The "Pretty Wild" star was ordered to surrender by June 24.

UPDATE: According to court documents, the property stolen from Orlando's home includes 5 Rolex watches worth $450,000 total, a $20,000 ring, two paintings worth $25,000 total and $4,000 in cash.


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Wonder if they'll let her have her Adderol in jail?

1538 days ago


why doesnt she go right into the come she gets to party until june 23rd..that doesnt sound right

1538 days ago


I guess the new age mama couldn't get her BRAT kid out of jail time~~~hooooooooooooray!!!! This BRAT IS just that a damn BRAT!! Plezzzzzzz get these BRAT witches + their mama OFF TV!!!! Yep, I guess the lawyer Rubie wanted his 13 minutes of TV time!! Let's PRAY that this BRAT witch isn't in 'n out of jail w/in 64 minutes!!!!!!

1538 days ago



If that had been a Black person they would have THROWN THE BOOK AT THEM....

FELONY Breaking and entering and theft in Multiple homes...receiving stolen property, etc, etc....


White Kids can do ANYTHING.......and they will.

1538 days ago


Shame on E! and Chelsea Handler for producing that skanky show with freaky, narcissist mother and "The Secret" while showcasing this crook and her lawyer. They made a mockery of the law, if this was your kid or mine..they would be serving a lot more then 180 days. NO...your kid or mine, knows better then to live in a fantasy world stealing from celebs!

1538 days ago


peachyintn said..

32. Wonder if they'll let her have her Adderol in jail?

Excellent point...since "Mommy" shoved that stuff down their throats, maybe the jailers will allow Mommy to dose her everyday. Gees-Louise. haha

1538 days ago


Its hard to feel sorry for a theif who was already blessed and living a privledged life. However I do feel a tiny bit sorry for her, if you've ever watched the show you all know what a spacy idiot her mother is. The mom is sooooo in left field that its ridiculous. That being said this girl was definitely old enough to know that breaking into someone elses home and stealing their belongings is wrong so I hope this teaches her a much needed lesson. Now maybe she'll be able to truly appreciate how lucky she already is.

1538 days ago


I wonder if Vivid will try to hire her...

Possible titles: Beverly Hills Behind Bars - Teen B&E Queen - Neiersly Caught, Red Handed

1538 days ago


To all you E channel and Chelsea Handler haters, STOP WATCHING! You're just mad because they saw a product that would sell and they were right. Trash sells, hello people where have you been. If you don't like it flip to one of the other 100's of channels on your cable box.

1538 days ago


@21 by moi, ur right. this bitch won't do any jail time at all, she is laughing, because she got away with, she coped a deal al-right by grassing up the others so that she doesn't do any jail time, but they are saying she is doing jail time, to make it look good. @ 10, by dz, they started filming this thieving bitch after she robbed those houses not b4, otherwise what would be the point of the show.

1538 days ago


thats why i refuse to watch that show "pretty wild". first of all not one of those girls is all that pretty. second, why would i watch a show that rewards this girl for being a felon?? it makes no sense and when E! reported that she had role in the felony burglaries why would they reward her for it by continuing on with the show? they should have pulled the plug on it and showed that selfish whiny bitch for every action there is a consequence. i dont feel bad for her, she should have gotten way more time. for the rest of life she will be labeled a theif and no one will ever fully trust her.

1538 days ago


Breaking and entering + $60...0k in stolen goods = 180 days?
WOW! The cops would have beat me like Rodney King and jailed me for at least 5 yrs.

1538 days ago


Here's here MySpace page. I guess wannabe Buddhists have no morals. First Tiger Woods, now her.

1538 days ago


These chicks are the BIGGEST LOSERS I have ever seen!

1538 days ago


and so it is...

1538 days ago
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