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Alexis Neiers

Cops Deal,

Gets Jail Time

5/10/2010 1:59 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Alexis Neiers just got 180 days in jail for her role in the Burglar Bunch crimes.

Neiers pled no contest and was also placed on three years felony probation and ordered to stay away from Orlando Bloom's home.

Neiers was accused of stealing nearly $600,000 worth of stuff from Bloom -- a hearing was set for a later date to determine how much restitution she must pay.

The "Pretty Wild" star was ordered to surrender by June 24.

UPDATE: According to court documents, the property stolen from Orlando's home includes 5 Rolex watches worth $450,000 total, a $20,000 ring, two paintings worth $25,000 total and $4,000 in cash.


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BOO HOOO HOO!! poor little rich girl! they ought to stick that mother in their with her and make her do time for raising such a loser too!!! what would one expect though after seeing what their mother allows on the s*** for brains show!!!

1523 days ago

Miss Miri    

This is no way fair, not at all. How much time would a regular person get? I saw a preview the other day with the mom crying saying how she felt like she was a bad mother - um, ya think? You whore out your daughters and they have ZERO respect for you. I would think that amounts to failure as a parent.

1523 days ago


most of these "reality" shows are lame, but I can usually find something good about the people in it. Even the Kardashians have their likable moments. But the 2 times I've sat through this show, I've found not one redeeming quality in any of these people. Maybe the younger girl, who seems to be more mature than the 2 oldest and their enabler mom, but these girls are horribly spoiled, self-centered and have no sense of reality. E hit rock bottom with this horrible show.

1523 days ago

Steeler Nation    

I hope she spends every minute of the 6 months in jail. Can't stand her or her mother....what a stupid show. Hope it goes off the air and they all go aways.

Wonder if her mom will say "and so it is" now? git!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1523 days ago


gotcha bitch! haaaaa

1523 days ago


"and so it is....." as they say!

1523 days ago

Bobby Joe    

I got $5 that says she doesn't leave jail with all the teeth she went in with.

1523 days ago

Buh Bye Alexis!    

I hope they DRUG TEST this little **** during her probation!!!

1523 days ago


Awesome... so video proof she broke into someone's home, stole their property, and had stolen property in her closet.. and she gets sentenced to 180 days in "JAIL".... NOT "PRISON"...

I'm not an expert but from what I've seen, anyone who goes to County Jail for a non-violent crime ends up doing like 10% of their time if even that much, because of the over-crowded-ness of the jail system. So she'll probably do 18 days in Jail and then get processed out? Wonderful...

"And the 1st person voted off of Felony-Burglary Island....Alexis Neiers... come put out your torch and pickup your get out of jail free card." Then comes the book deal, movie deal, and much, much more you cute, sexy thing!!!

I'm not one to want people to suffer but come on.. this is such joke compared to what other people would get for doing the same thing. And this was organized crime not a random one shot deal committed by one person who's financial situation sucks.

I guarantee the E Channel won't have to wait more than a couple weeks before she's out and they can resume filming her TV show.

1523 days ago


That Stupid Whore should have got 180 Years

1523 days ago


That bitch got off easy- Orlando must be pissed. I would be asking for a pound of flesh.

1523 days ago


The probation time is a done deal. Jail time...she'll be out in less than a week, due to overcrowding and a first time offense.

1523 days ago


She got off easy. Then again, depends on where they send her.

1523 days ago


6 months in CJ ... means she gets cut loose in 3 because of overcrowding ... bitch got off easy for stealin' 600K

1523 days ago


Any earnings from E! and any future book or movie deal based off these s*** criminal activity should go to a restitution fund for the victims of the burglary. These folks in NO WAY should profit from their crimes. Thanks E! for endorsing criminals on your network...jeez.

1523 days ago
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