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Dr. Murray May Ask to Delay Preliminary Hearing

5/10/2010 7:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Dr. Conrad Murray's legal team claims it may not be ready for the preliminary hearing setting next month, because they still have not received the full criminal file on the Michael Jackson manslaughter case.

Miranda Sevcik, spokesperson for Murray's lawyer, Ed Chernoff, tells TMZ they have only received 3,500 pages of discovery.  Sevcik cites a news report in which the D.A.'s office claims it has "hundreds of thousands of pages of material." 

But a D.A. spokesperson told TMZ on Friday that the statement that there were "hundreds of thousands" of pages was their error ... and in fact there are only  "thousands of pages" and the defense has received "the bulk of it."

Sevcik's response ... "It's odd. It seems like an awfully big miscalculation."  

Sevcik says if the defense team does not get all the docs soon, they may ask to delay the preliminary hearing setting -- set for June 14.


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Steven Spielberg: "Michael Jackson is one of the few innocents in the world."

We love you Michael!

1626 days ago


20. Barbie,

Your post about drug addiction is not necessarily accurate in all cases. Perhaps you might not fully understand it unless you have lived it. I have. No, I never stomped on my mother, I never stole anything from anyone, I never abused my children, & I certainly never considered 'killing anyone'. Was I not always 'emotionally available' to them-that is true. I have made my amends to my son & my daughter has never known me as an active addict fortunately as I was in recovery by the time she was conceived. My children & family were ALWAYS the most important thing to me, however, the disease of addiction is just that powerful & WILL wreck families & destroy lives if left untreated.

People are angry Barbie & if they can come here & work out their grief on a message board then at least they have that forum in which to do it. It doesn't mean they are going to go out & 'hurt' Conrad Murray. Try to have some compassion.

Posted at 3:40 AM on May 10, 2010 by janalal4

janala14---While I do appreciate your candor and honesty you of all people should understand the addiction. I'm a recovering alcoholic, haven't touched a drink since 1988.

When I stated a drug addict would kill or stomp on their mother for their next fix I didn't mean that literally, I meant it metophorically. Meaning its that important to the person to have that drug at any cost.

I have 3 sisters and one brother who are in active addiction to drugs. I am the only one who drank and there's a grand canyon difference between what drunks and drug addicts will do for that drink or drug. HUGE difference.

What you said here is that you were a functional addict, so are my sisters and brother. They get up everyday go to work, pick up their kids from school. So yes I understand where your coming from. But from your own life experience in addiction and in recovery you've heard all the stories, you've seen what the addiction does to those who are consumed by it. So my statements or opinions are no different than yours.

You proved my point by saying you made amends to your son and that your daughter never saw you in active addiction. Same holds true for me, my oldest son was 8 when I stopped drinking, my youngest was 3. They are now 29 and 24.

Why have to make amends if you didn't do damage to your kids. You should know the damage addicts create and thats what Michael Jackson did to.

As I stated he loved his children as much as an active addict can love. Meaning all the children's needs were met, but he was in active addiction, he had drugs all over his house, he even went so far as to have Dr. Murray in his house injecting him with IV's of a dangerous drug.

So answer this....Would a loving father have his children surrounded by all the pills, IV's ?? No ! He drugs came first no doubt.

My mother may she rest in peace had to sleep with her pocketbook under her pillow because of her children's addictions. Since I was the alcoholic I didn't need to rob anyone either. I could just go to the local liquor store and make my purchase. I had a great career, got up every morning, did all the things a mother should do. But I also had the plans made up in my head about when I would be able to get that next drink.

Michael Jackson was never 100% there for his children, he was high or going to all his doctors so he could get the drugs he needed to get high. What you said and I what I said are exactly the same, only difference is, is the way that we said it !!!!

1626 days ago


# Sue from Tampa

You´re really a pathetic individual with a very poor vocabulary....too sad!
Hopefully you know the meaning of the words, you used to blame Michael Jackson, but I strongly doubt it!
And if you think, you provoked someone here, I can assure you, it´s not like that. You only proved, what a hateful and paltry person you are, my deepest empathy your way!
Love is the way!

1626 days ago


That is a huge difference in volume & the 'bulk' of it is not 'all' of it.
Whatever happened, only MJ and he know, the guy is entitled to a fair trial.
@MJ is the Greatest of all: I'd almost dress up in a Dr. Murray suit and come find you. You are an idiot.

1626 days ago


Sue from Tampon-

When I'm in California next month, I'm going to poop on his grave. I'm not kidding, I really am.

Posted at 5:37 AM on May 10, 2010 by Sue from Tampa

Antwone would rather eat your turds, he enjoys that, he and Trish have it for breakfast everyday. So why don't u crap on him and you and Trish can enjoy.

Unplug yourself ALF, I mean Sue from Tampon.

1626 days ago


They probably need more time to try to come up with a plausible story because they know right now there really isn't a way out.

And to the person talking about "innocent before proven guilty"....yes, that's true. HOWEVER....fact is that Dr. Murray HIMSELF admitted he gave MJ Propofol. He HIMSELF said he left MJ alone. It is do***ented on the 911 call that Dr. Murray gave CPR ON THE BED and Dr. Murray's OWN LAWYER also admitted that. And that same lawyer also said on TV that "after a while" Murray ran to get help. So I personally am only judging Murray based on what HE HIMSELF has admitted of doing. And I am horrified by all that. I am a nurse anesthetist myself and to hear a DOCTOR treat a patient so recklessly is just absolutely horrifying and disgusting to me. MJ really had no chance in Murray's hands. Murray obviously didn't inform himself about Propofol before giving it to MJ. Murray obviously didn't make sure he has the proper equipment for monitoring a patient. Murray obviously can't give proper CPR which is FRIGHTENING concidering he is a CARDIOLOGIST. Murray obviously can't judge what is a real medical emergency and what is not, which is scary. So, innocent before proven quilty...yeah, sure. But looking at all the medical facts in this case Murray did not do ONE THING correctly, which is why Michael Jackson unfortunately had to die and had no chance of surviving in Murray's hands. And it would be scary to know a doctor could cause another person's death with his very obvious reckless behaviour without any concequences.

1626 days ago


46. Interesting, the same people, who say, they love MJ, blame Dr. Murray BEFORE he´s getting a fair trial. They call him murderer and some more really bad things.....never forget, innocent until proven guilty!
Why does that remind me of the wellknown 2005 trial???
Think twice, look at the allegedly evidences, and then you´re able to judge!

Posted at 6:05 AM on May 10, 2010 by Chris

You must be Murray's left Nut, lights on but no one is home I guess. Where have you been? Self Admission plain and simple, no one is judging!

1626 days ago


How could a well-educated, intelligent cardiologist NOT know what he is doing? Too many mistakes were made here for such an intelligent man. And if he is so "intelligent", why didn't he refuse to administer the propofol like the other intelligent doctors. Doctors like this need to be held accountable for their actions. We lost a life because of this person whether MJ asked for it or not.

1626 days ago

MJP 1221    

While I don't think it's good to jump to any conclusion about guilt or innocense, i think it's very important that this trial get the full media eye. After all of these hollywood overdoses, trials for those who enable them may be the only way to make it clear that celebrities are not above the law. Really, celebrity deaths are just the tip of the iceburg with the celeb entourage society- they are abusing the law in so many other ways- just look at Anna Nicole Smith and what her entourge enabled her to do (i.e. 15 years of completely frivolous which not only took any money that she may have had, but bilked the american public out of judicial resources). Bottom line, something has to change, and this is a great place to start.

1626 days ago


The illuminati did this!

1626 days ago


Unplug yourself ALF, I mean Sue from Tampon.

Posted at 6:57 AM on May 10, 2010 by Grump

Sue from Tampa is a fan and would never write such trash about MJ, his family or his fans. If you have been here a while you should know that. If not, consider yourself educated on who she is now. She is one of the sweetest, kindest people on this board and the cloners attack her mercilessly; why I do not know.

She is not OhWell, Alf, or any other number of names you wish to call her. She is an innocent victim of the idiotic cloners.

1626 days ago


I am one of those people who wonder why so much Michael Jackson?
I'm not a Hoaxter like piano games or all the others Harvey what the ****?

1626 days ago

janicebyrne more delays. It's been nearly a year since he killed his patient and it's now time he faced the music.

1626 days ago


66. EXCLUSIVE TMZ READERS ONLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
At 5:00 pm this evening Monday May 10th Michael Jackson will be beaming a special messege to his fans .....
You must wrap your head in FOIL and stand on any street corner to recieve this messege....He is alive and well and will be returning soon...

Posted at 6:38 AM on May 10, 2010 by electriczipper

Aww.. pal it's okay , got that zipper too tight? Is that what this haters are telling you to do? Let me guess it was Oh Well who came up with that idea.

Stop your crap morons, you're playing around with someone who passed, no ****ing RESPECT!

1626 days ago


of course he is a coward, he is going to jail and of course he doesnt want o go to court, he knows in his dark heart that he murdered someone and jail is wherehe is going,, murray better get ready lol he will soon hear these words,,, over here bitch boi

1626 days ago
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