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Murray's Visit to Osteen Church Not for PR

5/10/2010 2:29 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Joel Osteen's right-hand man tells TMZ Dr. Conrad Murray was indeed invited to come to Osteen's church yesterday "to pray and worship," and met with Osteen privately before the service.

Dr. Conrad Murray
TMZ first reported Osteen invited Murray to the service.  Someone from Osteen's media relations department told us it was a PR stunt, but the guy who runs the PR department says that's not true.

Donald Iloff, Jr., the Chief of Strategic Operations for Osteen (and Osteen's brother-in-law), tells TMZ, "Dr. Murray did call the church to speak with Osteen a while back but Osteen was not available.  Osteen's rep then invited Dr. Murray to yesterday's service."  So, Dr. Murray truly was invited.
Iloff says Murray met privately with Joel and Victoria before the service.  We do not know what they talked about.

After the meeting, Iloff says Dr. Murray attended the service.  "He was really engaged in the worship service," Iloff says.


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Too hilarious!
Lisa Marie had masculine make-up on
but Jesus had Karen turn his face into an Asian woman look.
Thick red maternal lips
& chalk-white foundation
with blue-black eyeliner drawn up to the center of his eyelid.
He thought the boys fell in love
with his lLesbian in the Neighborhood LOOK.
Lisa maybe thought she had a weird gender role reversal.

1623 days ago


Posted at 5:08 PM on May 11, 2010 by Grump

Read more:

thanks for the video with bono doing one love .that was beautiful :)

1623 days ago


183. Hi fan. ROFL!!

1623 days ago


Sorry guys - meant #180 My bad!

1623 days ago


Who sang this track? Actually quite a nice song. Is it called "One Love".

Posted at 7:37 PM on May 11, 2010 by Daphne

GM Daphne -

It is sung by Mary J. Blige and originally produced by Bono (U2) He begins the song in this track.

Yes it is a beautiful song. Glad you enjoyed it please fwd. sends a prety good message, thank you.

1623 days ago


Thank you so much Grump!

- You're welcome Inma

thanks for the video with bono doing one love.that was beautiful

-You're Welcome nan.

*Please fwd and keep it going. Sends a beautiful message.

Thank you.

All for Love and Unity.

1623 days ago


actually that is a pretty smart public relations move to try and get a televangilist behind u

1623 days ago


Hey guys

Has anybody heard the Daphne Barak tapes? just wondering who that so-called friend is, who gave them to Daphne. Interestingly, the so called friend asked not to be revealed...huh?

What is/are the people who handed over the tapes trying to prove? What's their motive really? Trying to assist Barak in writing a book on celebrity addiction, so they say...really? So what with providing the tapes? What will the tapes help with?

I hope these people who keep going to sell their stories, will learn someday......what goes around comes around.

1623 days ago


In any case, I am glad MJ is dead. No more wacky business from the pedophile. It is quite convenient he died, his victims are soon to be adults and WILL talk soon

1623 days ago


actually i heard those tapes and although mj was groggy , i thought he made sense and was right to think people were conspiring against him.when he was talking about getting on th ebandwagon with the superheros and the movie industry , i had to laugh because when they raided neverland , they always show pictures of the cops looking perplexed at his lifesize superheros.
too bad we werent all so eccentric, we would laughing all the way to the bank.he certainly was always on the cutting edge of the most upcoming trend.

1623 days ago


Thanx nan

I always wonder why pple tend to brush aside or laugh at the conspiracy theories. I think he knew what he was talking about, no matter how pple thought he might've been paranoid, but i've never thought as much. Sad how usually in life, all that we tend to brush aside or ignore, holds what is important in any given situation/s.

1623 days ago
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