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Lindsay Lohan -- Worry-Free in NYC

5/10/2010 5:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan may be heading to jail in a little more than a week, but it bothers her none.

"Not at all," Lindsay said this weekend in NYC, when asked if she was worried about going to jail.

TMZ broke the story Lindsay has violated her probation by not attending her alcohol ed courses per
the judge.

As we have previously reported, Lindsay is almost certainly jail bound after her probation hearing on May 20.


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GOOD she deserves jail

1596 days ago


I honestly do not think she is going to jail. T
TMZ you sure are beating this story like a dead horse. Does she deserve jail- Yes, is she actually going to jail - no.

It’s the Cali way.

1596 days ago


What? Me worry?

1596 days ago


poor lindsey. she looks so tense and stressed out. of course she is not going to say she is scared. she is not going to open up and expose herself. she has been subject to scathing criticism ever since her 'friendship' with that mean girl paris. lindsey is hardened, and it is really sad, because the girl was and remains a true star, in the old way, when stars were stars 24/7 and in how she handled the continuous presence of the press.

lets turn this around, and lets start rooting for lindsey....afterall, how much pleasure has reading about her life given each of us over the last 3 years? lets give back and support her for a change

1596 days ago


what are you stupid heidi she does this to herself drinking and partying like she does I hope she will see jail time !!!

1596 days ago

Michael Knight    

I wouldn't worry either because as we all know "jail" in the case of Lindsay and other celebrities, consists of little more than 89 MINUTES. Takes longer to go through booking then the actual time they spend. It's a joke. So yeah, I wouldn't be worried either.

1596 days ago


still a joke. She'll get 30 min. Make her stay 180 days maybe she'll wake up.

1596 days ago


Honestly, where does she get all this money to fly all over the place and drink and party? She hasn't had any real work in years.

1596 days ago


I like the blue color on the Hyundai Sonata in the background!!! Now, . . . what did Lindsay do this time???????

1596 days ago

Allen From Austin    

TMZ.... Why do you want this woman to suffer so much... YES YES... she has screwed up alot.. but who made you GOD?

1596 days ago


You guys at TMZ are practically masturbating at the idea of Lindsay in jail. Are you the ones who watch 'women in prison' movies and get off on them or something? And where is you story on Lisa Bloom talking on one of the morning shows today about this case, and Michael Lohan's plan to drag his daughter back to Jersey for some 'family therapy'. Your perversions are making you slow.

1596 days ago


It's time to leave Lindsay alone TMZ. Let her get herself together in peace. You freaks are part of the problem.

1596 days ago


What is really sad is that this girl has gone from a pretty and fresh young girl to an angry looking piece of trash. She looks so hard core. I can't believe that her mother, who must be blind, can't see that. Looking at her face, I would guess that her life is very unpleasant.

1596 days ago

LA Native    

As an LA native, I am well aware that the paps can be annoying and yes, even dangerous; the ultimate blame here needs to go to the people who put themselves in the position to be hounded by them. There are plenty of "big stars" out there who go on unnoticed in public, living quiet normal lives; just open your eyes as they are all over Los Angeles. The paps will always follow the train-wrecks, as thats where the money is so if your life is fairly normal (not hanging out in clubs nightly), it appears boring to them and they won't follow you! If you continue to put yourself in bars and clubs every night, and twitter to the paps your locations (for publicity's sake) you are only asking for trouble and I find it very difficult to muster up any sympathy. Hopefully, this once talented starlet will soon see what she has become and try to stay alive long enough to figure out she needs a drastic change in her lifestyle to even just survive, let alone try to pick up the pieces of a once promising career. It's gotten quite sad to see her go down so fast. I think the only thing that can save her now is some jail time and I hope for her sake she gets it.

1596 days ago

young al    

i'm sooo sick of these airheads making TMZ the blame for her problems
(most likely women screwed in the head/dopeheads just like her?.
LiLo had twice as many problems wayyyyy before TMZ ever existed. HELLO!

Wackheads are press worthy.Get used to it.We luv train wrecks.Do like
Brit. Get your poop 2gether and they'll leave u alone. Dad,move aside and go sit down somewhere. Attention Whore to the max!

1596 days ago
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