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Lindsay's Dad to Judge: Rehab, No Jail

5/10/2010 12:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has obtained a letter Michael Lohan's lawyer, Lisa Bloom, has sent to the judge in Lindsay Lohan's DUI probation case ... asking for inpatient rehab or alternatively, random drug testing.

Lindsay Lohan's Dad
The letter -- which appears to be an attempt to keep Lindsay out of jail -- acknowledges "... Lindsay may have violated the terms of her probation by missing multiple court-ordered alcohol education classes."

Bloom says Michael is "gravely concerned" about Lindsay's "deterioration" and is urging the judge to put LiLo in a private drug rehab facility in New York. Michael also wants family counseling.

But if the judge won't go for rehab, Bloom and Michael are asking the judge to extend her probation and subject her to "frequent, random, court-ordered drug testing."

The letter ends with Bloom saying Michael does not want his daughter to become "the next Hollywood statistic."


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Christina G.    

I think the contents of the letter are worthwhile, but couldn't he have sent the letter without alerting the press (or instructing his attorney not to alert the press)? Look at the difference between Jamie Spears and Michael Lohan. Whatever activities Jamie engaged in to get his daughter help, he did privately and undercover. Michael Lohan on the other hand...hmmm.

1627 days ago


What happened to a FAIR TRIAL???? been a celebrity buys you time outta jail?? if it was an ordinary citizen they would be sitting in jail....

1627 days ago


I am soooo tired of the two faces of the law here in the USA... if you are rich and or famous you can get away with anything.. if this was Joe American on the street they would have already had done some jail time and be looking at more if they thumbed their nose at the law like this.

1627 days ago


I support Michael 1000%. He's trying to save his daughter. Maybe too late but nonetheless. LiLo has been in rehab more times than many of us have been in the shower. Didn't work and won't work again. Drug testing won't work either. She'll just flaunt that. She needs drug treatment while incarcerated for awhile. Maybe then she'll get the message that her behavior is unacceptable and WON'T BE TOLERATED!!

1627 days ago


sorry, *******, but you don't get to be an absentee father for 20+ years and then start pretending to care. just go crawl in a hole somewhere. you are just one more problem the poor girl doesn't need.

1627 days ago


What Lohan's father doesn't realize is that he caused the problem in the first place by pimping out his daughter at an early age and using her as a cash cow. She is an adult now and doesn't need his interference. She is old enough to get help or choose to continue the downward spiral but her pathetic father is clinging to the last shreds of her income and should go out and find a job.

1627 days ago


Rehab has not worked in the past....what makes he think it will now. How many times did Robert Downey Jr., Ryan O'Neal's son, Michael Douglas's son and countless others who feel entitled and get rehab, after rehab, after rehab stints only to return to drugs? Hasn't jail time for those finally helped?????

1627 days ago


I actually feel sort of bad for Lindsay. It's like she has no one who truly cares about her. It's sort of like Britney. Britney went off her rocker, shaved her head, attacked the paparazzi and was put in a 5150 hold. What is pretty much the first thing that was done when her dad took control? She released Circus and was put on a world wide comeback tour. Yeah, my kid has lost her nut and I'm not going to lawyer up and make the record label wait until she's at least stable (please note: That was SARCASM.

All anyone sees out of Lindsay AND Britney are dollar signs.

1627 days ago


she should get jail and rehab. Make her do both. Jail will humble her (hopefully) as it will take away her freedom and rehab will help her with her addictions (hopefully). make them BOTH court ordered

however, since she doesn't think she has a problem and can do whatever the hell she wants, jail will piss her off more...

1627 days ago


I think that it is hilarious that Lindsay is suing ETrade for $1M for using a little girl named Lindsay and calling her a Milkaholic.
To think that they were referring to LiLo is ridicvulous. The little girl was pretty and didn't look like a crack whore

1627 days ago

Wing Too    

Oh wow, that makes pretty good sense to me dude.


1627 days ago


Although Michael Lohan has his issues I do believe he cares for his daughter which is more than can be said for her mother. I think that Lindsey needs a combination of Jail, Rehab, and up to three years of random drug testing. This young lady needs someone to stand up and be the adult in her life, not some a hang on type like her so called mother.

1627 days ago


Thank God for her dad. Without him, there would be NO reality in where this young woman is at in her life. She's at the bottom and it's all her mother's fault. Dina Lohan is perpetuating Lindsay's drug addiction and teaching her the worst relationship habits. Dina Lohan is S***.

1627 days ago


If he doesn't want her to become the next Hollywood statistic perhaps jail is the only answer... rehab obviously hasn't worked - any of the times!

1627 days ago

Simon Cox    


1627 days ago
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