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Rihanna's Tour -- More Hardcore Sexploits

5/10/2010 4:20 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Rihanna's new tour is showing off a harder, edgier and sexier side to the former good girl gone bad!


The 22-year-old's Last Girl on Earth tour has the Mickey Mouse helmet-clad diva riding pink tanks and straddling microphones while wearing the current female pop star uniform of a pantless one-piece.

It's pretty wild stuff -- check it out.


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She needs to get beat again for this knowing her fan base consist mostly of young teens.
She thirsty for every bit of attention she can get right now, b/c she'll be nothing in no time.
Where's KOOKY?

1634 days ago


She is pure trash

1634 days ago


Vanessa, NO one and I will repeat, NO ONE deserves to be beaten!

She is so desperate for attention it is truly sad and pathetic.

1634 days ago


I only came on here to say...either her people are working with TMZ, someone on staff loves her or you all feel bad about THE PICTURE ( being chastised by all the news organizations who then went on to show it themselves) because why would anyone give a good god damn about what this chick is doing on tour? Especially when all these pictures were on other blogs weeks ago. i don't get it.

TMZ posts stuff about her like people are really interested and I just don't think most people are.

1634 days ago

fishy won ton    

"Hello Satan what is it that you would like for me to do today"

"as you know I rule the earth and in order for the world to love you as I do, keep doing what I say"

"ok Satan but what about my soul???"

"dont worry about that because soon that will be mine,now hurry along the show starts in 15 minutes"

1634 days ago


This is why she got the beat down from chris. She is a slut and couldn't keep her legs closed. He looks like a wife beater and she is suppose to be the victim. WHATEVER..... Watch out guys she has the clap and a D**K

1634 days ago


That is one serious moose knuckle. She and her music are shyte.

1634 days ago


Camel toe - and a very weird hair style.

1634 days ago


Gee, so much for taking the high road and being a class act.

1634 days ago



1634 days ago


Just one more female having to resort to smut-sex to sell albums. Nobody really, actually cares to see someone masturbating themselves, except of course perverted Men which at the rate these females are going those are the only people who will be (allowed to) buying tickets to their concerts.

They underestimate the power of a good vocal and the power of people's attraction to God given talent unlike any other. We don't want or need to see all of this vulgar sexuality. Subtlety and imagination go a lot futher than blatent specific imagery.

Christina Aguilera's voice is phenominal, but her behavior and personality are trash.

Whitney Houston - Who can compare? But her behavior killed her career. It goes to show that being able to sing isn't enough. You have to let that be your lead. Don't be distracted but what can take control over you and destroy you.

Madonna vs. Christina in the image department.. With Madonna - it was mostly about her making a statement. That she just doesn't give a flyin flea about anyone's opinion. It was a shock value and she went through her phases. For Christina - it seems like sex in all it's kink and all it's extremes is really her focus.

People keep calling the heels she wore in her recent video 'ballet' heels. That's nonsense and they know it. Those heels are a fetishist's dream. Literally. It's an extreme of the shoe fetish and anyone that tries to minimalize it's extreme sexual meaning by making it super-girlie ballet heels, is just trying to fog over the fact that Christina has a fixation on sex.

She's been on this fixation since she was a teenager. People think it's funny, or empowering - I don't. If sex has taken that much focus away from your vocals and how you can manipulate them to sell records on that alone, I think you'd need to reevaluate what's going on personally. Nothing should be done in excess. And whatever you're doing in excess privately is not necessarily appropriate for public fodder. Either way, cover it up, stand up straight, put down the vibrator and pic up the microphone.

1634 days ago


On a day that a true classy black lady has died, Lena Horne, we are back to reality of today's black female entertainers like her and Beyonce who skank and sleeze their way across a stage. What a sad state of affairs.

1634 days ago


What a no talent jackass!! Her career must be going down so she has to use the shock value to get someone to come see her in concert.

1634 days ago

Jim Jones    

Finger lickin good!

1634 days ago


thats a classy pig act.

1634 days ago
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