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Rihanna's Tour -- More Hardcore Sexploits

5/10/2010 4:20 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Rihanna's new tour is showing off a harder, edgier and sexier side to the former good girl gone bad!


The 22-year-old's Last Girl on Earth tour has the Mickey Mouse helmet-clad diva riding pink tanks and straddling microphones while wearing the current female pop star uniform of a pantless one-piece.

It's pretty wild stuff -- check it out.


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leave rihanna along, shes not even in the country and theres pictures of her that comes from out of the country to try and make her look bad, she a entertainer, and they dance all sorts of ways . and its not really fair to bring these pictures to this site for people to look at the pictures and keep bad mouthing rihanna because they do not have any sense of , a artist and what they do in the entertainment industry. yet theres has never been any stills of any of the other artist to this degree put on this site. let me say this again folks this is art, and if you do not understand that artist performs art and they dance and sing sexy in different arenas around the world and in ventures that caters to the grown and sexy. not the pearchers wife and low life haters who has never had nothing nice to say about rihanna in the first place , i say talk on and do like you have always done . and that is to not support rihanna so it matter nothing about what you think are what you say. just mind your own business and keep it movint and that way you do not have to sweat it . are give your opinion on a full grown artist whos only performing at a sold out show for grown folks in europe and thers a group of you trying to make it seem like its a bad thing ,,, and you keep talking about rihanna and kids i am not a kid ,,, rihanna caters a whole lot to the grown and sext folks her music has grown with her . she is not the little girl that she was when she frist dropped her first few albums she has evovled into a very seductivy , and sassy woman ,,, not a girl a woman,,,, and she will not be slowed down by some weak minded people talking trash . talk to the producers of all of these scary movies that out there in the movies and on tv,,, and theres nothing new under the sun on television and none of you says jack,,, but you cna take the time to nit pick this artist,,, get a life folks and turn the page are find that click button on your computer and keep it moving!!!!!!

1596 days ago


This is why in 70 years (hell, even 20 I am sure) you will not even remember the name Rhianna. Most of the civilized world (perhaps minus teenagers) mourns the loss of Lena Horne who died yesterday at 92; they remember a resolute, beautiful and classy lady. Good luck, Rhianna, Beyonce, et al. with maintaining a career such as hers!

1596 days ago


This is so much ****. There are fools born everyday and Tmz knows how to exploit them all.

The artist wears a body suit the entire time. What a bunch of crap. LOL

1596 days ago

Mabel Leaf    

Is she wearing a diaper? That is a mighty saggy looking camel toe for such a young woman.

1596 days ago


This is why in 70 years (hell, even 20 I am sure) you will not even remember the name Rhianna. Most of the civilized world (perhaps minus teenagers) mourns the loss of Lena Horne who died yesterday at 92; they remember a resolute, beautiful and classy lady. Good luck, Rhianna, Beyonce, Britney, et al. with maintaining a career such as hers!

1596 days ago


NASTY...very NASTY. What a shameful woman.

1596 days ago


@ janet shut your lying mouth up , you nor i was ther and you do not know jack, and you are a liar, no one knows what happen but rihanna and her ex, and you and people like you need to have yourself a tall glass of stfu,,,,,and stop lying when you do not know what happen. and to tell the truth its the pass and people like you janet who are trouble makers keeps bringing it up and talking about it like if you say it long enough people are going to believe thar rih beat his butt, now that is ols news and why are you bringing it up,,,, because you are a looser and a trouble maker,,, and it makes you feel big ,,,, her ex told the entire world what he did being nasety to rihanna and thank goodness thay both has moved on with their lives ... its always her ex fans who can;t let it go. but its the pass and its buried someplace ina unmarked place never to surface its ugly head again ,,,, so why don't you janet and all of the followers like you whos all over the net spreading lies on rihanna ,,,let it go because you are really looking stupid to steal be hashing and rehashing old news that is gone ,,and if you want to lay blame ,,lay it at her ex feet because thats is where it belongs, that its rightful place his feet. and remember that he told the world about what he did to rihanna,,,we was all listiing and its over , its been over for a long time and people like you are looking for someone to blame well blame the ex,,,he did it !!!!!!!!

1596 days ago

Bobby Joe    

@bodacious lol u mad?

1596 days ago

Miss MJ    

Who is trying to be? The female Michael Jackson (crotch grabbing)....Ummmm, let's see, HE had TALENT, CHARISMA, and was an AMAZING, INNOVATIVE DANCER and PERFORMER who was around for forty years - HIS moves were amazing....she's a no-talent, unlikeable, disgusting pig who will never be CLOSE to being in the same league as Michael Jackson...the only reason she's still in the news is because she got a beat down by Chris Brown. She can barely sell any tickets so she has to resort to being a gross pig. In a year we won't even hear her name, talentless s***.

1596 days ago


we all love and admired lena horne and what she accomplished in her life time but the article is about rihanna fenty ,,, and she is a new artist ,,, and she and many new artist are out there on the stages all over the world,,, this is the twenty first century and things has changed a lot since the days of lena horne was on the scene,,, we have the internet,, iphone,,,and its the digitals age ,,, why don;t you ask tmz to run a article on lena ,,, this is not about lena its about rihanna and no one knows what the future will bring twenty years from now . and to be trueful with the way that things are going on in the world theres no reason to wonder if rihanna are any of the others are going to last twenty years you had better worry about if your butt is still going to be around,,,, and speaking about what this world has come to ,,, you said a mouth full,,, loss of jobs,,, proverty,,, babys having babys ,,, all kinds of storms, floods,, the world is in a turmiol and it has nothing to do with just rihanna ,,, but it concrens the entire world,,,,, so worry about where you are going to be twenty years from now and let rih, brit and bey worry about themselves!!!!!!this is gods world and we all lives in it ,, and these artist do to !!!

1596 days ago


Why do these starlettes seem to think that being half naked on stage is acceptable? What example are you setting?
She looks like a whore.

1596 days ago

kate kroll    

Another pig!!!!

1596 days ago


I'm sorry, I think I fail to see your point. What does living in a different age mean...if anything, BECAUSE we have the internet (youtube, myspace), and talent shows like AI, there should be LESS need to strut on stage with barely anything on. You can post your own dang concerts and have it be spread in a millisecond across the world. Lena and those of her ilk were "on stages all over the world", too. Again, your point?

I highly doubt you even know who Lena Horne is or you wouldn't be commenting so dimly on the topic. And when I see the dreck that today's youth has as their "talent" it is quite appropriate to herald pure unadulterated talent such as Lena Horne. It is quite on target. Let me guess, we're only supposed to talk about Rhianna's cameltoe? Is that what the thread is only supposed to be about?? Mea culpa, mea culpa!

1596 days ago




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1596 days ago

MJ is the Greatest of all    

WHAT the HELL is this A PORN TOUR?!?! THIS woman is not SEXY but PLAIN DIRTY and NASTY!!! She needs A GOOD FU****G BATH!!!

1596 days ago
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