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Tiger Lawyers Up with International Custody Guru

5/10/2010 4:27 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has learned Tiger Woods has hired a key player in his divorce from Elin Nordegren -- attorney Thomas Sasser from West Palm Beach, Florida.

tiger woods and thomas sasser
We're told the high-profile, 39-year-old Sasser is an expert in enforcing international child custody agreements -- and sources say the custody agreement is going to be a central issue in Tiger and Elin's divorce. 

Sources say Tiger and Elin are trying to work out an arrangement where Elin can take the two kids with her to Sweden, but Tiger will have either custody or visitation rights as well.

Our sources say other lawyers and business people are on Tiger's team -- especially for property settlement issues -- but Sasser is the key man in handling what could become a sticky issue -- child custody.

The goal is for Sasser and lawyers from Elin's team to work out an agreement before divorce papers are filed.

Sasser represented NASCAR star Jeff Gordon in his divorce back in 2003. In that case, the settlement agreement was not reported to the court.

TMZ spoke with Sasser who would neither confirm nor deny if he is representing Tiger. Don't expect Sasser to say much -- he once wrote an article called "Protecting Your Client's Privacy in an Age of Public Information."


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Caring Kate    

Anyone who doesn't get that primal instinct of "I am man. I protect my family" doesn't get the primal instinct of "I am father, I protect my children" either. He should have supervised visitations only. We human being are a fragile species, but when we break, we're broken. Tiger's values broke and they are broken. May the children remain with him only briefly and with an agreed upon guardian present. Even then, the children are at a potential risk. Those whose protective instincts are broken remain that way.

1624 days ago


I hope this LOSER, loses custody of these babies, he is NO role model for them. It's starting to show on the course, no-one wants him around, they say they do but they don't. He's nothing more then a distraction to the REAL professionals. Now all the excuses are going to arise and he's nothing more then a LOSER. I can't say it enough.
ELIN "YOU GO GIRL" Fight for those babies.

1624 days ago


oh, so she is gonna divorce him, then? well, good for her, i'm amazed she even tried to work it out...
i mean, one or two mistresses is bad enough---tiger slept with damn near every ****tail waitress he encountered, plus that porn star, add to that the times when elin was pregnant??? there's only so much a woman can take...
ZR, i co-sign your statement...

1624 days ago


This is quite a mess. I didn't even know they had decided for sure to divorce. I don't believe that Tiger quit over a hurt neck. It had to be personal. With all that he's done, it's hard to have sympathy for Tiger. But I don't think anyone can argue that this is taking a huge toll on him mentally and physically as well as his wife and 2 babies. Can we even imagine what is going on behind closed doors? It's got to be heartbreaking chaos for the family and I feel sad for them. Anyone who's been through a divorce and custody issues knows the pain that's involved with the process. Now add dozens of mistresses and video cameras surrounding you taping and reporting your every move. Awful for everyone involved. For his, Elin's, and their kids' sanity, he needs to quietly bow out of golf and hash all of this out with Elin in private. If that means living in Switzerland for a while to be near his kids and to be able to figure out with Elin how to part ways so that things are in the best interest of the kids, then that's what he needs to do.

1624 days ago


ZR what a bigot you are to call him cheetah what is wrong with you????? No im not on anyones side i just see what i see she knew what she was getting into and she is not in control Tiger is its his money he made it not her she gets what she gets thats what happens when you marry for only money give me a break its right in your face BIGOT!!!! you are so ignorant to call him that name why not just use the N word jerk off !

1624 days ago


ZR Ever heard of a pre nup she dont get one dime more or less than what is written on it thats it noda!!!

1624 days ago


I think that divorce has been in Elin Nordegren’s mind for some time. Tiger Woods caused too much hurt, pain and suffering to his wife and children and irreparable damage to his marriage with his selfish, reckless and sordid behavior. It appears that Tiger has had a hard time accepting the divorce and had hoped Elin would change her mind but she has not. Elin is a woman with dignity and self respect and she will never stay with a man like Tiger, whom she does not trust and respect anymore. It seems that Elin’s attorneys have been working out the details for the divorce and Tiger finally had to get a divorce attorney. I also think that Elin has always been in favor of sharing the children’s custody with Tiger and that she and the children will be living in Sweden only part time. I wish Elin and her precious children the best!

1624 days ago


Tiv you are a true idiot. Sorry but this is a cheater so Cheetah is more appropriate and BTW I don't need your agreement to call him that way like it or not. Maybe you prefer the pig or the dog !
The prenup will be null because it's clear he entered in this marriage without any regards of being faithful.
like I said before he'd better give Elin everything she wants because she can break him in more ways than many people suspect.

1624 days ago


ZR youre the idiot and BIGOT not me a prenup is a prenup and thats it !! It will not be void you idiot she knew all about him yrs ago and did nothing !! And she cant hurt him anymore than he has what is she going to say that we dont know already we all know he has probly been doing this since the married Come on get real you idiot BIGOT Sounds like you want to punish him for someone who hurt you grow up get real!

1624 days ago



Good post. And don't you think that they would've worked this stuff out in a pre-nup prior to the events of last fall? And Tiger, didn't you give a passing thought to the ramifications of your actions while you were engaging in all those shena****ns?

1624 days ago


If there is anything wrong with his neck, it could be due to the almost fatal injuries he suffered when Elin acted out her ire and took a golf club to his head!

I'm glad they're getting divorce and doubt he's all that interested in those kids. He's more interested in going back to all those ho's.

Elin should take the kids and go to Sweden. I agree with the person above who said any visiting should be done by Tiger in Sweden. They should be monitored and I'd be surprised if he would bother availing himself of whatever is allowed.

1624 days ago


Take the prick for all he has, he blew it. Let him pay pay pay, sucker. How you feel now dunb****

1624 days ago


Are you people ignorant? Do you think someone like Tiger Woods enters into a marriage (when he was already worth $250 million. Now it's $500 million) with a woman without getting a pre-nup...

He'd be crazy not to... and any objection she would have had with it, he would have made her walk... No man with any common sense and that much money isn't going into a marriage without a pre-nup.

His business team even insisted on it when he informed everyone he was engaged to Elin back then.

And a big point.... There is a reason Tiger lives in Florida and makes it his main residence. Trying to take his assets or other property is very difficult in Florida..

Yes, he cheated, but good for Tiger for protecting his money and other assets.

1624 days ago


Custody should not have been an issue in the Jeff Gordon case that this attorney handled. He had no children with his first wife.

1624 days ago


andrea, you are so right. shame on the media for their part in all of this. BUT IT SELLS and look at us right now commenting on a story about a man who most of us never met. i worked at nike in beaverton oregon when he was just getting started on his shoe line. i met him and he is a great guy, i didnt feel belittled around him. what is good is he has a pre nup! he was rich before he met her so he is going not going to split half of his money. women are so fast at running, but she is will only get a % of earning while she was married to him.( i hope). she is running!and all you haters, your opinions are shamefull...

1624 days ago
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