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Tiger Lawyers Up with International Custody Guru

5/10/2010 4:27 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has learned Tiger Woods has hired a key player in his divorce from Elin Nordegren -- attorney Thomas Sasser from West Palm Beach, Florida.

tiger woods and thomas sasser
We're told the high-profile, 39-year-old Sasser is an expert in enforcing international child custody agreements -- and sources say the custody agreement is going to be a central issue in Tiger and Elin's divorce. 

Sources say Tiger and Elin are trying to work out an arrangement where Elin can take the two kids with her to Sweden, but Tiger will have either custody or visitation rights as well.

Our sources say other lawyers and business people are on Tiger's team -- especially for property settlement issues -- but Sasser is the key man in handling what could become a sticky issue -- child custody.

The goal is for Sasser and lawyers from Elin's team to work out an agreement before divorce papers are filed.

Sasser represented NASCAR star Jeff Gordon in his divorce back in 2003. In that case, the settlement agreement was not reported to the court.

TMZ spoke with Sasser who would neither confirm nor deny if he is representing Tiger. Don't expect Sasser to say much -- he once wrote an article called "Protecting Your Client's Privacy in an Age of Public Information."


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dirty diana    

anon, i guess everyone is just ignoring your ignorantness, lol you are real stupid to think a guy will not want a woman because she has kids!!! quite the opposite, i see where ALOT of families have stepdads ANi was single with two kids, never had a problem.D stepmoms, dumbass!!!

1629 days ago


It's great to hear that there are actually lawyers out there who would rather settle their case in private or in court, as opposed to the lawyers don't mind getting publicity, usually at the expense of their clients. On the other hand, I could give a rat's you know what as to whether or not Tiger gets divorced.

1629 days ago


The only way those children will get some peace is to live in Sweden with their mother. A normal calm environment is not something that can be purchased. Tiger has questionable behavior with all the women he became involved with during his marriage and use of things like ambien,etc...Tiger should get visitation rights but not physical custody. Tiger needs to grow up before he tries to parent.

1629 days ago


Reading some of these posts from the ignorant and the racist makes me proud to be an American. For those of you too stupid to understand, I just used sarcasm. Look it up in the dictionary. Yes, that book with all the words in it that doesn't tell a story.

1629 days ago


46. If she keeps those children, any clean, smart and successful man will stay as far away from her as possible. She has to make a clean break with the nggerworld she naively walked into.
Posted at 2:11 PM on May 10, 2010 by anon

Nothing naive about Elin, she married Tiger for his money to take care of her broke family. And how is it possible for you to give this advice, when clearly you yourself are stuck in a doublewide w/wheels at the Shady Low Trailer Park with your dirty inbred relatives. Just because your mother abandoned you at the local bar, where you were no doubt conceived, doesn't mean all mother's are as filthy and heartless as you mother - if that's what you want to call her. I'm sure your children are thinking the same thing as well about you and their grandmother. Surely the apple didn't fall far from the tree here!

I just have one more question...Are your tough and ruthless or rough and toothless?

1629 days ago

Mary Ann    

No matter how this turns out, you know some day Elin will marry again and the kids will have a step-father living with them and helping to raise them.
You've lost Tiger and you did it to yourself.

1629 days ago


This is a non-news item. US Laws are very strict regarding when/whether divorced parents can take kids out of the country or not. You have to written do***entation from a divorced parent to even take them out of the country on a vacation. It's even difficult to move them away to a different state in the case of a divorce. It is not going to be the case that she gets primary custody and the ability to take the kids out of the country to live in Sweden without Tiger's permission. Even with it the courts may not allow it.

1629 days ago


I'm usually an advocate for fathers' rights, but this time, NO! Tiger should not be around those kids. He's a pathological nightmare. Tiger should let them go, and proceed to the life HE chose, a life of skanks, porn actresses, strippers and losers.

1629 days ago

Proud American    

He has a privileged for a long time. And, used to having his way. But, if he is really studying Buddhism, what he did was a big no no. And, I am sure the children have dual birth certificates,or something in that order. Where the children reside in both country. I have a friend who just happen to be Swede and she told me she have one for her child. They will be alright, he just found out that you have to pay for your wrong doing. Shame on him. What is good is that she in not in denial about the whole matter.

1629 days ago


I believe Elin should have primary and legal custody of these children. It's very clear Tiger has the worst judgment. Past that, if my husband had sex with 14 women one of which was a porn star and anal sex with her, I'd file. Too much to forgive here. She would never be able to trust him again. It's over.

1629 days ago

South Beach    

Tiger better play nice because unless he tries to claim Elin let lose with the 6 iron THAT NIGHT, a claim he has disputed repeatedly, there's not a chance in hell he'll stop her from returning to Sweden.

1629 days ago


Oh boo hoo... tons of people in the U.S. mothers and fathers who've cheated on their spouses.

Don't make Tiger's divorce to be anything more than it is... it amuses me the women I assume who say the kids would be unfit. Trust me, there are a lot of slut moms and jerk dads, who had other partners that lead to a divorce in this country.

Understand some basic law people... there's no way she'd get full custody even with the things he did. If that were the case, half the children in this country would be orphans now, because of extracurricalar activites of the mom or dad.

1629 days ago

pat m    

If he cared anything about being a good father he wouldn't have been a serial cheater and liar all these years. Anyone with half a brain would have known at some point they would be caught. He thought he could buy anyone that threatened to expose his lifestyle. NOW he wants to be a good dad? Probably just being forced into fighting for the kids by his mother.....who did a terrible job raising the one kid she had.

1629 days ago


Anon, You are either stupid or bigoted - I am not sure which. Elin is a very loving Mother who would never give up her children if she should remarry. Fortunately both she and Tiger have hired qualified attorneys to handle their legal issues and I am sure they will do just fine without all the comments that have been written about this story. This is a very private matter between the two of them and it really is NONE OF ANYONE ELSE'S BUSINESS. We all want what is best for the children and that will be decided between Elin and Tiger. Despite what Tiger has done (and I am no fan of his) Elin has said along that he is a loving father so let's hope that it can be worked out without any more discord than necessary.

1629 days ago

Christina G.    

Unless Tiger agrees to let her raise the children in Sweden, she's going to have a nasty fight on her hands. The children were born and raised (so far) in the US. Those children are US citizens with at least one US citizen parent. As far as the US court is concerned, they belong in the US unless both parties agree otherwise. If there is a battle, the court will likely appoint a separate attorney for the children. And it doesn't matter how bad of a husband Tiger was when it comes to custody issues; the court only cares what kind of a father he was.

1629 days ago
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