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Tiger Lawyers Up with International Custody Guru

5/10/2010 4:27 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has learned Tiger Woods has hired a key player in his divorce from Elin Nordegren -- attorney Thomas Sasser from West Palm Beach, Florida.

tiger woods and thomas sasser
We're told the high-profile, 39-year-old Sasser is an expert in enforcing international child custody agreements -- and sources say the custody agreement is going to be a central issue in Tiger and Elin's divorce. 

Sources say Tiger and Elin are trying to work out an arrangement where Elin can take the two kids with her to Sweden, but Tiger will have either custody or visitation rights as well.

Our sources say other lawyers and business people are on Tiger's team -- especially for property settlement issues -- but Sasser is the key man in handling what could become a sticky issue -- child custody.

The goal is for Sasser and lawyers from Elin's team to work out an agreement before divorce papers are filed.

Sasser represented NASCAR star Jeff Gordon in his divorce back in 2003. In that case, the settlement agreement was not reported to the court.

TMZ spoke with Sasser who would neither confirm nor deny if he is representing Tiger. Don't expect Sasser to say much -- he once wrote an article called "Protecting Your Client's Privacy in an Age of Public Information."


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I don't care how much money will Elin get, but I really enjoy how american mind works. "Take all the money you can, Elin, and run...Find a true love". In the other words it means: FIND a GIGOLO who will help you spend Tiger's money. Respect yourself and get "clean" money from "dirty" Tiger. I have a question : if a woman don't respect a man and respect herself, how can she take his money and still have self-respect? I would not. In my past I trow to my husband's face all the presents he gave me and walk away, after he betrayed me. I'm not talking about alimony that every man supposed to pay.

1604 days ago


Anon you really are an idiot! Little Charlie and Sam are beautiful children! They will grow up to be very attractive people and they are being raised by a Mom who adores them and her family of Grandma, Grandpa, uncles and aunts as a solid family group in Sweden - The breakdown of this marriage is truly a tragedy as Elin is a beautiful woman and obviously loved Tiger very much. Tiger's deserves to pay a heavy price for the total disregard for his family and the children should be brought up in the style to which they were born so Elin deserves a handsome monthly income for child support.
If Tiger has any moral compass at all he will make sure his wife and children are well provided for and he will get visitation to maintain contact with them.

1603 days ago


To all the stupid idios here who calls Elin a goldigger. She's not a goldigger because if she was one you would have seen her on every magazine or media giving interviews and selling products.
I have followed Tiger's career for more than 10 years and never ever I have heard her voice.
Elin was the perfect wife for him : classy, intelligent, educated, beautiful, discreet and supportive. Too bad Mr Woods couldn't appreciate what a real treasure he had. He will never find another woman like her for sure. This kind of woman doesn't cross Tiger's world more than once in a lifetime especially considering the fact he seems to like the party life.
My dad used to say " you want what you had" - Tiger will find that very soon. Give him another 10 years and he will regret it for the rest of his miserable life.
BTW those babies are cute. I agree if it weren't for Elin I don't think they will be that cute.

1603 days ago


Woods is nothing than a loser spook- he should have been charged that night with driving under the influence of a drug ( Ambien)- but he wasnt- and now he is nothing but a cheating loser hasbeen! - bye Woods- your 15 minutes was up long ago!!

1603 days ago


OMG that sulky face. Hard to feel sympathy for this person as he's brought his own world crashing down. It's all his own fault. How could so many women sleep with him??? Oh yes, I forgot, $$$$$$$$ Never mind Tiggy, you've still got your mashie niblick for company....

1603 days ago


Should be very interesting to see what the LOLyer will advocate to prevent Elin from taking away the kids and to protect Tiger's assets! The case is lost for Tiger and that's all he deserves.

And I think Elin is far more intelligent than we all think, you all see when the paper hits the court. 120 women!!! he's LOST.

As for the kids, this pervert shouldnt be allowed to be around them and his gang of ho's. Visitation rights yes, but forget everything else. I wouldn't want my kids to be around Rachel and this sicko lol!

1603 days ago

Lilarose in Oregon    

Tiger, if you want your reputation to plunge further, try to get your kids away from their mom.

Tiger, you should NOT have any contact with your kids because you might have some disease you picked up from your chippies.

You are disgusting.

1603 days ago


If TW truly loves the kids, he should let the wife raise them in Sweden, a place where paparazzi are not as many as flies like US. Give the children a space to breathe, to live, to grow - freely & healthily, this is what a responsibe father should do.

1603 days ago



1603 days ago


So Let me get this straight.If you cheat on your partner that means you are a loser and you should never see your kids again? And the other partner should run away and hide. Give me a break! Some of you people live in a fantasy world. If everyman who ever cheated couldn't see their kids again most of this country would be fatherless!

1603 days ago


BRAVISSIMA Elin.Leave this dirty dog...he needs to scrub himself .You are a good example for the women being cheated on.I did divorce my husband.

1603 days ago


I believe that Tiger will be well served by this talented Jew ...

1603 days ago


There's nothing a tigger loves to do more than to f**k.

1603 days ago


Have you ever seen the old movie "The Picture of Dorian Gray" ?? It was about a handsome man who was into debauchery just like Eldrick Woods --- only Woods is definitely NOT handsome. Well, he led a double life, and his picture kept changing and getting uglier as his sins piled up year after year. The same thing is happening to "Tiger," only it's his actual face that's getting even uglier.

1603 days ago


I wonder what you all would do if she would've cheated on a white man? Would you tell him to take her children and leave his country? Or would you all be,oh he probably deserved it?If those of you have enough time to be all about their business,don't be surprized when it's your turn.Losing ones children is nothing to laugh at,or make fun of.Couples have been cheating more,and more lately.I'm sure she knew what type of partier he was.When she was parting with all those golfers at all those party outing.Nobody here is innocent either.You should disect your own lives first.Before casting those stones.Alright?

1601 days ago
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