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Miley Cyrus -- So You Think You Can Lap Dance?

5/12/2010 3:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Miley Cyrus felt more than the beat last summer as she got downright nasty on the dance floor with a slightly older gentleman during a wrap party for a movie ... and TMZ has obtained the video.
Miley -- who was 16 at the time -- was dancing with 44-year-old Adam Shankman during a wrap party last summer in Georgia for the movie, "The Last Song."  Shankman, who is openly gay, produced the movie as well as "Hairspray" and other flicks and is a judge on "So You Think You Can Dance?"

The people who shot the video say they were offended by the dirty dancing -- which included a graphic lap dance.

We're told Miley's parents were not at the wrap party.  Miley's reps had no comment.

Check out the full story on TMZ TV tonight.


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Come on now are any of you really surprised??
This one here, has been taking it for quite sometime now.
And so most likely are your 15, and 16 year old daughters. It's the new and improved American girl next door.......Artofwar

1623 days ago


A 16-year-old girl is not nasty whatever she does, she's a kid. If a girl at that age does dirty dancing, you can be almost convinced someone at some point has violated her in one way or another. TMZ should not have put this clip on the site and let us vote about it.

1623 days ago


Julie, exactly. "Gay" does not mean asexual and any man, gay or not, would get off on somebody rubbing against them over and over like that. He was certainly enjoying it and it was absolutely disgusting.

1623 days ago


Just more proof she's a dirty whore

1623 days ago



1623 days ago


gee can't blame the photographer this time Miley...she was never sweet sixteen...

1623 days ago


I think this is nothing unusual. This is the dance style now and all teens dance like this. Thanks Beyonce.
As for her parents being absent, she is out doing adult things making adult money and adult decisions. She is mature beyond her years it's no big deal. Lay off Miley.

1623 days ago


LOL@Dana.....But her Parents need to beat that ass!!!

1623 days ago


look, if you are not interested in someone sexually you shouldn't be dancing like that with them, especially at her age with someone that age, and this goes for the guy as well. Not saying he had any intention by it or her either, but the age is what makes it wrong in my eyes, if they were both adults and it was just playing around then you could say it's innocent as both are old enough to decide what they are doing, but she doesn't seem to know that this is not just dancing, there is real grinding going on, not just play, it's bad due to her age, do i even need to spell it out. Look at the guy on the side, he doesn't know where to look, he even looks uncomfortable, i really hope no one has taken advantage of her already.

1623 days ago


What a slutty personna. This chick is pathetic, and quite frankly, I have no idea why she's a hit.

All you guys saying that there's nothing wrong with dancing like this are naive...Any man's going to get a hard on with that type of behavior, so you're being a serious tease, if you claim that this is so innocent...not.

That's the whole reason for doing it, for getting a rise, what a ****. All those young girls who follow her....sad.

1623 days ago


Funny that nobody blames Adam, the adult involved in this. Stupid TMZ fans.

1623 days ago


Lucky guy to have a hot jailbait chick in short-shorts rubbing her butt against his package,even if he is gay.

1623 days ago


Typical white whore..You trailer park trash whites start young...

1623 days ago


i have seen 16 year olds do far worse than this. that's what annoys me about people and miley. because she's famous, she's expected to act like a little saint who does no wrong instead of acting like a typical sixteen year old girl. adam is the one to blame for this crap, he's 44 years old, and gay or not, he should have had enough sense to stop this. that had been another guy her own age, i wouldn't have thought anything of it.

1623 days ago


"The people who shot the video say they were offended by the dirty dancing."

Apparently, these same people were not offended enough to stop zooming in on Miley's crotch and then selling the footage for profit. Whether you approve of Miley's behavior or not, the person who shot and sold the video is sleezy.

1623 days ago
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