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Sam Champion

Clash Over Tornado Coverage

5/11/2010 5:55 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

"Good Morning America" weatherman Sam Champion made a cameo appearance on a local Oklahoma newscast this morning -- when he was caught bitching at a news crew on live TV.

Sam Champion
It all went down near the crumbled remains of a local gas station that was knocked over when a tornado hit Oklahoma City yesterday. The crew from KOKH was doing a live shot at the scene, when Champion -- who was setting up to do a shot at the same gas station -- came into frame.

Champion -- clearly pissed that he was being shot by another crew -- started to bark orders to the KOKH crew to get "back" and then shoved his notebook in front of the camera to block the shot.

While the KOKH camera continued to broadcast live from the scene, Champion -- who was once again in the shot -- told the crew, "You know the deal." The KOKH cameraman can be heard saying, "What deal?"

Champion responds, "You know where you're supposed to be ... so be there. It's alright ... it's all good ... so just be there."

Generally, news crews don't shoot outside talent as a professional courtesy -- but it was a live shot at the scene of a disaster.

So the question is ...


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Sam can get out of our state and go home. We don't need him here. While he was in NYC yesterday during the storms one of our news teams had their windows blown out at that location trying to cover the storms. Then he comes in the next day with Good Morning America and sets up right in the middle of everything. It's a gas station. There isn't that much space. You can't just set up in the middle of it and not let anyone else shoot. Go home and let the real weather people do their jobs.

1625 days ago


All the camera guy had to do is shoot elsewhere. Sam was a bit pissed but the filming crew SHOULD have moved elsewhere. How friggin' hard can it be??? SHOOT elsewhere stupid!

1625 days ago

Alan Carver    

CHAMPION, being gay does not mean you need to act like a PRIMA DONNA, on top of that! You are in Oklahoma to cover the destruction these tornado's bring to people's lives, and not about you getting shot live from a LOCAL media outlet! You are a WEATHERMAN - You are not anything other than that! Stop acting like you are all that!

1625 days ago

a poster    

Why is it that you can't talk to adults like adults anymore? These days you have to constantly bite your tongue for fear of fracturing someones fragile little ego. The man simply reminded them of the rules--and that makes him an arrogant ass! How is shooting Sam from behind and getting close ups of his face covering a disaster? It's getting to be this way everywhere; in the workplace and schools, theres always some dumbass who can't or won't do right and then their feelings get all hurt when you call them on it.

1625 days ago


sam you are such a queen, and your teeth don't fit your head!

1625 days ago


What an a-hole. He flies in after the deadly storms, most likely flied out right after his report from the town and in between poops on the locals and the media outlets that SAVED the lives of locals during the storm. Tell ya what, how many times have we seen national news stations use local stations' footage or maybe used a local affiliate reporter to give a "local" touch on their national news report. Next time ABC puts a call into ANY Oklahoma station (or any station, really, who knows who they will poop on next), they need to hear a loud CLICK on the other end of the phone.
Having relatives who live in Eastern Oklahoma (which luckily dodged any twisters this time around), I know how well the OK media outlets do during these kind of deadly storms. Perhaps the East Coast guy would like to go toe to toe with an Oklahoma weather people about tornadic weather/precautions/science? I imagine he would not last long with his shallow level of knowledge. I'd much rather hear from an experienced local than this buffoon. The local experts COULD have been a very useful resource for this guy, now I bet they wouldn't give him the time of day.
BTW, OK weather folks have some of the best graphics/tools during their reports when it comes to tornadic activity.

1625 days ago


I'm from Oklahoma. Sam wasn't wrong. The place is huge and there was plenty of room. He asked politely the first time. And for the person who said this is a "rural" tv station, they are wrong. It is out of Oklahoma City.

1625 days ago


What a tool! I live in Oklahoma and drive by that gas station on my way home, and all the devastation surrounding it. Instead of just letting it slide and worrying about all the people who have lost their lives it has to gripe and moan about them stealing his shot, what a puss.

1625 days ago


What a prick! I'm from Oklahoma and that was just rude.

1625 days ago


I am from Oklahoma and appreciate OUR LOCAL crew reporting to the people who actually live here. That guy is a jerk and I am loving how he should his true colors to the world! Keep up the great job KOKH!!!

1625 days ago


Neither party behaved with any social conscience. The actions of both parties demonstrated complete disregard for the victims of this disaster. "The only thing more dangerous than ignorance is arrogance." —Albert Einstein

1625 days ago


#7 signed as me--- FYI this was not a RURAL area the station was from this crew is based out of Oklahoma City, which has a population close to half a million people. Not rural by far.

I think he was rude, his shot wasn't even set up yet, and the local crew was trying to get the news out. I understand this is national news but you have to understand that those effected by the storms here are watching our local news for help and for answers not some station that is national or from some other town. I just did a damage survey, and we were hard hit, the tornado narrowly missed my home yesterday

1625 days ago


Whatever really went down... presumably Sam knows what a camera looks like, and knows when a camera is rolling, and knows if he walks in front of the camera, it will film him... or maybe he doesn't. If it was really an issue, Sam should know better than to walk into a camera's frame if he doesn't want to be filmed by that camera. Dope.

1625 days ago


Sam is the Man! He wasn't being rude nor otherwise. He never is. TMZ was overstepping (as usual, which make TMZ great!), but Sam was only protecting his franchise, ABC. Bless Sam the Man!

1625 days ago


The only thing worse than a prima donna is a bitchy queen prima donna. I hope ABC replaces him.

1625 days ago
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