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Joe Jackson: Don't Attack Conrad's Supporters

5/12/2010 3:19 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Joe Jackson is trying to prevent the army of famously passionate Michael Jackson fans from exploding on Dr. Conrad Murray supporters at his upcoming hearing -- begging MJ fans to not "lower" themselves to "their" level.

Joe Jackson

In a letter written to MJ's fans, Joe says, "We would like to urge fans that are planning to attend to please do so in peace, unity and love for Michael. There should be NO violence, NO slander, NO yelling, and NO bad-mouthing or name-calling of Murray or his supporters."

Joe continues, "By calling names, we are lowering ourselves to their level."

Joe says the message is simple, "Justice for Michael."


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at almaost eighty years old you think Joe Jackson has learn how to except Christ and live a clean life....but I know Michael wouldn't want us fans to go crazy....I am thinking to act like Mike....peaceful, and L.O.V.E. as the truth will pervail....

1594 days ago


wow somthing came out of his mouth that makes sense

1593 days ago


I saw Joe this weekend at the Palms casino in Las was 11 pm the first time I saw him and then again at 12am on Sat. night. He was surrounded by security. He seems to be wasting MJ's money away....he should be with his family and grand-kids!

1593 days ago


This is exactly the kind of thing Michael would have done himself if he were here, so since Joe is his father he is speaking for Michael. I hope the fans will respect his wishes.

1593 days ago


This is exactly the kind of thing Michael would have done himself if he were here, so since Joe is his father he is speaking for Michael. I hope the fans will respect his wishes.

1593 days ago

Michael Jackson's Voice    

As flawed as the man may be and all the wrongs he is guilty of, he has one very valid point... To stoop to the level of those who will be saying and doing things to instigate a riot is not the way to go. You people claiming to be Michael's Fans should know that NOT even Michael would want his fans to behave in a shameful manor! To allow stupid small minded people shape and move your thinking is a sorry state of being upon those who would claim to be seeking justice! Remember Justice for Michael means behaving in a just manor! God in the heavens above is the ultimate judge of us all and he is a Just God!! no one can get true justice for Michael as he only can. Michael was vindicated in the FBI files which stated he was not guilty of ANYTHING only a victim of people wanting money for nothing! All the ones here saying hateful things are Murray fans, and dont deserve our return comments. I chose to be peaceful.. and WAIT for Justice!! Michael IS a murder victim and that will be proven in the court of LAW!! All the Murray supporters can show up on the 25th and behave like simple fools, and they can watch their idol fall as all false idols have in the past... If you support the murder here dont complain when people support another one! You are just as bad!! And I could care less who doesn't like what I just said! I'm an American, and entitled just as you to have my say!! There ARE three little people who have done nothing to ANY of you, and they are now with out a father because your wonderful doctor broke the Hippocratic Oath and killed his patient! Plain and simple Michael may have had problems with pain killers and needing sleep... but he NEVER wanted to die and leave his three children alone!! I agree with Joe, We "the MJ TRUE" fans should not resort to or lower ourselves to Violence or bad behavior that mirror's those who claim to be CHRISTIAN and Murray supporters.... Their behavior alone will show what they truly are... LIARS and what Jesus Christ in his time called Pharisees... The word Christian means to be "CHRIST LIKE" to shout or scream obscenities and start fights doesn't show CHRIST LIKE behavior,But mirror's Satan's attitude instead! So if you are a TRUE fan, and you love Michael as you claim ... See the facts behind Joe's statement, It isn't for money, but safety and dignity of those there. Also would you want to be arrested along with the Murray abusers when they start riots and the L.A.P.D start arresting them? You could wind up in the same cell... Michael was classy, Full of Love for Mankind, Dignified, Humble, and Clean... Try to show those attributes at the court house on the 25th of June... and not the ones that will mirror The Murrayites behavior!! HAVE THE CLASS OF THE ONES IN THE RIGHT!!

1593 days ago


Well said Mr. Jackson. Michael loves in the face of all adversities. He understands humans fall short of perfection. We are all so bent on dishing out our idea of justice. Throwing stones and hiding our hands. What about justice is mine saith the lord? What about you're just another part of me? Do we fanthom that part is just a select few? What are we doing? We don't have all the facts yet, we are taking what the media has fed us and exacting the same preconceived indictments that they used to try and destroy michael. We can't say we love michael and then do something he would never do. l
Let's not fall short of the mark. Trust Michael if he is in the lord's hand everything is ok. Trust in THE LORD OF ALL. Events happen as they should. We are granted consciences for a reason. Conscience is a more superior judge than any man. THE LORD OF ALL is the only just judge. What we perceive as justice is really not justice at all. It just adds up to two wrongs and two wrongs don't make a right. The only true witness is an eyewitness all else is speculation and opinions. L ISTEN O BSERVE V ERIFY E VOLVE AMEN

1593 days ago


Justice for Michael Jackson !

1593 days ago


I think Joe's words are reasonable. No matter what bad things are said about Joe: I also appreciated his words after Klein called his son gay.

1593 days ago


For once I agree with Joe Jackson on this. don't stoop to there level. If we are true Michael Jackson fans then we will stand quite and let our silence be heard and our signs read. Fighting won't bring Michael back. way to go Joe!!:)

1593 days ago


MJ admitted he invited any child in Neverland because Joe used him like a dog. Poor Joe won't be alive much longer either; MJ couldn't live in reality & eventually destroyed himself inside & outside.
If the world didn't hate Joe, there'd be more ex-child entertainers who mutilate their faces & use drugs until they die, with their orphans left behind. MJ had all the billions & love, but he could not control his thinking. I've seen poor people with talent but they received no respect. Don't feel sorry for the fake Jacksons & their non-stop dysfunction.

1593 days ago


is joes mustache a tatoo ? check it out

1593 days ago


Yes, we have to respect what Michael would've wanted. He would have wanted ud to demonstrate our opinion in the same way he would've: peacefully!

1593 days ago


Martes, 25 de mayo de 2010
10:00 - 13:00
Everywhere there is LOVE!
This will be a Monthly Twitter Marathon for Justice - every 25th of every month

This is a Global Event - to get Justice for Michael Jackson.
The sole purpose of this event is to advocate for Michael Jackson, and no one else. This is collaborative effort from several MJ Groups.

MJ fans will come together to DEMAND Justice VIA Twitter, Email and FAX.
Our goal is to speak directly to the LA District Attorney- Steve Cooley,
California's Attorney General - Jerry Brown and California's Governor
Arnold Schwarzenegger
What does it say about a WORLD , when the most famous man on the planet, The King Of POP, can not receive justice! What does it say about our values and our integrity as a society.
Michael Jackson gave of his life, his childhood and his soul to entertain us .
We, the fans of Michael Jackson , owe it to him to be his voice NOW.

You can help us and join this Global World Wide Effort on April 25th - 4 hours of DEMANDING Justice for Michael.
We begin at 10amEST... MJ Fans Worldwide will Rock it and take over twitter,

Share this message - every day until the 25
If you want Justice for Michael Jackson, join April 25th Twitter Marathon @mj4justice - We are here to change the world! #wemissmj

This Internet Rally will take place via Twitter, via Facebook, via Myspace and via email.
Spread the word on every Michael Jackson forum and ask, your friends to join us.
Type in #JUSTICE4MJ via Twitter.
Dedicate your Status on Facebook to Justice for Michael
During 12noon EST to 4pm EST - send an email or fax to
DA Steve Cooley, District Attorney Jerry Brown and Governor Arnold Schwarznegger
Take a Picture of you and your Friends and display it on our Site- so, we can see the GLOBAL Picture Unfold!!!
Prior to the event -Contact your local newspaper and/or radio station- and let them know- about our efforts! Invite others to join you!

The Power of Michael Jackson is AMAZING ! And on the 25, the world -will see , how powerful - we really are!

1593 days ago


Dear Joe Jackson unlike the ppl here I am not going to sit in judgement of you..It is clear to me that you are only looking for peace, fairness and justice..Justice can mean different things to many ppl...your son is very I am sure had a role to play in that since you have musical ability yourself as does everyone in your family...

Peace and all...

Love lives forever..

1593 days ago
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