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Joe Jackson: Don't Attack Conrad's Supporters

5/12/2010 3:19 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Joe Jackson is trying to prevent the army of famously passionate Michael Jackson fans from exploding on Dr. Conrad Murray supporters at his upcoming hearing -- begging MJ fans to not "lower" themselves to "their" level.

Joe Jackson

In a letter written to MJ's fans, Joe says, "We would like to urge fans that are planning to attend to please do so in peace, unity and love for Michael. There should be NO violence, NO slander, NO yelling, and NO bad-mouthing or name-calling of Murray or his supporters."

Joe continues, "By calling names, we are lowering ourselves to their level."

Joe says the message is simple, "Justice for Michael."


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A lot of these negative comments are not from MJ fans but from haters who are trying to make MJ and his fans look bad. You can tell them by their hateful and disrespectful comments about people who were an important part of MJ's life. I realised this when I read comments from one so called lily of the valley who berated MJ saying he is rotting in pieces (RIP) after one story, and in the next was busy abusing LMP in the most classless way, because they were so peeved about what she did to MJ - Fans don't be fooled. Why are these pople so toxic? Pray for them fans.

MJ- love you forever.

1568 days ago


This doesnt sound like joe jackson,he normally cant string more than a couple of words together. The courts know there will be a lot of high emotions murray killed the king of pop and this statement most prob comes from his advisers, There wasnt any problem with the fans demonstrating outside the courts 5yrs ago,in fact michael was proud to have his fans defend him. Get security ready, there will be justice for michael jackson.

1568 days ago

Claudia Scott    

This whole case has become a circus. You have a Justice Department, and the court who can't tell and couldn't care less if this is murder. They are protecting all the high society drug pushers, and probably getting a cut of the action.

Conrad Murray was nothing more than a drug dealer. He should just be in jail because of that. Then they should convict him of murder along with all the others who are involved in this murder. I believe that there were others involved in Michael Jackson's death, those of position and that is why this whole matter is being carried on like a media circus. They are not concerned about the death of a human being, Michael Jackson or not. If I had my way all of them would be in jail from the investigators on up. But God knows the truth and they all will have to answer to him. They throw the little drug sellers on the corner in jail, but here you have some drug dealing doctors all over this country and they can get away with outright murder. Dr. Murray is being supported by others who have influence in the courts as while as in the police department and up the ladder.


1568 days ago

Oil Man    

I think that shows real class on behalf of Joe Jackson. I think in the past Joe had a bad reputation but has acted civilly and in a caring fashion. That has got to be insane the amount of money they are dealing with now.

1567 days ago


Hey MJ's PYT--
I knew I could count on you and your group to storm that place like it was "The Battle of Jericho"!! All REAL MJ Supporters/Fans know Michael was all about LOVE AND NON-VIOLENCE--Joe and these people on here don't know who they're talking to!
HOWEVER, one thing we also know about Michael is that he LOVED to hear the ROAR OF THE CROWD--He would practically be giddy over it!
In honor of that, here's another idea:
I know you guys have a game plan as I've already seen you in action on News shows several times, but one thing I do like about Joe's suggestion is that it takes the focus off Murray the Conman. Let's not give him anymore opportunities to show his 4th grade acting skills on camera, When he comes out, what if the Fans turn their backs on him and shout Michael's name...that'll creep him out--it would be even funnier if you all dress like the ghouls in "Thriller" and have that soundtrack playing--especially the 2nd part of Vincent Price's rap...what I wouldn't give to see that on my news shows--or better yet, be there with you myself!!!
I know it could be a bit much to organize the Thriller thing at this point and God knows I'll be grateful for whatever you guys do, but the backturning idea, while screaming Michael's name is totally WICKED!!!
Thanks in advance for my SCREAMS!!!
No Peace till Justice!!

1567 days ago


That is the most redeeming statement I have ever seen in print, or heard from Joe's lips. Michael would be proud to hear this from his father. We need to show support Michael's way, at Michael's kingly level, not at their urban rat level.

Murray's supporters are all uninformed, or brainwashed of what is going on. One day they will wake up and realize the severity of their actions, but the realization isn't going to come to them from the fans, family, or judicial departments representing the victim. One day when they look back on their lives, they will realize the error of their ways and hopefully they will find the courage to seek forgiveness in the end.

1566 days ago


i don't care what happens doctor murray he didn't care what he did to michael jackson.when he walk out of mj's bedroom and just left him there to die.

1566 days ago


i don't care what happens doctor murray he didn't care what he did to michael jackson.when he walk out of mj's bedroom and just left him there to die.

1566 days ago


i don't care what happens to doctor murray he did't care what he did to michael jackson.

1566 days ago


And under no cir***stances must there be any new creditor claims by ANYONE...( sheepish grin)

1565 days ago


Instead of attacking Joe Jackson we should be hearing the message - doesn't matter who is delivering it. Michael Jackson fans are known for their devotion and loyalty but it will ruin everything to go crazy at the trial. What Joe is saying is absolutely right. Let's show them how respectful of Michael's memory we are. We want justice for Michael but we are not going to behave like lunatics I HOPE. We can be loud but still be dignified. Michael was dignified. He never behaved like a lunatic and was never degrading - he only stood up for his rights with all eloquence and grace. Let us do the same.

1565 days ago

karen mary anne fletcher    

I am pleased with Joe's letter and plea to MJ fans. And, I don't like Joe from what I know. The letter requests integrity, unity and faith in the lawyers representing MJ's case; trusting them is the only way to justice. There should be no press in the court rooms, gag orders and no unrest -- I have a law degree, most public like me watched the OJ Simpson trial and the circus. It is proper to have faith and not cause any more pain or hardship especially with the courts... the public will receive all public court records; it will work, the system -- unrest outside the court room or inside would work contrary to the process. Stand tall, in faith and integrity, beyond a reasonable doubt, no words are required. Stay in faith MJ Fans, the pundits know how you feel on behalf of MJ.

1564 days ago

Claudia Scott    

That was a PR stunt on the airplane where Murray was supposed to have resuscitated a woman on the flight. I don't know how they don't think that everyone knows that was staged. If It was real and I was that woman supposedly revived by Conrad Murray I would have lost it. I wouldn't want him touching me. I might have even slapped him in the face as my first "protective" instinct.


1564 days ago


Youtube has a clip from a movie I know of Gone too soon.. Wanted to share with all you

1538 days ago


Um totally agree

1537 days ago
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