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Lindsay Lohan -- The Mathematics of Freedom

5/12/2010 5:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ now has the specific facts and figures on Lindsay Lohan's alcohol education record, and when you do the math ... it's clear she has a problem.

Sources tell TMZ Lindsay must come to court on May 20 and prove to the judge she has attended 13 classes.  But we're told to date Lindsay has only completed 9.

So Lindsay now has 8 days to complete 4 additional classes. 

Even if Lindsay completes the 13 classes by May 20, she still would have violated Judge Marsha Revel's specific order to attend at least one class every 7 days -- sources say Lindsay has repeatedly violated this condition.

Will Lindsay graduate Summa Cum Laude?  Will she graduate?

Stay tuned...


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13 classes? Was there more than that originally required? How long has this been taking to complete? I'm thinking a couple of years. Sheesh...throw her ass in jail.

1627 days ago


Re:Lindsay Rocks,

I don't get when you say she hasn't gone anything criminal. Do you remember both times she was driving drunk and on cocaine, as far as I know thats illegal and to do it within 6 months of each other is a big no no. I knew someone that did the same thing except without the cocaine and he did 6 months jail time and had his license suspended for quite a few years. She should have been in Jail when she drove, she could have killed someone. I don't think anyone is jealous of Lindsay I know i'm not. I'm healthy and don't have to do drugs or drink or be in the limelight to make myself feel better. She needs serious help and for some odd reason no one is giving her the adequate help she really needs. I hope this judge will give her some time so she can straighten out and get better.

1627 days ago


Wow TMZ you are really pushing this Lindsay Lohan going to jail story. How many post have you made about it so far? How many times have you spoke about it in other LL post you make? Yes we get it, TMZ feels that Lindsay is going to jail on May 20th. Now I just cannot wait to see what story you write when she ends up not going to jail after all the stories you have done on this same topic. I’m not saying she does not deserve jail but we all know how the legal system works in Cali especially for celebs and I use that term loosely in this situation.

Look what happened to that skank from Pretty Wild. She got 6 months in jail for stealing over a half a million worth of stuff. Yeah I would love to see what would happen to a non celeb who steals a fraction of that amount, I would guess serious prison time.

Anyways back to Lohan. I think there are restrictions on the number of classes you can attend in a week so that legal system abusing junkies like herself cannot blow off tons of classes and then make them all up a week before their probation hearing. Lindsay Lohan is a class act for sure.

1627 days ago


The only thing I am jealous of is her ability to break the law and get off with no consequences.

1627 days ago


er you are liars. she doesn't have to complet her 4 classes until JULY. ER that means she is ahead of schedule you lying sods

1627 days ago

Joe Edo    

Throw her ass in jail.

1627 days ago


#7 a Alcohol Education class for a multiple offender like Blohead is 18 months long..anything less an yes she has been gettin special treatment from the start...

1627 days ago


Trow 'er in da hoosegow!

1627 days ago


Enough is enough. She was such a talented young woman and drop dead gorgeous. Now she has the face of a 50 year old and couldn't land a decent acting job if her life depended on it. I think being locked away for awhile away from her "friends" and partying would save her career.

1627 days ago


Geez TMZ, are you getting paid everytime you come up with another "Lindsay's violating her probation" story? Yeah, we get it, she's violated it... Now just STFU till the court date. Whaddya say?

1627 days ago


Jail the bitch!

1627 days ago


The illustration by TMZ is HILARIOUS.

1627 days ago


The judge in any DUI case would recognize she's moving forward with her counseling and cut her some slack. I got 6 months probation for a DUI and didn't complete all the terms before the six months were up because of financial difficulty (fines, fees, DUI school, attend MADD class, counseling etc, etc, etc). I was violated and spent a week on the run while raising the bail i needed before turning myself in. I was back out on the street in a couple of hours and have had a ton of continuances on violating probation since then. Each time i went before the judge i was able to show i'd completed additional requirements of my probation and was giving another continuance to get everything finished. There were several times i should have been further along then i was and i was still granted another continuance. I just completed the last counseling session and go back to court next week and they'll be revoking and terminating my probation. If Lindsay gets any jail time it won't be because she's getting treated like everyone else, it'll be because she is a celebrity and the judge wants to look tough. Anyone who thinks otherwise just doesn't understand how our legal system prosecuted DUI's where there's no accident or bodily injury. To get trowing in jail for violation it would have to be either failing a drug test or committing a new crime while on probation. Anyone who thinks she is going to do more then walk into jail and right back out on bond with a new court date for violation of probation is going to be disappointed! As long as your not commiting new crimes or failing a drug test they bend over backwards to help you complete everything without throwing you in jail. With DUI it's truly all about the money. Been there, done that!

1627 days ago


Yeah @LindsayRocks i agree
I'm a fan and yeah she does have issues but i would never wish jail on anyone. She can act and just needs to catch a break acting wise and her leaked songs have been awesome. Hopefully her magnificent lawyer can get her out of this but i think to have any chance by the 20th she has to miraculously complete the course because her probation was already extended.

1627 days ago


Dear Lindsay,

I enjoyed your many movies on DVD from
I hope you make many more movies for me to enjoy.
You are the greatest.

800 Pound Gorilla

1627 days ago
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