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Lindsay Lohan -- The Mathematics of Freedom

5/12/2010 5:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ now has the specific facts and figures on Lindsay Lohan's alcohol education record, and when you do the math ... it's clear she has a problem.

Sources tell TMZ Lindsay must come to court on May 20 and prove to the judge she has attended 13 classes.  But we're told to date Lindsay has only completed 9.

So Lindsay now has 8 days to complete 4 additional classes. 

Even if Lindsay completes the 13 classes by May 20, she still would have violated Judge Marsha Revel's specific order to attend at least one class every 7 days -- sources say Lindsay has repeatedly violated this condition.

Will Lindsay graduate Summa Cum Laude?  Will she graduate?

Stay tuned...


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@anothernancy "Wow, is this now the true confessions DUI page ??? Team Lindsay, you sound like you are so proud of your accomplishments in avoiding jail time. Classy."

lol :) No i'm not proud, but i'm not ashamed either. Why should i live life worrying about what others think? I have no control over that and i'd be stupid to worry myself about it. My point was that any of the know-it-alls here who think the "average Joe" would get serious jail time in her situation, they just don't understand how DUI is prosecuted. For her to get sentenced to real jail time for violation of probation she would need to either fail a drug test, commit a new crime while on probation, or have willfully made ZERO progress toward completing the terms of her probation. Paris Hilton didn't get treated like "everyone else" when she violated probation, she got railroaded by a grandstanding judge under public scrutiny. I hope that doesn't happen to Lindsay too.

BTW Anothernancy... you might want to look up the meaning of classy before ridiculing others for their lack of class. The irony seems lost on you. ;)

And another thing while i'm at it. I'll bet all of the know-it-alls here who think she isn't being drug tested have never enrolled in court order substance abuse counseling. The contract you sign when you enroll gives them the right to randomly drug test you, and they do, and if you fail a drug test it's reported to your probation officer. I don't see how she isn't being drug tested. It wasn't in the terms of my probation that i be drug tested either but i had to submit to it as part of my counseling. That's been the experience of everyone else i've talked to whose has had a DUI too. It's amazing how many people believe everything they read on TMZ as if it must be the truth. *rolls eyes*

1589 days ago


she will weasel out of it just watch.

1589 days ago


Impossible. In California you are not allowed to complete more than one alcohol education class a week. I know from experience. Otherwise, people with 9 month terms would be able to finish in like 2-3 months, not good at math sorry. But she is screwed.

1589 days ago


Looks like Dina is posing as fake usernames again

1589 days ago


Looks like Dina is posing as fake usernames again

1589 days ago


pffft! Looks like the losers on TMZ think Dina cares what they think again... *rolls eyes*

1589 days ago


@"ryguyy", care to explain what a "fake username" is? As opposed to what, a "real username" like "ryguyy"? *snicker*

1589 days ago


@ TEAM LINDSAY..ur an idiot for starters, secondly it sounds like your speaking about your 1st DUI offense an the terms of probation that come with that..well guess what ****ty pants this is Bloheads 2nd offense which makes her a multiple offender since the 2nd offense occurred within 1 yr of the first..Whole new set of rules an probation terms since she basically violated the first probation for getting the 2nd DUI with a cocaine charge that mysteriously hasnt been brought up to much lately..And the judges conditions were specific last time she dragged her bloodshot ole arse in court.In all honesty any other joe q public would be cuffed right in court an hauled away,it really wouldnt suprise me at all if Ms Tweek somehow gets away with this yet again...just OD already loser im tired of commenting on ur pathetic life..

1589 days ago


send the bitch to jail and get it over with so we can go about our lives.

1589 days ago


What's the sense? Why not just go to 4 classes on one day and the rest of the month off? She's the type that thinks she has to study for blood test.

1589 days ago


She has had every opportunity in the world to be something great and at times in her career she was. We all loved her! Look what she aspires to now - WHITE FRIGGIN'TRASH!

Well then, cheers to Linda Lovelace!

1589 days ago


Isn't she dead yet?

1588 days ago


Hey #57 - Thanks for confirming to us all that you are Dina. Hey, Dina, is it true that you already have a plan in place to profit off of your daughter's death? Got to make up for that 20% commission you're living off of now, right?

1588 days ago


To Lindsay Rocks (post #10)
Are you completely stupid? On what planet is DUI and failing to fulfill your court appointed duties NOT criminal. She's a drug addict (criminal) and a drunk (criminal when you're driving that way and also when you're so drunk you can't take care of yourself or walk or when you're puking in the bushes, etc). She's also being investigated for stealing a freaking Rolex - which is also criminal.

1588 days ago


Jail is always a possibility. However, here in California... especially in Los Angeles the only people being held in county jail these days are violent offenders. There just is not enough room to hold others. There are over 25,000 people locked up in the LA County jail system. Therefore, even if the judge throws the book at her she will still only serve hours or maybe a few days, which will then be followed with some kind of house arrest or rehab, etc. However, just going through all of the motions... especially if her parents have to sit through it with her ... will be another step in the right direction of bringing Ms. Lohan towards a brighter and different future. It might happen faster if she sits her butt in jail for awhile but no one can be foreced to change. One has to want to change and jail/prison does get through to some. But, 80% of the inmates coming out of the California prison system turn around and go back to prison within the first year. So, prison really only changes about 20%... and if Lohan gets lucky she could be amongst them. Change should happen sooner or later. Why prolong it? Look at Paris Hilton. She may not be driving anymore but did serving jail time really change her? She was all on fire for helping others when she first got out. Remember when she said she wanted to build a residential program to help the women coming out of the Lynwood Jail where she did her time? Did that ever happen? She is back doing the same behavior that caused her to go to jail in the first place except now she hires people to drive her around. It is so interesting watching these celebrities think they can go through life not having to pay any consequences. They are only fooling themselves and prolonging the agony. Your sin shall find you out.... and you reap exactly what you sow. Celebrity or not... here God comes. There is no hiding from the hand of God. Nope.

1588 days ago
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