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Lisa Marie Presley Wants Flowers at MJ's Tomb

5/12/2010 7:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lisa Marie Presley claims she's disappointed at the "empty space" surrounding Michael Jackson's tomb -- so she's now challenging MJ fans to flood the place with sunflowers ASAP.


LMP just posted a message on her MySpace page describing her recent visit to Michael's grave site at Forest Lawn. Presley -- who was married to MJ back in the '90s -- says she believes Michael "deserves more" than the "few bouquets, candles and gifts" that currently surround Michael's grave. 

Presley -- who notes Michael's infatuation with sunflowers -- is calling for fans to send a "Sun Shower" to the tomb because, "I know how much he loved and appreciated being showered with Gifts and flowers by his fans."

Presley suggests that if every fan sends "one silk sunflower" to the site, "the whole area around him and in front of him  ... could be filled up in no time."


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LMP debe Estar arrepentida de no haber dado hijos a Michael, pero ahora es muy tarde. Now is too late LMP!!!!!!!!

1603 days ago


604. Hey"janalal4"...Justice is blind as are you. I said open your mind if you have one & look at reality or are you a man in his 40s or younger who sleeps with little boys.
Wait...I should have seen it. The answer is in your name...Queer.

Posted at 9:28 AM on May 13, 2010 by Vic

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Now see there, you've gone & proven me right about the kind of person who would post such an assanine comment. I DIDN'T get personal & YOU DID. Figures. You all are pretty much all the same. Don't know why I responded to you in the first place. You never have anything of value to say.

1602 days ago


My beef isn't with MJ it's rich people asking not so rich people to buy things. If she wants him to have more flowers FINE but don't ask the public. I don't ask you to pay for anything so don't ask me to pay for anything. I don't care who your daddy was or who is playing your records!

1602 days ago


For Michael Jackson:

Sunflowers: I have seen them everywhere;
They are beautiful, this no one can deny;
But, surely it was Van Gogh who painted the truth
Of the sunflower and hung it on the wall

The work of Van Gogh was greatly appreciated by Michael, now we know why.

1602 days ago


Wow, so much hate towards Lisa Marie!
I think her idea is sweet.
And I think she needed to share that she had visited Michael´s tomb. This was her way of doing it - and she is met with a massive wall of hate!!!
Sometimes I don´t understand people!

1602 days ago


There is only one word that could describe the PEOPLE LEAVING the NEGATIVE COMMENTS about Michael, IGNORANT!!!!! Looks like the tabloids have been successful in brainwashing you all!!!! I'll take the High Road and refrain from telling you all what I really think of your IGNORANCE. Signed Beyond the HYPE

1602 days ago


I guess she still loves him. R.I.P Michael you are always in my heart,I love you.

1602 days ago


Send what you would spend on this flower to a worthy cause. MJ is SO yesterday, good ridance. Do something useful people, not over-indulgent and wasteful.

1602 days ago


MJ hasn't been relevent since 1992 when he started going downhill!

1602 days ago


It sounds like a pretty reasonable idea to me - each fan to send a silk sunflower. If you're really a fan it's not too much to ask, surely. Why is everyone so full of hatred, anger and cynicism on here?

1602 days ago


I always bring him flowers when I'm able to get to LA.. but sadly not all the fans lives in CA. and for the second hand fans are not allowed to get inside the HT.. just at the doors ..... but well the next time I'll try to bring more and more sunflower in the name of his fans :) I LOVE you MIchael!!! and always be remember....

1602 days ago



1602 days ago


i would like to send a flower, could someone tell me where i can send it?
thank you

1602 days ago


Just called Forest Lawn in Glendale, I was told that artifical flowers are not accepted there...LMP had said silk Sunflowers could be brought or sent....Does anyone have better info?

1602 days ago


569. MJ hasn't been relevent since 1992 when he started going downhill!
Posted at 11:35 AM on May 13, 2010 by Jon

568. Send what you would spend on this flower to a worthy cause. MJ is SO yesterday, good ridance. Do something useful people, not over-indulgent and wasteful. Posted at 11:33 AM on May 13, 2010 by LizNnewOrleans

He must be somewhat relevant. You're here talking about him aren't you?
The stupid things people say... Oy vay.!

I guess in your mind the Stones are still relevant.
If that isn't a case of decrepit old farts trying to relive their glory days, charging astronomical amounts of money to hear the same old IRRELEVANT songs, then what is? They have been drug addicts and pedophiles throughout their sojourn as a group. But because they are the correct race and they fit into a certain demographic, their existence is tolerated. The same can be said for ACDC, The Beatles (minus John & George), Kiss, Black Sabbath, Iron Maiden, Elvis, Sinatra...
Why don't you attack them? Maybe because you feel threatened with the fact that Michael is at the top. Your prejudice won't let you accept that. So you attack without merit. I know, I know- he was a pedophile, a freak, a molester- save it. You people sound like you have Alzheimer.

1602 days ago
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