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Lisa Marie Presley Wants Flowers at MJ's Tomb

5/12/2010 7:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lisa Marie Presley claims she's disappointed at the "empty space" surrounding Michael Jackson's tomb -- so she's now challenging MJ fans to flood the place with sunflowers ASAP.


LMP just posted a message on her MySpace page describing her recent visit to Michael's grave site at Forest Lawn. Presley -- who was married to MJ back in the '90s -- says she believes Michael "deserves more" than the "few bouquets, candles and gifts" that currently surround Michael's grave. 

Presley -- who notes Michael's infatuation with sunflowers -- is calling for fans to send a "Sun Shower" to the tomb because, "I know how much he loved and appreciated being showered with Gifts and flowers by his fans."

Presley suggests that if every fan sends "one silk sunflower" to the site, "the whole area around him and in front of him  ... could be filled up in no time."


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Rito Valdez    

9. What A Creepy Gay Face Mj Had
Wonder What His Face Looks Like Now?

Posted at 3:12 PM on May 12, 2010 by OhWell

Better than yours

1536 days ago


Can't believe this BS! Everyone saw her on Oprah with her evil mother trashing MJ and she wouldn"t even attempt to speak up and defend him. He's been dead almost a year now and at last she speaks but is it to defend MJ or comment on all of the crazy stories that have come out about him?(ex:Klein and Jason).I just don't understand, didn't anyone care about MJ enough to defend him or is it like during the trial when no one would support him? When you love someone usually you try to defend them, not go on talk shows and also she lived at Neverland, she knows the truth!

1536 days ago


Note to Lisa inappropriate for you to suggest such a thing to Michael's fans. Michael would not 'want nor deserve' artificial flowers by his grave!!

Michael would just feel sorry for you that obviously you do not understand the after-life. Many of the saints have spoken of material possessions being as "dung" to those who truly know the joy and peace of living with their Creator in Paradise.

You have a husband and children of your own I suggest that you turn all your attention to the care of them exclusively and honour your current marriage vows.

Perhaps you could go to your local Catholic church and have heaps of Masses said for the repose of Michael's soul. This is what he needs more than anything. None of us can enter Heaven until we have been purged of all the sins which have separated us from the love of Jesus.

Requiscant in pace Michael.


1536 days ago


she never cared for him to begin with the marriage was a sham to cover up for him being a ***.yet to get her publicity.lmao people still believe that they really loved each other now that is a laugh.

1536 days ago


The fans weren’t allowed to his grave, so they’re told all along. Wasn’t the fans even threatened by the police to come near it in connection to his burial? So not so much flowers isn’t strange, when visiting isn’t allowed.

1536 days ago


Seriously "fake Sue from Tampa"...why don't you get another EMAIL and change your name...You really are NOT fooling anyone...anyone who has been on here long enough KNOWS the REAL SUE FROM TAMPA...she is a fan and a very sweet person she DOES NOT talk bad about anyone....

1536 days ago

Ipo Watson-Kaluhiokalani    

Mahalo(Thank You) LMP,

I have been every month sending Hawaiian Flowers (Pikake, Pakalana's, White Gingers etc.. what every is in season that I can send) my only wish is I hope it reaches him i would'ent be able to know, I just believe it does. Mahalo for that Mass Text about our MJ it's good to know things about MJ, were us common folks would'ent know about him (like his SUNFLOWERS). I still think about your dad, I am a very big fan of Elvis in hawaii, i named my youngest son after him and my oldest son is named Jesse I was only 13 yrs old but what an impression he made in me the same way MJ has on me you can tell I only admire GREATS. Anyway don't mine those other comments "for they do not know" and as for you I keep and eye out on you and I want you to know LM you are a very good person keep up everything--DAD and MJ is diffenetly SMILING.

1536 days ago

Rito Valdez    

153. He wasn't the "king of Pop. He was a queen a big ole flaming queen LOL

poor little

Wacko Jackson=butt pirate

Posted at 5:12 PM on May 12, 2010 by Sue from Tampa

You are just STUPID!!!! Everyone on here KNOES that Sue loves Michael Jackson...I dont understand you cloners...your idiotic

1536 days ago


She didn't even care enough to attend his funeral yet now she has the nerve to ask for his fans to bring flowers , what a rotten bitch.

Posted at 5:09 PM on May 12, 2010 by jaz

Lisa Marie was indeed at MJ's funeral (the private one). She was specifically invited by the Jackson family, and they included pictures of Michael with her in the private memorial booklet. BTW, she sat in the very back row with her daughter so as to avoid the pool camera.

1536 days ago


I'm sure ms. presley has enough money, if she wants sunflowers there buy them and put them there herself! Faker, this time last year, she was still talking crap about Michael.

1536 days ago


147. I think, if you are not interested in the idea, just ignore/leave it, why post all the hateful comments. I think the saying "once loved, always loved", really worked on MJ and LMP, as much as some might beg to differ, but i really beleive that. Of course MJ was hurt, but that doesn't mean he didn't love her. Same with her, she went on to say nasty stuff on tv, but it didn't mean she did not luv him. I'm sure when she looks back, she sees how immature and ghetto she acted. To make it worse, the man she was married to acted totally the opposite. It must've made her feel really embarassed afterwards. The way she's acting says it all, like the widow. I can't blame her, and i'm sure as much as we might say MJ had moved on, i really think he took that love he had for her with him to his grave.

Anyway, can anyone in LA please help, if there are any reliable local florist/s where one can buy a bouquet of flowers to be delivered to forest lawn. Any ideas guys, MiMi are you in LA? Just give the florist's details and i'll look up on line. Cheers!

Your response is very much appreciated.

Posted at 5:08 PM on May 12, 2010 by myself


Nope, East coast.

Here is the address that LMP posted on her blog where flowers can be sent.

The Holy Terrace At Forest Lawn
1712 South Glendale Avenue
Glendale Calif, 91205

1536 days ago


155. Note to Lisa inappropriate for you to suggest such a thing to Michael's fans. Michael would not 'want nor deserve' artificial flowers by his grave!!


Oh yes, how god-awful and horrible - to dare suggest that fans leave Michael's favorite flower by his burial site. How inappropriate and hateful! *rolls eyes* Never ceases to amaze me.

1536 days ago



I have to disagree with you. Not only do I have a BS in microbiology, but also a DC degree (Doctor of Chiropractic). I don't presume to know what went on behind those closed doors, but I can tell you my gut says he molested and/or was sexually inappropriate with those children. I can also tell you that to most of my peers who express an opinion, Mr Jackson is thought of as such by them.

Your theory is incorrect.

Ryan Monroe, D.C.

1536 days ago

Tony Chliek    

Great idea Lisa, so why don't you do it. I have better things to do with my money, like buy food and buy gas for my car. Besides, the guy is dead and only the living will know. Oh ya that's you. Go screw yourself.

1536 days ago


**** TMZ, ok.
Why can`t you ever put on a nice picture of MJ on your damn site or say something nice about him for once.

All the haters, Do yourselves a favour and get a ****ing life & stop calling people, espacially dead people, false & stupid things, You just make yourselves look awfully pathetic. He gave 300 million dollars to charity and poor people, more than you`ll ever do in yours pathetic lives, in fact I`m sure you`ve never given a dollar to charity or anything like that.

1536 days ago
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