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'Survivor' Star's Alleged Victim -- 'Big Brother' Alum

5/13/2010 8:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has learned former "Survivor" contestant Kenward "Boo" Bernis has close ties to the woman he allegedly roughed up in a bar restroom ... because she's also a former CBS reality TV star.


Krista Stegall -- who appeared on "Big Brother" in 2001 -- tells TMZ she was in the bathroom at Bootleggers Bar in Lafayette, LA last month when Bernis allegedly stormed in, grabbed her arms, shoved her against a wall, and shouted, "this is my bar!"  Stegall claims these photos (above) show the bruises she suffered in the alleged attack.

Stegall says she filed for a restraining order against Bernis last week.  She claims she and Bernis -- who co-owns Bootleggers Bar -- were longtime friends, but never dated.

We were unable to reach Bernis for comment.


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Johnny Rocketship    

that broad is hot!

1589 days ago


Is this not the same woman who was so drunk on the show she wanted a man to put a knife to her throat? If it is, and this happened at a bar, I bet the guy just wanted to get a loud, fighting b!tch out of his bar and any bruises she had had nothing to do with him.

1589 days ago


who cares.........

1589 days ago

Ozzie X    

Booze is bad. Almost never a positive outcome while under the influence. I don't know how much they had been drinking prior to the incident but I'm willing to wager lots.

1588 days ago

Mike Boogie    

She should have married me.

1588 days ago


Why does the bruise on her arm say TMZ?

1588 days ago


Oh, please!!! Grow up and stop wasting court time and taxpayers money with your drunken tiffs.
I get bigger bruises then that from casual sports, or in your case it could be the print of someone
trying to hold you up from a drunken walk.

1588 days ago


How come her crazy brother hasn't attacked this guy yet? Maybe he's still in prison.

1588 days ago

Todd da Man    

Long time friends but never dated? Yeah, I believe that - NOT! No guy is ever 'just friends' with a girl. While I am sure that a guy would say that, in the back of his mind he is wanting to f@ck her.

Since he is the owner of the bar, does he not have the authority to eject trespassers? In most states an owner has the legal authority to use force to remove people whom he / she has told not to be there or to leave. Since the girl admits that he told her she was not allowed to be in 'his' bar, then her presence there was illegal. Grabbing someone by the arm and removing them from the area is hardly unreasonable force.

And, yeah, she is the one involved in that BB knife 'incident'.

1588 days ago


I'm from lafayette and unfortunatly know both of these morons. im just surprised Krista could actually be drunk with the amount of coke she does. as for boo, complete douchebag.

1588 days ago


I just wanted to inform everyone who is making comments that the guy your defending is not who you think he is. He has a rap sheet as long as my arm , he is also known for drug trafficking, a lot of the drugs being steroids. Why do you think he rages on women? No matter what you may think you know , why would you consider defending someone with a background like his. If you break the law then you will go to jail! that simple

1588 days ago


I would just like to inform everyone who has so many negative things to say, This guy that your defending has a rap sheet as long as my arm. He has drug charges , a lot of them are steroids. He is known for trafficking as well as assault. What do you thing causes his rage? Think and know your facts before you comment. If you break the law , you will ... no matter who you are.. go to jail.
Cpl. Ryder

1588 days ago

Fred Stegall    

To the person that thinks im in prison,well Im not.If you would like to have lunch we will talk about it in person.

1587 days ago


To hear Kristas side of the story tune into The BB Hour talk show today at 4pm/7 est.

1586 days ago

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