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Anna Nicole Auction

Who Wants a Pony?!?

5/15/2010 4:40 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

For all you Anna Nicole Smith fans who were dying to get a hold of her life-sized bronze pony, showgirl Halloween costume or her 1992 Mercedes Benz ... now's your chance.

Julien's Auctions will be selling the Anna merch -- along with all sorts of other Anna-related goodies -- on June 26 at Planet Hollywood Resort & Casino in Las Vegas.

In the meantime, check out the pics ...


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EMG smack those hags    

Anna Nicole Smith was a talentless gold-digger who married a man aged 90 for his billions. Howard Marshall (90) gave her $7M plus diamonds, cars, gifts...but she squndered all her money and demanded $300M though she wasn't mentioned in Marshall's Will. She gave Howard Marshall a VALIUM and took his credit cards and cash. She gave Marshall a bad food and he had a food poisoning afterwards. According to Mark Hatten, ex lover Anna wanted to kill her stepson Pierce Marshall and asked Mark to kill Pierce.

According to Larry Birkhead's testimony at the Bahamian Inquest, Anna gave Daniel ecstasy and methadone for his "back pain." Birkhead also said: "Anna would prefer that Daniel do drugs in her presence instead of running around experimenting with his frinds." Dannielynn's nannny said Anna underfed baby because she wanted to have a "sexy baby."

Anna Nicole was a bad mother who gave drugs to her son and who starved her baby. Anna Nicole was a bad wife who cheated on her husband and gave him bad food and sedatives in order to take his money.

Anna's money and personal stuff were tainted. She used and abused her friends to get money, drugs or whatever she wanted. I would never want to buy anything that belonged to her.

1630 days ago


And the money from this stuff will go to Larry Jerkhead. He doesn't want to work a real job. He just wants to continue exploiting his daugther by selling her out and exploiting Anna Nicole so Jerkhead can continue living his millionaire lifestyle. Boy, did he hit the jackpot when he got Anna Nicole preggers and then she 'accidentally' died right after Dannilynn was born...hmmmmmm......

1630 days ago


Boy Larry must be getting desparate. I guess he is trying to avoid working until the Marshall Estate appeal kicks in, which probably won't amount to anything anyway. Who in their right mind would want any of Anna's crap anyway? Its not like she was John Lennon.

1630 days ago


Larry Birkhead is a lazy free-loader who exploits strippers tragic life and motherless daughter. Birkhead knew very well that Anna Nicole was a drug addict on methadone. He only wanted to become rich and famous through Anna and baby. He became rich and famous, but over dead Anna Nicole.

1630 days ago


Some of those things should go to Danni, like the portrait of her mother and brother, and some of her dresses. what is he crazy???
That little girl should have something of her mother's. He just wanted Danni for a paycheck, especially now that the supreme court turned down the appeal. Howard should have kept Danni, at least he really loved anna. RIP

1630 days ago

LaToya Jackson    

Why does the Hard Rock Hollywood Florida still have Anna's room locked off? Whats going on in there? *Enquireing minds want to know

1630 days ago

Knockers De Clown    

The whole story is weird... Poor Anna Nachole

1630 days ago

LaToya Jackson    

Anna Anna Anna Nichole... ARF

1630 days ago

Knockers De Clown    

Who wants to ride my pony? *snork

1630 days ago


Larry is looser, he though he hit the jackpot
Marshall Estate wont give him a dime and by selling all this crap he wont get rich either so basicly if the kid have stayed by Howard K.Stern would have better life intead of be with this jobless looser

1630 days ago


Now that the vultures Howard and Larry realize they can't use the child of that talentless whore to cash in, they are selling her vulgar junk. How charming. And how fitting that Anna can be tawdry both in life and in death.

1630 days ago


"Howard should have kept Danni, at least he really loved anna."

Pardon me while I direct a derisive laugh in your direction, dear.

1630 days ago


The Marshall estate is a dead horse,the court has ruled nothing is to be given out.Of course there are appeals.Sounds like larry is desperate for cash.He's tried to make that kid into a celebrity from day 1,the ultimate stage daddy.

1630 days ago


I WAS on Larry's side since Anna died but not anymore. I agree that some of those things should go to Dannilyn, like the portrait of her mother and brother, and some of those gorgeous dresses.

NOW it really looks like he cares more about money then Dannilyn and Anna. A$$ hole!

If I could, I'd buy the portrait of Anna and Danial and those dresses and make sure it's know that beautiful little girl wants them when she gets older, she can have them. That's where they belong, BIRKHEAD!

1630 days ago


Does this have to go thru the probate judge?
Where is all the money made from the time of DL's birth video all the way thru Anna's funeral? Millions are missing. Where is the boat? stern and brickhead made a deal, it's obvious. So stern, where is Anna's money? Offshore accounts like your buddy pants on rale specializes in?

1630 days ago
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