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Miley's Dad on Lap Dance Video: 'Just Fun'

5/13/2010 4:40 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Billy Ray Cyrus is blowing off the controversy over his  then 16-year-old daughter Miley Cyrus grinding on a 44-year-old man -- saying, "It's what people her age do."

We spoke to Billy moments ago about the video that TMZ first posted yesterday -- Miley dirty dancing with Adam Shankman during the wrap party for her movie "The Last Song."

In our poll, an overwhelming majority said the dance was inappropriate ... and 40 percent of readers blamed Miley's parents -- who were not there when the dancing deed was done.

Papa Billy says Miley was just "having fun."


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Hey Billy Ray, young kids will do whatever you allow them to (and more). You're supposed to be a role model and set limits that they can operate within. You should also be providing feedback to your spawn and let them know what they're doing right and wrong.

So if you think it's acceptable to allow your 16 year old daughter to go to an adult party alone and dry hump a ***oot then more power to you. Or maybe you just want to be a grandpa sooner rather than later.... I hear it's what a lot of young kids her age do too!

1593 days ago

Amanda E.     

If her parents are totally ok this , then it really is their fault. Just because "thats what people her age do" doesnt make it appropriate.

1593 days ago


I told you Billy Ray wouldn't care - after all, he's letting her date a 20 year old man even though she's still underage. These Hollywood parents let their kids do whatever they want as long as the money keeps coming in.

1593 days ago


Kids her age behave like whores and their parents approve as long as it brings in the money? I guess so!

1593 days ago


Ok...when I heard that the guy was openly gay, it became a whole different story to me. She might have well been dancing with a girl like that. If it were a girl, would it be a story? I think not.

1593 days ago


How much would you guys pay for that?????

1593 days ago


wow wtf is wrong him ??????? that guy is 44 she's 16 which would means he would be ok with me being 25 and with her so I guess I can still dream since Now I know it's ok with daddy


1593 days ago

Poison Fan    

Daddy dearest does not even think about little kids who idolizes Miley. it ain't fun when you have to explain to 9 years old that Miley is doing it for fun? Little kids might be doing it now cuz of this video grinding. it might be bleeped out to prevent little kids to see it, but they will see it somewhere else at a friends' house. then grinds it down in the living room?
most Teens won't grind for an old man...maybe for another teen her age. just to make you think what her thoughts for an older man is.

1593 days ago


Does anyone else see the similarity between Miley's parents and Lohan's? Both are world class enablers. Billy Ray is saying exactly what Dina says about Lindsay and we all see how well that's turning out. Extremely poor parenting. Miley will be in rehab, have a sex tape, get a DUI or all of the above very soon.

1593 days ago


maybe in your inbred neck of the woods, but one you get out the holler, its a whole nuther world

1593 days ago


If I had seen this happen when my daughter was 16, with a guy of any age, I would have fed him his balls. Especially some guy in his 40's, I dont care if he says he is gay or not.

1593 days ago


I think I'm going to be sick! What the hell is a 44-year old man doing GRINDING with a 16 year old? I really AM going to be sick...

1593 days ago


I still think Dina Lohan is the worse parent out there. Biilyray is in second place, though. I definately think the video is bad news.

I wish there were some decent role models in Hollyweird. :(

1593 days ago

LA Native    

"saying, "it's what people her age do."

holy moly whatta dad.

1593 days ago


So that's what backwoods hillbilly kids do for fun? Thanks for clearing that up, Billy Bob.

1593 days ago
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