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Miley's Dad on Lap Dance Video: 'Just Fun'

5/13/2010 4:40 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Billy Ray Cyrus is blowing off the controversy over his  then 16-year-old daughter Miley Cyrus grinding on a 44-year-old man -- saying, "It's what people her age do."

We spoke to Billy moments ago about the video that TMZ first posted yesterday -- Miley dirty dancing with Adam Shankman during the wrap party for her movie "The Last Song."

In our poll, an overwhelming majority said the dance was inappropriate ... and 40 percent of readers blamed Miley's parents -- who were not there when the dancing deed was done.

Papa Billy says Miley was just "having fun."


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Thats just nasty. I dont know how she can do that to some old guy.

1555 days ago


I dont know why people are making such a big freaken deal about this. There is not one person out there that can say when they were 16 or a little older that they never danced like that whether your a guy or a girl. its not like shes having sex or whatever! my god leave the girl alone. its not just celebs that do stuff like this and that's not what a lot of people realize. its known more from celebs because thats all you hear about on tv and the internet. shes growing up leave her alone! this is like a repeat with the Britney issue. she was older then 16 and everyone was on her case. everyone is so use to seeing a lot of the celebs when there kids but when its time to grown up or there growing up everyone has something to say. and people should know by now a lot of the information people get and put in magazines or is video tapped are always exaggerated and somethings the good is always left out. if i was still 16 going on 17 doing hannah montana i would feel like i was trapped. shes trying to express herself and everytime someone tries to express themselves the get shot down by something negitive. everyone needs to quit acting like they are so perfect. the only difference between celebs and us is that they are watched 24/7 no privacy and everyone is judging them. if you dont like her you dont like her, move on with your life. everyone has there own opinions. well this is mine... i strongly think all this press news or whatever has gone completely out of hand. people dont realize that this **** distroys celebs lives. they are trying to live there dream just like we have dreams and they are being crushed. i had a chance to sing but didnt because I see everything these people go through with the press and the gossip. im not saying there perfect because no one is. Some of the celebs yea some are out of control but thats there life. Miley I believe hasnt done anything wrong. yes i believe that the action she had made at her performance singing "party in the usa" was a bit much with the pole and wasnt the right move infront of kids. wow mistake!!! everyone makes those. obviously to seems like nobody's live are not to much important or too interesting if you gotta gossip and talk about stupid stuff.

1555 days ago

Gautam Bose    

Its fine normally, but not with a 44 year old man.

1553 days ago


umm i go to parties like that all the time thats how they dance nowadays lol lets try to grow up its called grinding its normal dumasses besisdes shes hot

1551 days ago


I was a big fan of Miley's before see this video.nobody says she is not allowed to have fun but what i have seen now is too much for a teenager of 16 years.really is disgusting ! her life and do what she wants.but my opinion is that it is a little whore!

1550 days ago


the guy is GAY enough said
plus thats how her generation dances trust me i have seen worse with younger

1550 days ago


I cant believe she did that that is so discusting. I remember when miley was a little girl but now she goes wild why does she feal pressured or something I think she feels that way because all the celebrities are doing those kind of things I feel so sorry for her love ya.

1546 days ago


hey im nine yrs old this is not a good exsample for kids my age

1546 days ago

seth geamoney    

wow she is hot and has to do that **** with an openly gay 44 year old...changed my mind about herr

1542 days ago


I'm sure she figured it was a safe way to be a bit outrageous since she knows he's gay. If he was a straight male, I'd claim "adult abuse," forget about child abuse. A teenaged girl grinding in the lap of an straight male of almost any age would get a reaction. He really should have gently ended it, so he's to blame as much as anyone.

1536 days ago


Dude.. Yeah it's slutty, most girls do do this and it's natural, but with an old guy? No.

1536 days ago


well,billy ray is right.she's 17 she gonna do these kinds of things,but i agree that she should try to at least hide she want ot dthese sort of thing she shouldnt be on disney channel beter yet ,she SHOULD not have created hannah montana i blame mily not anyone else and i though she was a great role-model but now im sure everyones opinon has changed

1533 days ago


for **** sake.
she's not a Disney star anymore. She's growing up, and you guys should too. People make a big deal of this because she's famous, but in my school, girls do this all the time. You go out and ask 16 year old girls if they've ever given a guy a lap dance. Lets see what they say.

I find you all very pathetic, slagging off a 17 year old girl who is just trying to find a place in this world, making it harder to find herself.

Miley - you're my idol, that will never change <3

1530 days ago

becky farthing    

well i dont think its that bad you gotta think when you was 16, im a miley cyrus fan and i think people tend to think the worse about every famous persons you wont know unless you where there with them and knew what was going on and you cant always believe what you read or watch or hear about people like miley i just think it wasnt bad i was the same way people just need to get a life and stay out of others, well i love you miley keep your head up girl, and for those who dont like her ya'll can suck it!

1523 days ago

kiara evans    

who cares its her style if it was you up there then i bet you wouldnt want any body to talk to you like that

1508 days ago
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