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Miley's Dad on Lap Dance Video: 'Just Fun'

5/13/2010 4:40 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Billy Ray Cyrus is blowing off the controversy over his  then 16-year-old daughter Miley Cyrus grinding on a 44-year-old man -- saying, "It's what people her age do."

We spoke to Billy moments ago about the video that TMZ first posted yesterday -- Miley dirty dancing with Adam Shankman during the wrap party for her movie "The Last Song."

In our poll, an overwhelming majority said the dance was inappropriate ... and 40 percent of readers blamed Miley's parents -- who were not there when the dancing deed was done.

Papa Billy says Miley was just "having fun."


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*gets on you tube* LEAVE MILEY ALONE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1467 days ago


I'm gonna say this once...who the hell cares! Who cares who fault it is, there are far worse things happening than a pop star growing up, everyone our kids look up to is corrupt in one way or another because money and greed corrupt everyone in this country. I just don't understand why anyone is shocked by this or anything any more. Did we not just go through this same **** with Britney Spears just not even a decade ago. When you grow up rich, beautiful, and famous you're bound to live a fast life and make huge mistakes and its no wonder that all these girls go nuts and turn to drugs. Everyone in this country sits there and watches and judges their every move. I think people should worry more about their own lives and kids. There are much worse parents than Billy Ray (not worse actors) but definitely worse parents. Get over it and just raise your own kids right!

1463 days ago


She is nothing but rotting dead star kiss tuna !

1463 days ago


So, where are child protective services? Parents enabling an underage girl to perform in such a sexual manner with an adult would at least get a visit if she were anyone else.

Next, gay or not, friction is friction.

1460 days ago


So, where are child protective services? Parents enabling an underage girl to perform in such a sexual manner with an adult would at least get a visit if she were anyone else.

Next, gay or not, friction is friction.

1460 days ago


kk dat is totally hot miley...i knew u had i in u...u can join my slut gang if u want..jus give me a call....

1458 days ago


Yhu should be ashamed of yourself miley! Little children look up to u and your over there acting like a sluty bitch! I have no more respect for you and you just lost one of your fans? SOOO EMBARRASING? :(

1449 days ago


that was disgusting. i'm 19 and i don't dance on an old man's lap. so that's not what "people her age do". her parents are idiots and she's a retard. i can't stand this miley cyrus' era. i'm not jealous of her success or anything like that, i just don't like her and i don't think she's a rolemodel to kids.

1447 days ago


"It's what people her age do." That's not an excuse. 16yr olds also smoke, get drunk and some even sleep around. Is that okay? No. Just because people her age do it doesn't mean she has to.

I'm sorry Billy Ray but you're clearly wrapped around your daughter's little finger. It's absoulotely inappropriate and not okay. If everyone her age started jumping off a bridge would it be okay because "it's what people her age do?"

1445 days ago


What happened to Miles?

1442 days ago

ana lopez    

she is stupid and so is her dad

1439 days ago


i like how so many ppl on here r trying to make it sound like kids r so innocent these days.. i am a teen and let me ask you 'adult's when's the last time you attended a school dance or teen night party.. when the songs start rolling so does the bumpin and grindin .. its reality

1439 days ago


Miley is just dancing? And having a good time.. like any teen girl would. Jeeez people, mind your own business! Miley is just a sweet girl, living life to the fullest. Maybe she has made some mistakes, but she learns from them.. and gets the best love and advice from her parents and precious siblings. So theres no problem with this video. Miley is growing up, thats all. Love you Miley xoxo

1437 days ago


That's how we dance at my middle school dance when I was 13. Same fashion of dancing throughout the High school years. Simmer down this isn't what sluts do. This is only inappropriate because he is 40 he should have known better. He can be seen in the video making obvious inappropriate moves. Grind dancing and his attempt to dry hump her are completely different. Calling her a slut is immature. She turns 18 23 November, 1992 so parent-child talk time is long since over. I feel obvious envy in the these comments as I read them. Smh. Btw googled the Birthdate. :/

1437 days ago

none ya    

the guy she gave the lapdance to is openly gay so to me its a ok slap on the wrist its not disgusting not like any of you are god freakin right hand all of you have done something dumb so dont play the perfect parent cause your not get over it, i dont even like her music or her and im defending her. media is blowing it out of proportion

1436 days ago
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